Monday, December 12, 2016

So Many Acts of Service and Kindness

I'll never be able to count all the many acts of love and kindness that have been shown to us.
Gift cards to places nearby to eat.
Food brought into the ICU waiting room.
A fuzzy blanket just for me, it was so cold in the room.
Offers of places to stay.
Things I would never have thought of.

I wasn't thinking about feeding people, but my kids were here the whole time. I didn't have to worry about feeding them or caring for them. It was just there.

A couple of my friends got me a hotel room.
Diane....such a blessing to me. Supportive and loving.
I had no idea that driving the 30 miles to home would just be too much for me.
So she got me a hotel just a few blocks away from the hospital.

Adam and Alisha did too.
For the 13 days Howie was in the hospital, I only went home to get clothes.
That was such a blessing.

There was plenty of space for all of the family that came to stay.

I couldn't think of being that far from him.
Thankfully I didn't have to worry about that.


Julia said...

It warms my heart at seeing the kindness of your friends. It was like that for us when our sweet daughter Nicole passed away in Scotland in late october... Her friends and colleagues bent over backward to accommodate my husband and daughter with paying for their accommodation, food and transportation in Scotland for 10 days.

HUgs, Julia

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was so wonderful, so glad everyone was there for you.