Thursday, February 14, 2019


I have been a grandma for over 18 years.
It still blows my mind to hear me being called that.
I just don't feel like I should be old enough.

It happened way sooner than I thought it would.

But here is 8 month old Lilly. Sitting up by herself!
Such a mile stone for such a little princess. 
Born at 28 weeks.
2 pounds 3 ounces.

And big sissy Lexi loves to love on her twin baby sisters.
She was unsure about how it was going to be....since she was an only child for over 10 years.
But she has taken to it perfectly.

And these two big brothers, Krew and Kendrix, love their baby sister Leighton.

Leighton was born with Cerebral Palsy.
She's truly a miracle.
Sitting up alone.
Looking at her mom's scriptures.

My own children.
Nate and Candice.
Nate was in Idaho Falls for some police training.
So we met at Outback where Candice works as an assistant manager.
We enjoyed some delicious food.
And I enjoyed watching these two.
They are beautiful humans.

Teddy and Timmy build a gigantic snowman!
Good thing their dad is over 6 feet tall so he could help!

And Lucy and Lilly being held by daddy.
He loves all of his girls!

Lexi decided that a laundry basket filled with pillows was the perfect way to watch TV and keep the twins happy. 

Yes, becoming a grandma all those years ago was a shocker.
But wow, I love it.

It's amazing to watch your kids parenting.
It brings joy....and sometimes evil laughter.

It is the best.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas 2018
It was a blast.

We didn't have kids for Christmas but they came after.

Of course we had to play the Saran Wrap game. 
I can't decide who likes it more, the big kids or the little kids. 

One of the nights the older kids went night skiing at Kelly's.
So Lynsey and I entertained the littles.

She read them Christmas stories. 

Little Locklyn loved feeding her cousin Lucy

And Leighton loved holding Lilly

Locklyn decided she was going to put makeup on grams.

She's very precise with her application. 

We got to see Cam and Guen right before Christmas.
Baby #3 due in February

Now the house is quiet and they are gone.
I'm so thankful for the chance to create new memories in our new house. 

Friday, December 7, 2018


While I was in Denver I made a few trays of caramel and triple nut caramel.
I figured I could get that done and dip it when I get home. 

It is one of the most pleasurable things I do.

It's very calming

Above is the chocolate fondant that I dipped in white chocolate. 
I hadn't done this one before.

The most requested are the orange creams. 
They are my favorite too. 

Howie recorded me dipping.
But I can't figure out how to get it to play. 

Relaxing hobby. 

Monday, November 26, 2018

Denver AGAIN AGAIN!!!!!

Driving to Denver is getting to be habitual.

This time Howie came with me.

Lynsey and nick needed to go to California for a funeral.
Of course flying with twins doesn’t sound like fun at all.

They do not love the bumbo chairs. 

At all!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Denver AGAIN

Because I needed some of this

And this!

And while we were there we went to the Outlets in Castle Rock

Bras hanging from the Breast Cancer Awareness banner.
I laughed.

And then this......
We've come a long way baby to get here!


Monday, October 1, 2018


My son and his wife had an opportunity to go to Cancun for a week.
Who would want to turn that down?
They asked if I could babysit for a week.

Who would want to turn that down?

So I took some time off work and hung out with these grands.

Every day I was entertained by the antics of this one.
He loves to pose in body building poses.

He says he watches his dad do the same thing!

And I believe it.
Because his dad DID do this at this age too.

Krew is the little sister whisperer.
They love their big brother. 

My daughter in law bought about 8 gallons of strawberries before I arrived.
Hoping that I would make some jam.

So I did.

All ready for the freezer.

After our "jamming session" these helpers needed a nap.
And I needed them to need a nap.

One thing I haven't babysat before was this girl.
A Labradoodle.
Pretty cute furry bear.

Howie came during the middle of my stay there to help out for a couple of days.
He is the best grandpa.
And the girls just screamed and of course thought he was the best.

They played for hours.

The furbaby thought he was pretty awesome too.

Lots of  horsey rides. 

And finally they are all worn out.

Thursday, September 27, 2018


Cameron and Guen came a couple of weeks ago and we took a little hike up past Kelly Canyon.
Teddy was thrilled to find a big feather.
Timmy was happy with sticks.

Uncle Nate got to hold the twins.
We went to Denver over Labor Day Weekend to bless them.

Little Leighton LOVED holding beebees.

All of the family that could come came.
We brought my parents as well. 
Matt and Tara and family came from Utah,
Nate and Sara and family came from Twin Falls.
It was a full house and completely enjoyable.

Locklyn was acting shy.
Good act, because she is definitely not shy.

Lucy and Lilly!
We even got a little smile out of Lilly.

They are 5 months old now!
But are 7 pounds and 8 pounds.
They are like 6 week old babies.

Mommy took a minute to hold them before we took them out of the dresses.
Lucy wasn't enjoying all the lace.
Lilly wore Lexi's blessing dress from 10 years ago.
Lucy wore Aunt Candice's blessing dress from 27 years ago.

Grandpa was holding Nick's little nephew that is 4 months old.
He was born at term.

Matt and Tara 

My mom and dad.

Grandpa Howie and Matt and Nate.
Some of the favorite men in my life.
We missed having Cameron and family and Candice and Tyler.
It would have been so great to be all together.

They are growing so fast and I wish I lived closer.

Lexi is such a great big sister!
She dances and hops around to entertain them.

Lilly's eyelashes!

Sometimes I think they look a little bit alike.
And sometime I don't think they look related!

It is such a blessing to see my family grow.
These humans have turned out good.
And our family isn't done growing yet.
Guen and Cameron will add another in February!

We are blessed beyond measure.