Sunday, April 17, 2016


Had a great fall. 
Yup me. 
Nice sunshiny day. 
I was trying to clean up the debris from winter. 
I tripped over the shop vac hose down here.....
I landed hard on my right arm. 
I thought for sure I had broken my humerus. 
But nope. 
Good news. 

Bad news. 
The doc thinks I may have torn my rotator cuff. 
I can't raise my right arm. 
Really obnoxious. 

I will wait and see if it improves. 

And I was in a mood. So Candice cut my  hair off. 
And it feels good. 

Friday, April 8, 2016


I have missed having Lexi around 24 hours a day. 
Having her and her mom live with us for two and a half years was such a blessing. 

I got so used to Lexi singing and dancing and generally keeping us all in our toes. 

This week I've had such a blast being in her world. They have been back in Denver for almost a year now. 

I got to take her to school. 
And pick her up. 
She's busy with ballet and Young Voices. 
I've had lots and lots of private concerts. 
We have played and snuggled. 
And of course, we had to do some hair each morning. 
She liked it "fluffy"

And I have been in heaven. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lexi's Baptism

This little sweetheart was baptized on Saturday.
She was so darling in her little dress. 
They are loving Denver and have such a great ward and supportive friends. 
There were more than 75 people that came to show love and support for them. 
Matt and family came as well as Guen and the boys. 

This is a pile of grandkids!!!!
We had fun swimming at the hotel. 
Driving to Denver was fine right till we got the the city. 
I'm not that confident of driving in the big city. 

Howie had been in Florida all week and flew in to Denver to meet us there. 

All the family left on Sunday morning. 

I'm staying in Denver for the week and flying home. 
I get to have lots of time with this girl.
Waking up to snuggles. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016


.....and then there are days.

This last year has been filled with days. 

Of joy. 

And gut wrenching heartache. 

And endurance. 

And joy. 

Today was a day of joy. 
All of my grandchildren. 

11 of them. 

Nick and Lynsey's
Lexi 8

Matt and Tara's
Josh 16
Jaren 14
Justin 11
Jessica 10

Nate and Sara's
Krew 9
Kendrix 7
Locklyn 1
Leighton 3 months

Cameron and Guen's
Teddy 3
Timmy 8 months

My heart is filled. 

We gathered for a blessing of Leighton who made her entrance 2 months early. 
But today she thrives. 

And cousins became fast friends.

And this week we are babysitting for parents who need some help and a break.

Krew     Kendrix   Lexi

They didn't last long in the car ride home.
Tomorrow two more come.

I think Uncle Matt is pretty taken by this girl. 

My kids have grown into wonderful humans.  

And I'm proud of them everyday.

Today was a best day. 

A day of joy.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


In all of our imperfections and craziness

We are still family. 
Uncle Matt getting acquainted with his two nieces. (The Irish Twins)
Lexi being surprised by Sophie. 
Cute grandsons. 
This one is almost 16!!!!!
And this little leprechaun turns 10 on St Patrick's Day. 

These two watching the tribute DVD of mom's life. 
Great grandchildren singing at the funeral. 

Here are a lot of us. 

We aren't perfect. 

But we are family. 

Such a legacy to a sweet matriarch. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


We buried a great lady yesterday.

Howie's mother who was nearly 96 years old. 

She had been alone for 36 years after her husband died. 
She found joy in her family and in service to those around her. 

She had a sharp mind until her death. 

It is hard to mourn, she was so ready to be reunited with her husband. 

We will miss her. 
But we know we will see her again. 

Friday, February 5, 2016


Time flies and I sometimes would like a return ticket. 

How is it that I am busier than I ever was with 5 small humans running around the house demanding food and clean clothes?

Somehow I am. 

But things are good with this one. 
She's been home for about 2 weeks. 
Her due date is next week. 

And getting lots of loves. 
Oh these two.....
They are gonna keep mom and dad on their toes. 

I'm thankful all is well. 

We have gotten to enjoy some time with these darlings. 
Oh those cheeks!!!
I'm missing my Utah grands though. 
And this monkey. 

Time flies. 
How did I end with with 11 grandkids?

And then there is this. 
That isn't flying quite so fast.