Saturday, August 12, 2017



Matt was given this Bronco 18 years ago. 
It was old then. 
My dad bought it used. 
He gave it to Matt. 

He sold it to his dad. 
We have had it ever since. 

Today Matt's son gets to drive it. 

He referred to it as a "cool car"
Grandpa is showing him a few quirks. 

I let him drive to the maverick in Ririe. 
All by himself. 

He hasn't stopped grinning. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Great American Eclipse 2017

It's impossible to to turn on the news or read a newspaper without seeing or reading something about the Eclipse!
Our little corner of the world is in the path of Totality and wow, what a frenzy things have been around these parts for months and months.

I'm not going to lie, I'll be glad it's over.

As for the Emergency Room, all vacations have been cancelled, we are working extra and we are to plan on NOT being able to get home.

There is expected to be between 40,000-80,000 visitors converge upon the town of Rexburg for the weekend and day of the eclipse. Yikes.

I happen to be working the weekend. The eclipse is on Monday, set to occur at 11:32. To last about 3 minutes and 22 seconds.

We have all of our kids coming to be able to experience it.

This should prove to be fascinating.

The Great American Eclipse

Monday, July 24, 2017

About that VIEW!

I've jumped and skipped around a lot as I have tried to catch up on posts.
I spent a lot of time trying to recap and put into words the experiences of Howie's cardiac arrest.
I wanted to make sure I had things recorded so I could print it into a book.
So many events and feelings that I didn't want to forget.

So I have gone back and tried to put things in order. Once I was able to post about his arrest, I also have been going back and putting things in chronological order other big moving!
Go back to February 10th for that post.

I haven't posted pictures of the new "digs" yet.

So here goes!

Our new-to-us home!
 My favorite thing is to sit on my front porch and watch the sunsets.
 If I sit on my back porch I can yell at my neighbor...."Hi Nita!"
 More sunset.
 This is the view from my back living room window.
 This is my favorite person playing farmer....trying to smooth out some of the ground for a garden spot.
 Some more of my favorite guy.
Kitchen window view.
Makes washing dishes pleasant.

We are just a short walk from the North Fork of the Snake River and about 3 miles from Heise Hot Springs. They make delicious pizza!
The surrounding farm grounds are so beautiful. The colors and the mountains and trees.....oh, and in a few weeks the huckleberries will be on.

I'm in heaven.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


On June 22 I drove with Candice to Denver.
I got lost in does anyone get lost in Wyoming?
Anyway, we were there for a couple of days to get Lexi who would come and spend some time.
Since I have her and they live so far away, I wanted to be able to see as many of the grandkids as possible.
Family relationships are everything.
As a little girl my cousins were my family.
I didn't have any sisters, so they were it.

 We painted rock masterpieces.
 She took my phone and did a few selfies.
 We drove to Twin Falls and spent the night in a hotel so we could swim and play with Krew and Kendrix.
I let them chose their own breakfast that day.
Kendrix had a burger and fries.

 Krew chose eggs, bacon and mashed potatoes.....ick.
And Lexi chose toast and French toast.......uh ok.

We also went to the Fullmer Family Reunion at Loristica....Heaven on Earth!
 Jessica came and stayed a few days too.
 They had a blast in the lake.
And lake water wasn't enough.
 While she was here we picked up one of her new friends and drove a whole 2 minutes to swim at Heise Hot Springs.
She had a blast.

Lynsey and Nick came yesterday and picked her up. They left today.
I miss her already, but they will be back next month for the eclipse.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


I have been so absent lately and there are so many things I want to make sure I write about.

So things will be completely backwards ....
I'm going back in time....

6 months ago.

Because I have printed my blog into a book for many years (9 to be exact) I wanted to be able to print it out again. To be able to record the most heart-wrenching and miraculous event of my life.

So here goes.....

The previous posts are "cut and pasted" from Facebook.
That was my mode recording the events.
For some reason Blogger would not work from my phone, it shut down.
Facebook was the best way for me to keep family and friends informed.

So to learn more about what we went through, go back to December 6, 2016

It was a very raw experience.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dear Friends.....

One of the hardest things about moving is leaving the best people in the world.
I miss them on a daily basis.
Even though I'm only about 25 minutes away....
And I still work in the ER in Rexburg.....
I miss these people.

These women have mentored me and loved our family and been the best for so much of our lives.

I was delighted when they said they wanted to come and check out our house and go up to Heise and eat pizza.
Larae and Sandy

Larae and Sharon

Judy and Louise

Gary and Merlynn

You truly made my day!

Friday, February 10, 2017

BIG Changes

Something we have been pondering and thinking about for several years....

Where do we want to live....
as we get older....
Do we want to retire in this house?

We have spent recent years driving around and looking at places and thinking about the various areas where our children live.

Would we want to live in Utah?
Or Twin Falls?
Or Denver?

One day I had such a clear thought.

I love Southeastern Idaho.
I love the 4 seasons....even the longer than necessary winters.
I love Southeastern Idaho.

About that same time a dear friend mentioned that a house next to her was going to be going up for sale.

I love the area she lives in and have been to her house many times.
I have "oohed and aahed" over her mountain view and remote home.

So I started dreaming about it.
And broached the subject with my better half.

He was a little resistant.
It was further to work.
And selling your house after 30 years of living in it....and changing neighborhoods....and Wards... and all that was familiar.....and what about his 5 AM Crossfit???

But after a few months he went with me to look at the house.

All the way home that night....(December 5th to be exact) we talked about what we would do with this room and that room and how we would organize ourselves to be able to sell our home in Rexburg.

Then.....early the next morning Howie had a cardiac arrest.

All things stopped.

Nothing else mattered.
I didn't care about anything in the world except him.

But he did recover.
And even in the hosptial prior to his open heart surgery he said.."I still want to sell the house and move".
I replied that I didn't want to anymore.
I had everything in the world I wanted.
And that was him.
Healthy and whole.
He just said...."it's time."

Rexburg has grown and grown and crowded out neighborhoods, torn down homes. Our entire ward has been affected greatly by this. About 20 homes torn down to build high rise student housing complexes. It has been sad for me to see all this happen.
Another multi-story complex was going up at the end of our street.
I guess I'm a country girl at heart and felt like I was being crowded out.

It's great that the university has grown so much and is able to provide such a great education for so many, but living 2 blocks from campus with the growth just was more than we wanted to deal with anymore.

So in my mind I just put everything in the back burner.
We will see what happens.

Howie's recovery was #1 priority.

Well, as mentioned in previous posts, his recovery was and continues to be miraculous.
So on Tuesday January 17 we made the plunge.
You can't see it very well, but there is a "For Sale" sign in the front snow drift.

On Thursday we had someone come and look at the house.
On Saturday it was sold.

Things happened so fast. Every step of the way it was like things were working out for us.

We had a few repairs to do and Howie laid some carpet in one of the rooms downstairs in the apartment.
I was pretty stressed about it because......well, he was about 4 weeks post op open heart surgery!
But he felt good and we had some friends and family helping us through the various projects that we had.

So....on February 10th we moved.

We packed up 34 years of living in Rexburg and 30 years in the same house and moved.
Sometimes as I look back over these last few months (I'm actually posting this on July 23rd) I'm amazed at how quickly things moved, how it worked out and how incredibly blessed we are.

Our kids came many weekends to help us paint and pack and move.
We had old friends and neighbors help us.
And we had new neighbors that we didn't know show up and help us.

And we are so happy.
It has worked out.
My view is gorgeous.
Nita is my neighbor....we have worked together in the ER for 20+ years.
It's her "fault" we are here.

Just because she mentioned on day....."there's a house next to us that is going up for sale".

Howie still goes to Crossfit every day.
We are about 23 miles from where we used to live...30 minute drive along country roads.
We love driving in together and having that time to visit.

I still pinch myself because things are so good.
 So goodbye to my house on Harvard....
 The home where my children were raised...the home where we had happiness and tears, trials and joy.
To my garden
 You will always have a place in my heart and memories.

And I will miss my neighbors sooooo much.

But we now get to make some new memories!