Monday, March 25, 2013


Craziness aplenty.
 Kendrix, Lexi and Krew.

 Peek-a-Boo....I see you! Do you see me?

 YES GRANDMA!  We want a treat!
I'm already with my milk GRANDMA!

I remember the days when this house was all kinds of crazy.
Every. Single. Day.
24 hours a day.
Pretty sure it was just yesterday.

I don't feel old enough to be called GRANDMA.
But these little people insist on calling me that.
As I look at their faces, I see the faces of my kids.
And the years melt away.

And then I look in the mirror.
And I realize....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Last Saturday was our Stake Self Reliance Fair.
Howie and I were in charge of it.
Hours and hours and hours of work go into this.

You wanna know about food storage, canning, gardening?
Ask a Mormon.
No, we aren't the experts or the only ones, but we do know a little bit about it.

It is a principle that is taught and emphasized frequently.
How can you fill someone else's cup when your own is empty.
Being self reliant, not depending on someone else to feed you or clothe you is an important principle for everyone.

This year Howie and I assigned each Ward (congregation) to present something on the topic of Self Reliance and also do a display. People attending were able to choose 3 classes of things they were interested in.

This class was taught by a lady that teaches "Meals in a Bag"
Perfect for families with young kids and you need to save time.
It was taught 2 different times and well attended.
She also had samples of food.
Why didn't I take pictures of that???
This gentleman taught about gardening in this area and how to extend your growing season and what to plant. Considering we still have a lot of snow on the ground and no one plants until after Memorial Day, we have awhile to think about it.

This was a display by my neighbor, Ruth.
This is a One Year Supply of food for ONE person.
It's very basic, but it is a great visual of what it takes for one person to survive.

And this display.....
is my contribution.
I believe in storing necessities!
I actually did vacuum seal twinkies.
I have 6 quart jars of those nasty tasting things.

We also had a gentleman talk to us who's son had been in Hurricane Sandy.
They thought they had been well prepared, but found they weren't.
It was approximately 5 days before anyone to get to them and help them.
They did ok, but found things they will do differently.

This lady's booth was showing the stuff that she grows and cans.
She grew peaches and pears in her backyard.
I had no idea we could get peaches here.

This guy is showing his "hot water heater".
An aluminum garbage can.
Copper and a charcoal heater.
Ya, I was impressed.

It doesn't take a natural disaster to have a need for things like this.
Unemployment, illness, major power outages.
It gives a feeling of security to know you can take care of your own.

This fair was a lot of work.
Hours and hours of work.
But those that attended said they loved it and learned a lot.

Friday, March 1, 2013


Can I just say...

I'm glad February is over.
Longest, coldest, darkest, hardest month.

Can I just say....

I have brilliant grandchildren.
They just are.

Can I just say.....

My empty nest isn't empty.
And it's ok.

Can I just say....

I would LOVE to see some dirt.
Some awesome earthy loamy smelling dirt.
The snow is way too deep.

Can I just say....

I love cats.

How much is that kitty in the window?
Both of those faces are pretty stinkin' cute!