Monday, August 27, 2012


Between the birth of a new grandson
And the subsequent blessing...
And the baptism of another grandson...
Oh ya.
And a wedding.
....of my baby girl.
In addition to all of that going on in The Garden of Egan...

Cameron and Guen moved from Utah to Pocatello.
Nate and Sara moved from Menan to Twin Falls.
Matt and Tara built a new home and moved into it.
Lynsey and Nick are in the process of moving to Denver.
Candice and Tyler got married.

This has all occured since the 1st of June!

The summer has been full.
There have been many hard things.
But there have been great things as well.

Then there is this Garden of Egan
It's completely out of control.
This banana squash plant has grown over the fence...
and into my neighbors yard.
They said they don't mind.
Hopefully they won't be forced to move out.

My kids are grown and out of the house.
It is such a strange sensation.
When did it happen?

In the blink of an eye.

So for now, I'll attend to things ignored.
The Garden of Egan in the backyard.

But I'll always attend and pray for and love
the Garden of Egan that I love most.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012


That is a lot of dress.
Nate and Sara taking a quiet moment.
Is that a bride I spy behind the pictures?
Top of the cake.
Part of the candy table.
Table top.
Thank you so much Diane!
Cake ... thank you Alisha!
Little girls interested in the Candy Bar
Veil and bouquet taking a break.

Beautiful details.
Matt and Tara and the oldest four grandchildren.
Josh, Jaren, Justin and Jessica
Krew and Kendrix
A bowl of Skittles
Candy Bar Love

This child....
had more sugar...
and mischief....
Matt and Tara

Candice with her big brother.
Sharing the cake....they behaved.
Baby Theo with Aunt Tara

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


One measley post about a wedding? I think not.
Krew, Jessica, Lexi and Lynsey
Waiting for the whole thing to start.

My two granddaughters.
They look too sweet for words.

My new son-in-law, Tyler
Our former Stake President and current District Court Judge performed the ceremony.
He and his wife are amazingly awesome people.
Love them!

Each of the girls in the bridal party had these sweet footless sandals.
Are they cute or what?!
Thank you Rebecca for designing them for us!

The wedding party.
Some very adorable and handsome people there!
My baby girl!
Baby girl with handsome dad!
Candice's new family.
Giving big sissy a kissy!
My girls!
I love them.
They are beautiful inside and out!
They have very lucky husbands.

Candice gets a hug from my parents.
Grandma gets a hug from Krew.
Lexi wonderin' what this is all about.
Howie too.
Lynsey gets a hug from my dad.
He loves his grandkids.
Ah....sweet love.
Me with my mom and dad.

I might be done with wedding pictures.
Or not.