Saturday, January 7, 2017

Getting back into the swing of things.....

One of the most important things Howie did after returning home was Cardiac Rehab.
The surgeon said it would be critical for him to be able to gain confidence to really work out hard again.

He was at Crossfit when he arrested.
He is kind of an animal with his workouts.

Cardiac Rehab was a safe place to begin to get into a strenuous workout....attached to a cardiac monitor and professionals that knew how hard to push.

They did have to come up with some interesting exercises to try and mimic his Crossfit workouts.
But they did a great job.

He did this for 6 weeks.
Varying workouts designed for him....
 And when he went to Crossfit for the first time......
I went with him.
To make sure he didn't overdo..... and to make myself feel better.