Thursday, June 30, 2011

News of the Day and Bridal Shower

Not much going on around these parts.
Well except a wedding and shower and reception and stuff like that.
Front page news is the police doing a sting operation and catching a woman who is stealing DVD's from the library.
True story.
Front page.

Once a year the newspaper does an insert called OUR TOWN
It features various people from the area.

This year they featured First Responders and Emergency Personel.

They did an interview with several of the police, paramedics and other first responders.
And they included the ER.

They did a story on Dr. Hammar BEST DOC EVER!

And me.
(This is the closest to centerfold I'll ever be.)

It was very kind of them.

And of course I think Emergency Responders TOTALLY ROCK!!!

In other news:
-The Bridal Shower is tonight.
-The weather is cooperating.
-The Artisan Bread is in the oven. (Kimmie's blog is awesome!)
-Chicken Salad is done.
-Oatmeal Chocolate bars are done.
-Strawberries are dipped.

-More pots to plant tomorrow.
Last night the Bride-to-Be decided that pots should be the table decorations.

I'll be busy with pots and Krylon paint tonight after the shower.

The other flowers are enjoying the 80 degree temperatures we are having.

And so am I!

-Pedicure......NOT done.
I won't post a picture of that. You're welcome.

In all this "busyness" I stopped in the middle of the road while driving home a few nights ago.
I snapped a picture of this breath-taking sky with my phone.

I was calmed.
I was overwhelmed
I was reminded there are things and events bigger than we are.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

33 Years Ago.............

The post title should have read:


But that was wayyyy too long of a title.

I met this handsome guy after he returned from serving a two year mission in England for the LDS Church.
He looked like this:

(He's the cute one on the left.)

I could write a list of a million things that I love about you.
But that would be a long post.

So I'll just do 10.

10 Things I Love About You:

#10...You are infinitely patient with me.

# 9...You don't know how to gossip. You never say unkind things. Never have.

# 8...You married me even in spite of the fact that the first time you met me I had toothpaste drool down to my elbow. (true story)

# 7...You have the kindest heart of anyone I know. You see the best in everyone. You see the potential in people and I love that you remind me to do the same.

# 6...You are a great dad. Always have been.

# 5...You still take my breath away. Sometimes I look at you and wonder why you chose me.

# 4...You work so hard for our family.
I too often underappreciate that.

# 3...You love the Savior. Often that is a rare gift in the world.

# 2...Not a day has gone by in 33 years that you have failed to tell me you love me.

# 1...You are mine.

It has been quite a journey of this togetherness.
It was the most important day of my life.
The best decision I ever made.

We've experienced so much.
Dairy cows and farming, education, childbirth, death of family, birthdays, teenagers, weddings, teenagers, job changes, diaper changes, travel, teenagers.

There have been tears and sadness and very hard stuff.
But it's been more laughter and joy and happiness and peace.

33 Years ago today this was us!

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
I'm not sure where the years WENT
But I'm thankful they WENT with you.

You rock my world! (Sorry about makin' your hair gray.)

You are handsomer than ever.
You still make my heart race.

Happy Anniversary! I love you with all my heart.

Thanks Gigi for the challenge to post wedding pictures!
The only regret I have for my wedding and reception is that we didn't have a professional photographer. One of my dad's friends just took pictures with his camera.
So these are pictures of pictures.

But really, it was a perfect day.

Bridesmaids Sharon (Howie's sister) best friends Sylvia and Peggy and niece Misty.

Tom (high school friend) Rex (best friend after missions)
(And yes, Tom raised a few eyebrows with his long hair. He was killed shortly after this photo was taken in a bike accident.)

Not sure what the joke was, but I love his expression.

My dad and mom and his mom and dad. (not sure where the groom was)
His dad would die of a heart attack 18 months later.

Who is that good-lookin' dark haired boy?

I still feel like this same young girl.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Makin' a List & Checkin' it Twice

Pretty sure I'm NOTty... not nice.
(I need to wash my mind out with clorox for getting a Christmas song stuck on instant replay in my brain.)

-Prebridals: done

Wedding bouquet: finished last night.

Envelopes: Addressed
Invitations for shower: NOT done!!!

Beach themed shower.
Bridal shower: NOT done.
Food for reception: NOT done.
Decorations for tables: NOT done.

My NOTty list is way too big.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is what I see when I look upward.

And this!
This has been in the sky for two whole days!

What does it all mean?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Needs to WARM up.
If not sooner.

I made this bench years ago.
It might look flimsy because it is.
It might look Redneck I'm OK with that.
But it was barnwood from my Grandpa's farm heaven on earth.
It brings such comforting memories for me.
I love it.

Howie built these raised beds about 11 years ago for our vegetable garden. I love them! It makes gardening so much easier.

"No Gigi and Mildred....I am not eating tomatoes yet.
But I'm not bitter or anything!"

I have never planted a garden this late in the year ever. It's been so cold, I don't know what we'll get.
We planted cantalope today under black mulch....such an idiot optimist.
Maybe we'll have a really HOT HOT summer and fall.
Pretty please!!!!?????
The daily highs of 65 degrees is not gonna cut it!

Thank you again Barney and Della.
The plants from Willard Bay Gardens are so gorgeous!