Thursday, September 25, 2014


I am tired.
I am busy. 
I feel overwhelmed. 

Cam and Guen wanted help canning peaches. 
So we canned 3 boxes of peaches for them. 
And 20 pounds of chicken. 
It is sooooo convenient to have on hand. 
Then I decided I needed to can. 

So I did 3 boxes of peaches. 
48 quarts of deliciousness. 
I love seeing rows and rows of peaches. 
Even better is eating those yummy treats. 

But I wasn't done. 
 I didn't have enough of a mess in canning season. 
I needed to can beets just to make it super messy. 

And then 40 pounds of chicken. 
Because I wanted some of that delicious convenience too. 
Delicious for curry soup, enchiladas, chicken soup, chicken salad......
Love canned chicken. 

Now I am canning chicken soup. But I don't use it like that. 
I make a gravy when I open one of these jars and make a Chicken Pot Pie. 
Super yum!

We reorganized a space for all of this. 
It has been so nice to have it easily accessible instead of under beds, in closets and behind the couch. 

I might be done canning.....maybe.