Thursday, September 25, 2014


I am tired.
I am busy. 
I feel overwhelmed. 

Cam and Guen wanted help canning peaches. 
So we canned 3 boxes of peaches for them. 
And 20 pounds of chicken. 
It is sooooo convenient to have on hand. 
Then I decided I needed to can. 

So I did 3 boxes of peaches. 
48 quarts of deliciousness. 
I love seeing rows and rows of peaches. 
Even better is eating those yummy treats. 

But I wasn't done. 
 I didn't have enough of a mess in canning season. 
I needed to can beets just to make it super messy. 

And then 40 pounds of chicken. 
Because I wanted some of that delicious convenience too. 
Delicious for curry soup, enchiladas, chicken soup, chicken salad......
Love canned chicken. 

Now I am canning chicken soup. But I don't use it like that. 
I make a gravy when I open one of these jars and make a Chicken Pot Pie. 
Super yum!

We reorganized a space for all of this. 
It has been so nice to have it easily accessible instead of under beds, in closets and behind the couch. 

I might be done canning.....maybe. 


jen said...

Is that apples in your pot pie? I need the recipe.

And I'm glad your pressure canner didn't bulge like mine did last week.

I'm impressed! When do you have time to do all this??

RoeH said...

I'm jealous! I just love seeing bottles of delicious canned food all sitting in a row and in your case, waiting for that southeast Idaho blizzard to come along. Down here, it's hard to can because of no seasons and not enough cool temperatures. I'm not sure how all that stuff would do in this heat. I know I don't do well. :)

Julia said...

What an inspiration you are. It's going to feel so good this winter going into your cannery and pick up a jar of pure goodness to feed your family.

I made pickles and that's all I have to brag about, lol.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I would love to know how you can chicken....and do you buy it at the grocery store or do you have another source? blessings, marlene

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am in awe of you. Enjoy!

Kerin said...

What a great Momma you are!!
Yes!! Canned chicken {meats} are the best!! So easy to get a tasty meal on the table; quickly :)

How nice to have it all organized in your store room, and what a great feeling that is.



gigi said...

I will never catch up with you but I will keep trying. the shelves and organization look wonderful!! You are an inspiration. Love you.

Betty said...

I bow to you, oh, Canning Goddess!

The only canning I do is water bath. Pressure cooking scares me. I'm always afraid it is going to blow up and destroy my kitchen.

So, you're canning chicken and I'm a canning chicken

Jenny Lynn said...

You are amazing. They look very yummy.