Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ready....or not.

I got my new calendar today.
2011 ready to replace 2010.
Ready or not, here it comes.

I'm always filled with:

...when I put up a new calendar.


I want my family and loved ones to be safe and snuggly.

I don't want trials.
Or sadness.
Or ache.

Because of where I work.
Because of my age.
Because of experiences.

I know that things can change in a heartbeat.

As a New Year approaches........I always take a deep breath and wonder.

Am I ready?
Am I strong enough?
What will those pages on the calendar bring?

I pray for more joy than not.
Strength than weakness.
Peace than hurt.

Life is full and good.

Happy 2011!
Ready or not...I hope 2011 is ready for me!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OK, I'm ready for Christmas!

I wasn't ready last week.

I am now.
Do I really have to take down the tree?

We made a flying trip to Utah LATE Christmas Eve and back home on Christmas Day.
Loved being with some of the family.
Don't love not being with ALL of the family.
Call me selfish.

They will all be here for New Year's Eve.
I should probably warn the neighbors.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I promise............

I really do DO more than watch youtube videos.


But I LOVE this.
"Thank you whomever for the entertainment!"

Saturday, December 18, 2010



And I have the best husband ever!
He went shopping today in the crowds and got 'er done!
He even said it was fun.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man

Best Christmas present ever!

You've gotten a little chunkier.

Happy 1st Birthday Kendrix!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maybe I should start...

Christmas shopping, that is.
I got NOTHING and I'm not kidding!

But I'd rather read blogs.
Anyone wanna shop for me?
And wrap?
And bake?
And clean?

Accepting applications now.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reality TV

Tonight the TV was on.
Tonight I was baking a cake.
Suddenly there was a very VERY bad smell.

I looked in the oven to see if my cake was stinky.

It wasn't the cake.

It was smoke coming from the TV.

(No this isn't really my TV)

My better half is in New York.
My motto is "if something breaks while he's gone, I'm getting a new one.
I have a bad track record of broken stuff while he's gone:
cars (no I've never bought a new one)
washers (yes, I did buy a new one AND a matching dryer.)
carpet (yes, my carpet broke and I bought brand new!)
and now

I don't think I care about the TV though.
except NCIS.
"I'll miss you Mark Harmon"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh my goodness!

Several weeks ago I won a giveaway on Brenda's blog. I've read her blog for over a year now. She's a talented and generous lady.
She does absolutely darling crafts and sells them on Etsy. She's posted pictures of her home before and it's just mouth-watering.

Yesterday my package arrived and I was overwhelmed!

Oh. My. Deliciousness!!!!
Such cute stuff!
Cute table runner!

And matching apron.

All of the gifts (12 of them to be exact) were numbered and wrapped so beautifully with coordinating ribbon.
I think I was supposed to do a 12 Days of Christmas thing, but I couldn't stand it.
So I opened each one carefully, enjoying the wrapping paper and ribbons.

Thank you so much BRENDA!!!!!
You are the best SANTA EVER!

My home and my tree are more beautiful today!

Go visit her.
I promise you won't regret it.

Now, speaking of giveaways.
The winners of my VOTE FOR CRASH TEST DUMMY giveaway:

The winner of the bracelet is Debbie at Just Breathe!
The winner of the chocolates is Keeley at the Gusty Ridge Ranch!
Congrats to the winners!
I hope you are excited for winning.
I was excited for winning.
Debbie and Keeley email me!

Voting isn't over for Crash Test Dummy either.
You can still vote!
Do it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tauna for Dummies

No, this post isn't for people who want to try to be like me.
(Although, who wouldn't WANT to be like me I mean REALLY?)

This post is about Dummies.

I work with Dummies.
Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

Sometimes I take care of Dummies.

This is a Dummy.

Also known as a mannequin.
We use them in training.
This Dummy is with two of our paramedics.



Debby is the Dummiest of Dummies!

She's the NICEST person I've ever met. She's very beautiful and kind and so dang
NICE. (I think I already said nice, but it bears repeating.)

She's up for some very famous job and needs your votes to win.
I want you to go vote for her!

The top ten reasons you WANT to go vote for Debby.
(Also known as the Crash Test Dummy.)

#10. She's NICE! I know, I already said that.

#9. She moved from Hawaii to Utah! Can you believe?
That alone qualifies her for
(No offense to my neighboring State, but blue water and sandy beaches vs. SNOW! HELLLOOOOOO!!!!!)

#8. Her mind goes 90 miles an hour. Her blog is hilarious!
You never know where your head is gonna end up. One minute you're laughing and the next minute you're eyeballs are sweating!

#7. If you go vote for her I'm gonna put your name in a drawing to win a bracelet. (Photo to follow) Then come back and tell me that you voted for her but
be honest! (You wouldn't wanna go to that place for lying.)

#6. Debby makes Magic Quilts. She really does. She sends a beautiful homemade quilt to people who needs to be wrapped in love. If you read her blog you can go to her Magic Quilt blog and read some stories that will make your eyeballs sweat.

#5. You get an extra vote if you go look at her Magic Quilt site. Tell me that you really DID visit the site! Remember: 'tis good to be honest!

#4. Debby has a beautiful smile. She even smiles at people in Walmart that don't smile back!

#3. Debby is like an entire jar of WARM FUZZIES. She really is. You will walk away from a conversation with her feeling like you are the most important person in the world.

#2. Debby LOVES Snow Days. Being from Hawaii, snow is a novelty (that's gonna get old soon enough Dear) She made her kids stay home from school so they could play in the snow all day!
She totally ROCKS as a mom! (Of course, being from Hawaii, they thought flipflops were ski wear......see why she's a Dummy?)

#1. She is my friend.

So go VOTE for the DUMMY!!!!

Don't vote for just ANY DUMMY!
Vote for the REAL DUMMY!

(I told ya I work with some dummies!)
Vote for Debby cuz "THE LAW" says so!

So go vote!
Then come back and tell me you did so you can be entered to win this:

And I thought of something else!
I have 5 whole days off and I'm gonna be making and dipping chocolates.
Go here if you want to look at my creations.
IF you blog about Debby I will enter you into a separate drawing and if you win I will send you some chocolates!

(DISCLAIMER: For the record, I'm not getting paid, winning anything or in any way getting more famous for this post. I'm doing it cuz I lub the Dummy!)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why am I sitting here crying? And a wrong number text...

I was blurfing tonight. (blog surfing)
And I went to Connie's blog.
She had this video.

I totally loved it and
watched it bawling.

Not sure why.

I've been to blogs and read about their Christmas decorations.
And seen photographic evidence.
I've loved it.

My tree is even up.
It's sorta pretty.

So why is it making me a bawlbaby?
What is the matter with me?

So on a lighter note.....
While working in the ER today I got a text.

Apparently some guy thought I was Steve.

(I had to take a picture of the text.)

The text goes as follows:

555-555-5555: (not the real phone number by the way)
Hey Steve this is Adam. When would be a good time to come look at that car?

Me: I'm not Steve but I have a piece of crap car I would love to get rid of.

555-555-5555: What is it?

Me: No seriously you wouldn't want it. It's a 99 Catera.

555-555-5555: What does it look like? What's wrong with it?

Me: *crickets*

555-555-5555: (several hours later): Steven does this car have a loan out on the title? Find out and let me know! (yes, there was an exclamation mark!)

Me: No, it's free and clear.

555-555-5555: Whats it look like? What's wrong with it?


This has had me LAUGHING all day long.
My kids have roared as well.
In fact, if anyone knows me well at all this is funny.
Because my car is truly horrible.
Horrible enough that I've blogged about it before.

Horrible enough that a sheriff threatened to shoot my car.
Because my car is from Satan.
Don't believe me?
Go here.

Hopefully Adam whoeveryouare will find a car.
Really, I know, I should sell!