Wednesday, August 23, 2017

People Chaos

During the eclipse weekend we had soooo many people staying with us.

It was a good test for our new digs of how to handle the crowds, parking and sleeping arrangements and if 4 bathrooms was enough.
Happily I think it turned out ok.

I haven't cooked that much in over 2 years! I tried to have most of the cooking done prior to the weekend. I didn't get off until 6 PM each night so I wanted to make sure that things were ready without much prep.

 It was so fun to wander around and see everyone excited about the eclipse.
 Nate getting comfortable with Leighton on his lap.
 The lawn looked like tent city. It was so fun.
The house just before all the company came....the calm before the storm.

 I love looking out the back porch and seeing these mountains.
 It was fun to see most of the grandkids hanging out on the fence. We are just missing Teddy and Timmy here. Josh and Jaren and Justin are the oldest grandsons, they are so amazing with the younger cousins.
Nate and Sara doing a little selfie...looking good with their eclipse glasses.
 Tara and Matt just enjoying some time together.
 These two cousins....Lexi and Kendrix....they are the best of friends. It is so fun to watch them together.
 Nick and Lynsey with their friend Carla, they came all the way from Denver.
 The oldest of the six grandkids.
Jaren, Lexi, Jessica, Justin, Josh and Krew
 Justin and those freckles! LOVE!
 Teddy and Timmy enjoying a little artwork time.
 Craziness with kids. It is the best.
 Cameron and Guen helping the boys with eclipse activities. Guen took some amazing pictures with her camera. She had a special lens and her photography skills are the best.
Jessica being the best big cousin to Leighton. 
 Big boy cousins "tossing" around Lexi and Krew.

Monday, August 21, 2017


There aren't words to describe how absolutely amazing the eclipse was.
I'm so thrilled that we were in the path of totality. It was astonishing that even a sliver of the sun peeking through on either side of the moon gave so much light.

We had about 35 people....friends and family that came to stay and enjoy this event. We had tents all over the lawn!

Here are some of the pictures I took.
But most of them were pictures I downloaded from other photographers.
Wow. Just wow.
Prior to actually seeing one, I couldn't figure out what all the hoopla was.
I was irritated by all of the hassle at work, denied vacations, extra overtime, instructions from city leaders to stock up on groceries, gas and water prior to the weekend.
There was expected to be about 100,000 extra people in the area.

But now that I have experienced a total eclipse....I'm hooked. I want to experience another one.
It was surreal.

It was amazing.
The corona was breathtaking.
Totality was perfect. So glad we were in it.
Time lapse
I thought this one was so cool.

And one of the other highlights was having Gigi come out to stay with us.
She is a blog friend I have kept in touch with. I visited her a couple of times in Georgia and this is the first time she has been to our place.
I sort of feel bad for her.
The house was a zoo for the weekend...while I was at work.
But my kids all loved her.
And later that evening we had a little gathering of other blog friends that through the years I have followed and met.
Gigi, me, Kimmie and Camille.
Kimmie lives about 10 minutes from me and has the best blog.
Camille is from Utah but married a Rexburg boy.
None of them blog much anymore, but I have loved building these great friendships.

The sun continued its showing off with a fabulous sunset.
The whole day was unforgettable.

Saturday, August 12, 2017



Matt was given this Bronco 18 years ago. 
It was old then. 
My dad bought it used. 
He gave it to Matt. 

He sold it to his dad. 
We have had it ever since. 

Today Matt's son gets to drive it. 

He referred to it as a "cool car"
Grandpa is showing him a few quirks. 

I let him drive to the maverick in Ririe. 
All by himself. 

He hasn't stopped grinning. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Anticipating the Eclipse 2017

It's impossible to to turn on the news or read a newspaper without seeing or reading something about the Eclipse!
Our little corner of the world is in the path of Totality and wow, what a frenzy things have been around these parts for months and months.

I'm not going to lie, I'll be glad it's over.

As for the Emergency Room, all vacations have been cancelled, we are working extra and we are to plan on NOT being able to get home.

There is expected to be between 40,000-80,000 visitors converge upon the town of Rexburg for the weekend and day of the eclipse. Yikes.

I happen to be working the weekend. The eclipse is on Monday, set to occur at 11:32. To last about 3 minutes and 22 seconds.

We have all of our kids coming to be able to experience it.

This should prove to be fascinating.

The Great American Eclipse