Monday, May 31, 2010

I love you with all my butt!

While I was at the CBC this weekend, I got this text from my daughter.
This was our conversation:

Me: "Thank you...I must love you tons more!"
Candice: "HaHa! Nothing compares to my momma's love;)"
Me: "So is what u r saying is there is nothing that compares to my butt?????"
Candice: "Haha!!! Didn't mean it like that. But is is real funny. :)"
Me: "I'm all about humor."
Candice: You are pretty great like that. It's why your chillins love you;) <3"

I loved it! I just had to share it!

OK on to some CBC excitement!

Throughout the week I'll be posting pictures about some of the fun but I wanted to tell about the giveaways I'm going to have.

I won three very awesome prizes and the CBC people gave us a fabulous Swag Bag containing a ton of goodies. It was like Christmas!

On Friday night we were supposed to text one of the vendors for a chance to win a free blog redesign makeover.
The value was over $600.00!
When the desing team came up to call out the phone number for the winner it was mine!!!
Being a (208) prefix in a room full of (801) prefixes that WANTED this prize was a little scary
(A lady sitting next to me offered me $300.00 right then and there!)
I don't know why I didn't just do that (maybe it was because I really have too much money and didn't want to burden myself) but I thought it would be ungrateful to regift something so wonderful.

So I came home and checked out the site. They are a company called Moselle Design. I was so blown away with how beautiful their pages are and all of the stuff they could do for my website.
Apparently it's a really huge deal to have awesome webdesigns for business people and stuff.
Anyway, this is going to be one of my giveaways that I'll do.

The biggest reason I'm giving this away is that I'm just little old me.
I don't have a business, I'm just plain old Tauna and I enjoy kinda doing my own thing.
My blog isn't fancy but I have a blast playing with it.
And besides..........I didn't think my blog should get a facelift before I do!

"Thank you people from Moselle! I hope someone that really needs this can enjoy it! You were so generous!"

You can't believe the famous people that were there. It was so fun to be able to meet people that I've enjoyed reading or listening to their music.
About a year ago I bought a CD of this beautiful womans beautiful music. Sherrie Shepherd is a pianist and composer.

I love having her CD playing in the house. It's soothing and peaceful.
She also did the music for Braden Bell's upcoming book The Roadshow. SHE'S SO TOTALLY FAMOUS!
I shook her hand at CBC!
(I even took a picture with us together (she is so dang nice!) BUT apparently there is a save button on the camera phone that you supposed to do or something like that. Uhm, I have difficulty with such technology. SO I don't have the picture. I could kick myself!)
In each of the Swag Bags that we received there was a CD of her latest recording Solitude. Everyone there was so lucky!!!! Well, I already have this CD because I bought it a while ago and MY copy is even autographed!
So I am giving away the CD I got in the Swag Bag.
I promise that you will love it!
"Thank you Sherrie! You are so gorgeous!"

Another of the AWESOME things I got hooked scrapbooking! Oh. My. Heck!
There isn't anything that can't be done with digital scrapbooking well, except maybe the laundry.
The first day we were there I watched this vendor demonstrate some darling things she was doing with it.
I walked away.
Then I came back.
Then I walked away.
Then I bought.

I decided I wouldn't need to get Photoshop if I had this.
The next day I went to one of the full classes they were teaching.
At the end of the day they gave away the "lite" version.
I had purchased the full version.
So I am giving away the MemoryMixer lite version of this software.

OK, the last thing that I'll give away is some chocolates that I dipped.
Ya, I'm not famous or anything, but I dipped a bunch to take to CBC to give to some of the people I've stalked since I started blogging. I had some left over. (If you want to see one of the blog friends that actually blogged about my chocolates you can go visit Crash Test Dummy! Debby is one of the most hilarious people out there and I LOVED being able to meet her. So genuine!
I have pictures of her, but I really am supposed to be out pulling weeds so I'll post them later. But just trust me.....she is so CUTE! I just want to pinch her!)

They were giving away I iPAD at the CBC!
They had some seriously generous vendors there. Everyone was wanting that one.

NO I did NOT win the iPad but I did win a Sony Bloggie!
It was from the vendor Blog Frog. I hadn't heard of them before, but the guy that spoke to us was hilarious! Apparently if you are a blogger you want to sign up for BlogFrog. I'm still learning about it but it sounds great.
Their grand prize was this little number:

I've never had a video recorder before!!!!
It's so cute!
I am very excited.
So that's why I was asking in my last post if you wanted me to buy your lottery ticket.

I had a great time.
It was nice to get away.
It was a blast to meet friends.
I WILL go again next year!

The giveaways will start tomorrow or Wednesday. Right now I have to get back to real life and help with the weeding!
Ya'll need to start planning to attend this next year!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Would you like me to buy your lottery ticket?

I'm feeling lucky!
Got back last night from the CBC and had a blast!
It was amazing and I want to tell ya all about it.
But right now I am blogging in my car going to visit my hubs mom.
And I'm getting a little car sick doing it.
So I'll blog later about the whole experience, which was FABULOUS!
Thank you so much to those who put this event together. Today they are
probably in a coma...this was a huge deal.

The best part was meeting some famous and awesome people.
Great classes and motivational speakers.
I won a couple of REALLY great prizes!
Worth lots of Ben Franklins.
I couldn't believe I won these.
If you want me to buy your lottery ticket hurry before the lucky mojo
wears off!
Just kidding about the buying the lottery thing. So if you are some creepy Chinese stalker person or looney just walk away!

I will also be having some pretty awesome giveaways because of the generosity of the CBC vendors. I will give more details tomorrow.
My hubs just drove through a round-a-bout and it's about to get ugly so I'm gone for now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

To do list for today...

I'm headed to Utah to go to the CBC today. A conference on writing, photography and stuff.
I'll be meeting a lot of people I've only read.
I'm nervous.
I'm going with Serene also known as ScaReme cuz her life is hilarious.
I need to pick her up about 12:30.
I've got a lot to do because I've worked a bunch of shifts.
My house looks like it.
I can't leave a dirty house.
What if I have a heart attack and then the Relief Society has to come in and clean it and they are thinkin' "wow, what a pig"..........see why I have to clean it?
I laid awake last night worryin' about everything I needed to get done.
So I decided to make a list:
-two loads of laundry
-mop kitchen floor
-pack clothes
-don't forget the camera battery that's charging
-dye hair fix hair
-make sure Howie has some homemade, nutritious, delicious meals ("Dominos is on speed dial honey)"
-put gas in the car
-lose 30 pounds

OK, I feel better now.
I won't forget anything.
"See ya about 12:30 Serene!"

This should be a blast, but I'm so dang nervous!

Monday, May 24, 2010

You have to read this................

No not this post but the post I'm gonna send you to.
Seriously go to Mormon Mommy Blogs and read this post from
this contributor.
DeNae is a fabulous writer and also an amazing scriptorian.
Seriously you will laugh! Who knew Leviticus was so inspiring?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Forget about the clean underwear....

Have you ever heard that one? Wear clean underwear.
You know just in case
you got into an accident and ended up in the ER....
(how about just wearing clean undies just cause it's a good PR?)
forget about that one.

IF you are going to come to the ER for an emergency ingrown toenail that you have had for six years you should be well aware that the nurse will ask you to take off your shoes.
Would it have been too much to ask that you wash those offending feet?

I pride myself on the awesome ability to handle smells and act like nothing unusual is taking place.
HONEY you had my eyes watering!
In all of my born days I have NEVER had such a PAINFUL experience.
For the love of all that is holy............WASH YOUR STINKY FEET!!!!

Oh, ya, you didn't have an ingrown toenail!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Wild { Wild } West!

Have you ever chased a moose with your camera? Huh Huh???? Have ya????

"why yes I have, thank you"

Here in the Wild Wild West we got us some critters. They roam all over the prairie! In the rugged mountains!

And apparently in my neighborhood.

I was ready for church this morning and looked out the window in the back yard and what should be lumbering down the alley but a moose!!!
I had my wits about me enough to grab my camera and tear out the back door.
My hubby wasn't sure what to think.
"It's a moose" I holler! (cuz here in the Wild West we holler.) I didn't stop long enough to put my zoom lens on. Wish I had!

She's down at the alley about to turn left.
(that awesome vehicle parked in the alley is the most reliable vehicle alive! 1983 Ford Bronco. Funnest thing to drive there is!)
Well, you can just call me she-who-chases-moose-with-camera-in-her-fist.
She headed to the front yard so I go through the house ready for some more photo shots! my hubby tells me not to approach the animal....AS IF! (I'm not that redunkulous! It's not that I'm afraid of the moose attack, but if I got hurt I would end up in the Emergency Room and I'm afraid my co-workers would mock me)
So she lumbers across the street.
Much to my dismay there is a police car and a Fish and Game truck.
They were just following her.
I think they were afraid to shoot her in front of the children. (We all watch Napoleon Dynamite in the Wild West ya know and I'm sure they wouldn't want to repeat that one scene....bad PR)

She's just amblin' along....

Not to be rude or anything but they are UGLY!
Their face is truly pitiful.

In fact, I think I'd be safe to say that they look the same if you're lookin' at the front of them as the back of 'em. Ugly I'm tellin' ya!
She then went into my neighbors back yard and I didn't chase her back there....somethin' about the Fish and Game officer pointing his tranquilizer dart at me....sheesh fella chill!
But I'm curious to know if my neighbor ended up with some moose poop in her yard.

So now I shall be known far and wide as the person who chases ugly critters!

No, not HIM sillies!
I stuck his picture here cause it is his birthday! "Happy Birthday Howie!!!!" I wish you weren't on a plane for Canada!!!!
"Hope you enjoy getting older!"
You look the same as you did when I married you.
Gray haired and no wrinkles!
You still have gray hair and no wrinkles. Lucky!

I love you and miss you! PS you have some treats I stashed in your luggage....I hope you make it through security!