Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{Post It Note} Tuesday.


JoAnn said...

WoW -- post-its on the blog? You have now reached TOTAL computer whizardness! (Or however you spell that fake word.)

Braden said...

That was a really sweet post. Tauna. I hope he comes back soon! I hate being away from my wife, too.

Julie Harward said...

I just love your sticky's...they make me laugh! I wish I could meet you in person cause I sure do love you here! :D

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I hope he comes back home soon too!!

You need to start coming over on your days off. We'll eat ice cream and watch NCIS re-runs all day.

Good luck at the ER! Can't wait to hear what crazy thing happens to you this time!

Love ya!

Kirsten said...

NCIS and eating chocolate while watching it is a release for me! I LOVE that show! I get so excited to see it on my DVR! It's like Christmas!

Scrappy Girl said...

I love all the little post its...so cute.

I know what you mean about being excited about the mail...really makes your life seem exciting! LOL

Just Breathe said...

Fun read today. I don't like when mine is gone either. I didn't join in today since I did a post for my daughters birthday! Have a great week.

Valerie said...

I haven't been online much lately and missed a BUNCH of your posts. Hope your guy gets back soon!!

Kristina P. said...

I am with you on the selfish thing. My husband is gone a lot for work. I will say that it's nice at times when I have a lot of sstuff going on, he can schedule to work in Wendover, and I don't feel like I'm ignoring him.

Queenie Jeannie said...

You goofball!! Loved it!! I'll have to teach you how to save 'em so you don't get that white background.

I know it's lonely without a husband - Army wives get it!!!

Email me your mailing address and I'll send you some mail! *wink*

Barbaloot said...

Did you at least get something entertaining in the mail?

gigi said...

I have a seashell that I was suppose to mail you a month ago :( I feel bad now just thinking of you sitting by the mailbox in the snow!! Trying to dodge wandering moose and stuff. I'll try harder to get that in the mail soon.

Have a good time in the ER.

I've got some serious zucchini to deal with.

M-Cat said...

NCIS really? I didn't realize that show was still on! I thought it was just TNT reruns or something. I can't get on that train, I see Mark Harmon and think Ted Bundy. Every.single.time.

I can't wait to hear the ER stories, you always have goodies!!

M-Cat said...

PS - I too love making my boys gag.
They call it "old people love"

They throw up in their mouths and it delights me

Kelly and Sara said...

Cute! Just found your blog. Love NCIS, how did I miss it tonight :( Hope you have a great rest of your week! Follow us at:


Brenda said...

I LOVED NCIS this week!! Cool "post-its"! Good luck at the ER and being all alone...I would not like that at all! And thanks for your kind sympathetic words...my ouwie feels better now!

Connie said...

It's OK if my hubs is gone for a short, short, time but if it's for very long it gets lonely. Good thing there's modern technology to keep us closer.

Hope yours comes home soon and that your mail is worth opening!

I understand you're going to the CBC! I'll be looking for you!

Howard said...

You do make me laugh and I am sooooo glad you are mine?
Love you.

Karena said...

Love it, great idea!! Your site is terrific!! Where's the moose?


Art by Karena

Cherie said...

Seriously one of these days when the hubby's are traveling we are going to have to like do a girl trip to Utah and maybe Canada and go visit people and raise hell - No you didn't just read that LOL - I meant have a good time and laugh alot with lots of people!

Have fun with the mail!

Life is good! said...

i love that you still make your kids gag!

LKP said...

i heart post it note tuesday!
btw, my "stylist" would totally rack your knuckles with a ruler....or a rat-tail comb---"we PLUCK chickens, we TWEEZE eyebrows." you totally have me rolling today. thanks. =) enjoy your next two days, i got the next two of my own back in the clinic. exhausting. but it's good for me, since working every now & again for them reminds me why i quit in the first place! =)

Homer and Queen said...

Make those kids gag!!! WB has been in ICU for a week.. So bored of sitting all day in there. Miss ya!

Howard said...

OK.... did I really put a "?" at the end of a statement......

".... sooooo glad you are mine?".


Let me say that just a bit more emphatically "I AM soooo glad you are mine!".



The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha That was awesome!! How did you do that? Favorite post ever!

kado! said...

i love those little post-it note posts...they are so fun.

maybe I love them because I'm a list maker and they remind me of my to-do lists!

Kimmie said...

Very clever Post it notes!! SO sad Howard is gone A.G.A.I.N?!?

Wasn't he home for like less than a week? Dang T.C. is right.

Love your attitude, because I sure don't know how you do it. Tracy only has to go on one 2-day business trip each year and I barely make it through that.

You're a trooper!! Have fun with the mail, NCIS, and working the ER.

Love you! (and if Howard really is commenting, that is just AWESOME!! It's SO much fun with hubby's are a part of Blogland).

I bet you enjoy technology SO much more when Howard is out of town. At least you can keep in touch ALL throughout the day!!

wendy said...

Oh my gosh Tauna, YOU HAD ME AT HELLO. Seriously, you said that.
I am pretty much "had" at "I'll buy you dinner".
had ---that doesnt sound right.

At first I was thinking WHY are you so upset with Howie being ---wherever---as I was thinkin HOWIE MANDELL.
I am such a nerd, didn't realize you were talking about your hubby

I like to make my kids gag too.
email me your address and phone #
pretty please
(I wanna right it on the bar bathroom stalls ----WHA HA HA HA)
I promise I won't
pinky sweart

wendy said...

OK, I just read Cherie's comment ---she suggested you do a road trip

perhaps a little ol visit to little ol me

Yvonne said...

I think a road trip to Canada sounds like a fabulous idea.

He'll be home soon ; )

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just had to come by and thank you for all the get well wishes. This being limited to only 15 minutes a day on the computer is not good. lol
Love these sticky notes...how do you do that..I wish your sweetie did not travel because you seem lost without him.
I was the same way when I was married so you can guess how lost I was when he left.
While I was here I got to catch up on your other post. Belated Happy Birthdy to Howie. Looks like May is when all good people have a birthday...lol...mine was the 13th and after this fall I feel a 102.
But I also appreciate nurses so much more and that is saying a lot since I have always held the upmost admiration for Nurses. Takes a very special person like yourself to do the job.
Well I am having those stupid pains again so back to bed

Lesa said...

Love the post-its. I think it is good to make our children gag at us once in awhile. :)

Fun post!

And I don't like my hubby being gone either.

April said...

Best post ever! Making kids gag is my favorite thing to do....after kicking them in the butt of course.