Monday, January 31, 2011

{Just Because I Can...}

I was a hairdresser.
Worked in a few salons.
I cut hair.

I colored hair.
Ratted hair.

Permed hair.

I have all the stuff to do hair.

Even though I don't work in that profession any more.

I still do hair.
My better half always has a nice haircut.
Occasionally family.
Occasionally friends.

I even cut my own hair.

When it was long it was easy to cut.

Not so much.

I don't have eyes in the back of my head.
I couldn't quite tell the angle I was cutting.
It was mostly by feel.

Just because I can cut hair...

Doesn't mean I should!

(Worst hack job ever!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Reality TV...we might be featured.

Reality TV.
Shows that are show bizarre/wretched/weird that you can't stop watching.
You watch them.
it makes you feel normal.

Several months ago I was whining.
Whining about being an empty nester.

"Where did the years go?"
"How did I get so darn old?"

My youngest son moved home in November.
Waiting to go to Afghanistan....
or get married or go to a different University.
(All a potential war zone....
OK I couldn't pass that one up.
I totally love the girlfriend.)

This past week,
the baby girl moved home.
She decided she didn't want to continue with her education path.
She's going a different direction.

I'm really OK with all of that.

I had to give up my craft room and my guest room with these last two additions.

It's OK.
The house is all put back together now.


In addition to having Candice back home....
she brings another CAT!

That's why I am pretty sure I'm going to be on a Reality TV show.

That's 4 cats if you are counting.
I've paid for everyone of those creatures to have their "tonsils" out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crab Legs and Vampires

What do crab legs have to do with vampires?

Don't know?????

Me neither.


for some very strange reason....

eating crab legs....


Who knew?

You have been warned!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


The family ALL came home for New Years.
It was a blast.

Hey kids, no mocking the swag!
It's amazing to see your grown up children interact with each other.

Once upon a time they wore diapers.
They were spitters of water.
Fighters over computer time.
Givers of wedgies.

They are still the same.

Except the diapers.
It appears that Matt may be giving Nate a wedgie in this picture.

Older doesn't necessarily mean mature......."ya, you two in the middle!"
This is them in their birth order from left to right.
Lynsey age 31, wife to Nick, mom to Lexi.
Matt age 29, hubs to Tara, dad of Josh, Jaren, Justin & Jessica.
Nate age 27, hubs to Sara, dad to Krew and Kendrix.
Cameron age 24, served in Iraq.
Candice age 19, destroyer of violins.

Howie and I often look at each other and say
"Honey, what are we gonna do with these kids?"

They love to be together.
They are best friends.

So, what are we gonna do about them????????????
Not a thing!
Yup, they are ours!

And we are so thankful.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Chocolate Winner

This past Wednesday CNN reported that EVERY state in the nation had snow.
Even Hawaii! (True story!)

My hubby is flying home today.

From Florida.

"Welcome home honey!"

"There's a few things you need to do before you leave AGAIN on Sunday!"

Congrats to commenter Raders Out Loud! You are the chocolate winner!
It will be nice to get them out of the house.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When my hubby is out of town...

Sometimes I do mean stuff.
Like email him.
"honey, where is the crowbar?"
(yes, I really did do that)
Today it was a text.
"honey, I can't find your cordless drill, where is it?"

It makes me giggle, cuz I know he's freaking out wondering what in the world I am doing with power tools to the walls.
This morning I actually hung two things on walls.
"Honey, if you are reading this, I didn't measure to see if it was level. I just eyeballed it and figured it was good enough. I drilled 10 holes in the walls....even though I just needed 6!" "Hope you're enjoying Florida!"
He'll be gone until Friday.
There's all kinds of sweet power tools in his Man Cave.
I wonder what I could do next?
{insert evil laughter}

Click here for a chance to win chocolate.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Chocolate Anyone?

I have too much leftover from my holiday dipping.
Anyone want it?

It's been in the freezer so it's still as fresh as the day it was dipped.
Mostly caramels.
A few orange creams.

I hate to throw it away.

Leave a comment or two and I'll have a random drawing on Friday.
I HAVE to get rid of it, cuz I'm tired of my butt still in the room after I leave.

Friday, January 7, 2011

It Was an Honor!

On Wednesday my sweet hubby took the day off work and drove me to Utah.

I got to meet Gigi.
We've been blog best-friend-twin-sisters for over two years.

Gigi's sister died on New Years Eve of complications of a heart cath.
Her sister had lived her life with multiple health challenges, including being deaf.

When I knew that Gigi would be flying to Utah all the way from Georgia, I wanted to be able to meet her.

She's as beautiful as I thought she would be.
We didn't get to visit much, but it was a treat and an honor to be there.
To meet Gigi and to be able to learn about her sister Clair.

The funeral service was incredible.
It was a Deaf Ward and everyone there was signing.
Wonderful tributes to her life and someone who overcame many great challenges.

Another huge treat was seeing Connie at the funeral and sitting by her. I met her in May at the CBC.
She is the sweetest person ever!
And tall.
And beautiful.
It was so fun to visit with her.

(Gigi is the beautiful bombshell in the middle and Connie in the tall, beautiful bombshell on the right)

And another surprise was having my cousin, Lea, walk by at the funeral. She was a coworker of Clair. I haven't seen Lea for over 10 years!
The world is a small place!

It was also great to have my Howie's undivided attention for the 4 hour drive there and 4 hour drive home.
He'll be leaving on Sunday for 4 weeks of travel.
He'll be in Florida for a week and then Canada for three weeks.

I'm ok about the trip to Canada.
But Florida???? I'm a little bitter.

Gigi travels home today.
I hope the flights were good.
I hope you warm back up!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


They are gonna push me over the edge.

I posted this two months ago.

Gigi suggested that we might some day learn to shut the bathroom doors
after the cat has torn through 14 rolls of toilet paper
in less than a week.

Thanks for the suggestion Gigi.
OK, we religiously shut the bathroom door.

I would now like to know what I am to do about this problem?

Lock the kitchen?

This was the scene this morning!

Don't let his STINKIN' adorableness fool you!
He is the devil!

(Second day in a row of clorox.
My kitchen has never been so sterile.)

Monday, January 3, 2011


The title is in capital letters.

I have 3 cats.

(This is just one of the three and he is the ALPHA KITTY.)

Apparently they THINK they live in my house for their good looks.

Well, they are wrong!

Today I discovered evidence of a mouse.

I can do a lot of things.
(I'm an ER nurse for Pete's sake!)
I can't do rodents!

I spent the day with clorox and a fine-tooth comb.
I won't tell you how many mouse traps have been set.

The cats better get busy and act like there is a recession.

Cuz I'm the boss. I'm not afraid to lay them off!

Also, I've been informed that even though I have three cats I am NOT the crazy cat lady.
That distinction is for someone who dresses up their cats.

Saturday, January 1, 2011



I bribed my son with hard cold cash to take it down and pack it out.

And I went to bed.

I am not ashamed.
HAPPY 2011!!!