Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012

You have been exhausting.
I am putting you away.

There have been many awesome things about you.
Like this little munchkin.
But mostly I wanna say "bye bye"


Sunday, December 16, 2012


Looking at you,
everything about you,
is like stepping back 25 years.
You are exactly like your dad!

Happy Birthday little Man!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It's that TIME of year!
TIME for dipping caramels.
TIME for wrapping caramels around pretzels and then dipping them.

My favorite recipe is well used.

Now to find all the TIME! I have linked up to Homestead Revival!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


My two days off from the ER were Thursday and Friday.
I spent those two days in Zone Conferences for my new calling.

I drove to different towns each day and saw this:

The mission has a fleet of cars.

While the missionaries are in meetings and trainings, there were gentlemen in the parking lot checking the fluids and changing the oil.
I thought it was cute.
But then again, these are 19-21 year olds driving them.

Then I was able to just enjoy learning my job and listening to the training these missionaries received.
It was pretty awesome.
I was pretty tired from the previous days work in the ER and knew that my only two days off were going to be spent in these meetings.

I was a little overwhelmed and a little cranky.
I worried about how I would get everything done.

But then I walked into the room full of these sweet missionaries.
They give up two years of their "normal" lives to serve the Lord and others.

It was such a beautiful feeling.
I came away from both days so energized and humbled.
I feel incredibly blessed to be allowed to have this experience.
Next time you see those young men in their suits and ties with name badges or young ladies in dresses with name badges, smile and wave.
Invite them in.
You won't regret it.

Now my weekend is being spent in the ER.
Today was most entertaining.

Walked into 3 patients within 10 minutes of the beginning of the shift.
The third one.....

....well little first time momma decided she was going to deliver too early.
Prolapse cord and a foot first!
Thank goodness for a great L&D nurse.
I'm just a plain ole' ER nurse.

Within 20 minutes of getting to work there was a special arrival.
All 3 pounds of him.
He's a champ and doing great!

Can I just say I love working with Nita?
She didn't seem flustered at all.

I'm not sure my heart has stopped pounding yet!

And we left Becca unattended in the ER. She didn't even break anything!