Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Day of the Month......

And I haven't gotten my Visiting Teaching done.....oops. Well, I think I have a good excuse, uhm....let's see....well.....the dog ate my homework???? OK, so there is no good excuse, but I love the people my hubby and I go to (we are companions) so I decided I would give them a little treat in anticipation of Easter. I love Easter. I love Spring. I found this awesome idea on Tip Junkie and fell in love. (wow, I've used the word "love" four times already)
Anyway, they were so cute I wanted to post the photo shoot I did with them. They smiled for the camera and everything. You can click on the picture to make them biggerific! They are so cute, I love them!

These are for Easter Bunny S'mores. The recipe can be found at Tip Junkie. I changed the recipe a bit by using Teddy Grahams instead of crushed up graham crackers. Looked cuter to me.
Hopefully it will make them smile.....cause right now it's snowing. ICK!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My hubby.....I like you a lot.

I had to work in the ER this morning and I was so tired I felt like I was walking into walls. I don't love mornings...I might be at work at 0600 but I don't "wake" up until around 10:00 or so. It has been a tough week for me. Of course having a major blizzard today didn't help my mood. If you want to see HOW major of a snowstorm we "enjoyed" click here. My twisted friend Mary posted a picture on her blog. I personally just want to sleep until it's all over. I want Spring and I want it NOW!

Anyway, my hubby called me this morning from the bishop's office. He had arrived early to prepare for the day...he loves mornings by the way, ick. Anyway, he called to wish me "happy Anniversary"....I'm thinking "this is NOT June".....and then I remembered, it was the anniversary of him asking me what I thought about getting married. Awwww, he made my day. He remembered after 31 years. (sniffle)

I wonder if he had ANY idea of what he was getting into?????

He's an amazing guy. I'm lucky to have him. I'm blessd to have him.

Honey, I'm glad you asked me what I thought about getting married, I don't remember telling you what I thought about it, I remember being in shocked silence...I wasn't expecting that. Thanks for telling me you liked me a lot! I liked you a lot too. I still do!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Room FULL of Lawyers!

Today we were honored to be able to go to a ceremony honoring our dear neighbor at his retirement. He has served as a judge for many years and has implemented many great things that have had an affect across this country in his untiring work with the drug courts and mental health courts. I've always just known him as a wonderful neighbor, as our Bishop when we were new to the area and an all around great guy. I can't believe he is old enough to retire! Congratulations on such a great legacy Judge Moss! You are wonderful! Lawyer jokes don't fit you.

His wife is like my best friend. She's a riot and she's slightly sassy...I just love her!

People just don't come as awesome as these two.

However, on a different note.....lawyer jokes fit this guy. At this ceremony, no one would sit by him. He was asking everyone who walked past..."please sit by me"....my hubby being the compassionate soul that he is, took pity. He's a lawyer, the jokes fit him.

He stalks my blog. He's a blog stalking lawyer. He makes fun of my blog. He really is a nice person...for a lawyer. Please leave lawyer jokes in the comment section! Address them to Stephen!

I'm typically not politcal......

BUT, I have an opinion. My parents were talking to me last week about some legislation "out there" that would limit or make illegal the ability to plant gardens, have seeds or produce or store food. This morning I visited one of my favorite blogs here and this person was showing the site and links to go to.

I don't know about you, but I don't believe the government belongs in my kitchen, in my garden or in my food storage room. I don't think that we should be forced to purchase mass produced food. Produce purchased from the store travels an average of 1500 miles to get from farm to my plate. I don't want to be told what I can eat. I'm not sure the government has my best interest in mind with this legislation. I'm sure it is to protect the large corporations of food producers, but the legislation is so vague and broad that who knows where we could end up next? Click here to read about this latest wisdom from the government. I love the way they use their time with my money don't you? NOT!

I crave every summer when I can play in the dirt and grow and can my own food. If I didn't have that I might be VERY VERY cranky!

Click here to sign a petition against HR 875

As Jan pointed out on her blog....there have been other governments that seized control of the money (I think that's going on right now...isn't it?) and then seized control of the food.............isn't there a name for that kind of government?

Be informed! Check the facts! Take a stand!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm not gonna lie....

I'm vain! I don't want to get old! Sorry Wendy at No Botox Allow....will you still let me be your friend? I work for Derma Chic once a month. I do it to get my "fix" at cost, I believe in acid peels, botox, juvederm, microderm, great skin care products like Epionce. I'm fighting wrinkles like crazy! Have I used all of these products? Not necessarily, but I inject it on clients and see beautiful results. So don't hate me please....accept me for trying to be the new 20 year old......well, ok, but can't I try? I love lasering off those nasty stray facial hairs, microderming off dead skin cells.

The newest thing I'm VERY excited about is the newest product called Latisse. From the Allergan company (makers of Botox) Latisse is an FDA approved product to grow and thicken eyelashes. Who doesn't want thicker, longer lashes??? I got a free sample from Allergan because I work at Derma Chic. I'm expecting that I'll soon look like this:

So can you all forgive me for being a shallow person?

In real life I'll probably look like this:

Cause in real life there isn't enough "product" to take care of the saggy eyelids and dark circles under my eyes..............sigh..............maybe my thick lush eyelashes will be so stunning that no one will notice the sags and bags! NOT! You're right Wendy...."Carpe rhytid" (seize the wrinkle)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Wow, I won an Award!

I haven't had a chance to make up a speech or anything. My hubby would say that I'm never at a loss for words. I love words. Maybe that's why I love the medical field...they really have words. Words so weird you have to make them into plain old initials, just because they are soooo huge. For example look up in a medical dictionary the word for ERCP. Unbelieveable!

Oh, where was I???? Oh ya. I got an award yesterday for my blog. It's not like an award, but maybe recognititon. I was flattered and then I was warmed. Yesterday was a very difficult day for me and this was really so nice. Nice to be thought of by someone I don't know. Thank you Farmer Gal! You'll never know how that lifted my spirit! Your blog is darling and I recommend that everyone go there. She's funny. Her mom's on a trampoline! She's the youngest of 10 kids and that totally fascinates me! (I had 1 older brother). She put cute little words on her pictures, it made me laugh. I needed to laugh. Thank you Farmer Gal.
So this is the Award that I won!

Farmer Gal awarded me the Honest Scrap Award for my entry several days ago about urine samples and meatloaf.
Well, who knew that I could be recognized for something so icky. Well, whatcha see with me is whatcha get.

So now I need to pass these awards on to someone else. Actually three someone elses.

Before I do that I must tell you about my interesting day today. Well, not really interesting but it involves bird poop. (Ya, I'm all about body secretions)
So I finished cleaning the house and had both the front and back door open just to let some fresh air in after 23 long months of winter...maybe I'm stretching it a little, but not much. I've been out shoveling snow from my lawn onto the road all day!
Anyway, I was sitting on the couch doing a crafting thing, house is clean, quiet and I'm zoned out. The phone rings and I go to the kitchen to answer it and there on the oak window seal of my dining room is this:

Dang it my flash didn't work! Anyway, it's a bird! Poor thing thought the inside of my house was outside! And he left this:

Maybe it's a good thing my flash didn't work cause it's a picture of bird poop!
I left him in the window seal and waited for someone to come home to rescue me from this attack bird. It looked very viscous and scary...OK maybe I'm stretching that too, but still... I didn't want to do anything to scare anymore poop out of him.
I had to put the kitty out named Baby that should really be named Goofy...see previous post! He was verrrrry verrrry interested. Big pupils, tail wagging, ears back, all sorts of preditor moves!
Thank goodness my mom and dad came over for a visit and mom rescued me. There were a few tense and scary moments, but luckily we are all OK! The bird happily flew away out of my mom's hands.

So my three someone elses that I'm going to pass the Sister Award to are:

Jan from Crazy Lady on Road 80. She gets the Honest Scrap Award. She's funny and makes me smile. She posts funny stuff and serious stuff and I think we might be close to the same age. It's nice to know that there are other bloggers "out there" in blogland that are old enough to be all the other bloggers mothers! She also takes awesome photos.

The Kreative Blogger award goes to Kristina at Pulsipher Predilictions. This gal is totally certifiable, but because she's a social worker she knows how to slide under the radar! I never know what to expect when I go to her sight but I'm never bored. I wasted ONE WHOLE DAY OFF reading her blog from it's birth. I also hope to someday be like her and have a snuggie of my own.

The Sisterhood Award goes to Kim at The Simple Things. She's turned into a friend. She's been kind and said such nice things to me. I feel like I know her. She's soon to be an RN and there's a connection there. Hopefully, if we ever meet, it won't be at a restaurant while we are eating...with other people at the table, cause I'm sure we'll start telling patient stories and before you know it we'll have cleared the table...maybe even the restaurant.

So, there you go. My awards to people I've never met. But people that make me happy.
So pass it on Sistas!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Winners of my very first Giveaway!

OK, I know it's late but it's been a very long, exhausting day. It's began at 0-dark-thirty and I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn! So, forgive me for being late!

I meant to take pictures of my weird friends at work drawing the names out of the hat, except it wasn't a hat it was my hands... but they were clean. It was a very busy day and there wasn't a lot of downtime so we had to hurry between patients. I was being very thoughtful of you all and wanted to get the drawing done fairly and without bias. It was irritating to be interrupted by someone having chest pain or broken bones......."pleasse people...can't you see we are busy here?".....no I really didn't say that or delay treatment, but I just wanted ya'll to feel important.

So the winners of my first giveaway were.............

Cherie @ Backow Babble. She gets her choice of watches, the brown or the red! I don't even know this gal, but I like that she says that's it's OK that I'm dysfunctional! Her blog is really cute too.

The second winner that wins the Drug Rep Pens is Mandi @ Moss Posse! I know this gal, her hubby grew up across the street and I've know since he was a pup. He was a brat, but he did grow up.
Thanks so much for playing and entering the drawing. I had a ton of fun.

So Cheri and Mandi email at taunae@gmail (dot)com and I'll get your addresses!

My next giveaway is going to be soon and it promises to be hilarious!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What is IT????

Do ya see the teeth? He might look like a saber-tooth tiger and very scary if he didn't look so much like this...

I mean seriously, should I have gotten some braces for him when he was a kitten? He probably gets made fun of by all his cat friends. (I know we sure make fun of him.)

Maybe they had the same mother...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pinch Me!!!!

And not because it's St. Patrick's Day...even though it is! I want someone to pinch me because after over a year...440 days to be exact....the bathroom is finally grouted!!! On Jan. 11th of 2008 the Hub demolished the 2nd bathroom. He LOVES demo!
It's easy to take a sledgehammer to the walls, shower tiles and stuff, but the putting back together, well, that's a different story. Remodel is painful, expensive and time-consuming! Besides being busy at work and having to travel more than we like him to and being the bishop, well, let's just say he doesn't have a lot of free time. I have been patient and understanding until TODAY! Now I have to wait for the grout to cure for 4 days and then I can wipe it all down with a vinegar solution and then wait for another 3 days! Grrr... I don't want to wait anymore! I want it done NOW!

I know, I'm very high maintenance.

Be sure to post on my Give away (previous post) to win a watch or awesome drug rep pens!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Give Away!

OK, I'm getting into this bloggy thing and I want to be part of the blog world by having a give-away. Everybody's doing it and I hate being left out!

So here are my rules....very simple. Comment on this post before midnight on Thursday the 19th...my oldest grandson's birthday! If your comments are clever I may add your name to the drawing more than once! Winners will be announced on Friday the 20th. I wont't do anything fancy like use random.org....your names will simply be put into a hat and a name drawn by one of my insane co-workers as I will be working that day.

Two prizes are being offered.

Prize #1...(drumroll here): If you are the winner you have a choice of either the red and black watch or the brown watch. I made them myself.
Back of the watches...

Front of the watches...

You can click on the photos to make them bigger, but please don't look at the age spots.

2nd Place Winner will receive a small portion of my awesome drug rep pen collection. As you can see, one of those pens is a pretty hot commodity...uh, sorta coveted-type pen. (I know that everyone wishes they had my awesome drug rep pen collection, well I am willing to share)

As I mentioned earlier, you can click on the photo to..ahem..make them appear bigger...ahem.

OK so comment away, dazzle me with your clever wit!

I couldn't help myself....

My awesome hubby got me a laptop for my birthday. I love it. He showed me how to use the "paint" feature the other day.

He shouldn't have.............

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is what I do......

Last week a fun bloggy friend Wendy at "No Botox Allowed" posted what a day at work was like for her. She's a court reporter. I think that seems so totally exciting. I have always wondered what in the world are they typing with that little box thing. It can't possibly be words can it?

Anyway, I decided to post a few pictures of what I do. It isn't always glamorous, but it's always interesting. Never a dull moment. I have helped deliver a baby in the car...why do they wait so long, "yes dear that is a head". I have broken ribs on someone while doing chest compressions...but only in the nicest way possible.

Today was a very rewarding day for me because I helped a very special someone get better.

He is really sick as you can tell from the little crosses on his eyes.
But after monitoring his cardiac rhythm and giving him a shot in his duck-butt...

And watching him closely for awhile in the trauma bay...

Can you see him sitting up there amist the confusion of the life-saving million dollar monitoring equipment? Without my super-trauma nurse skills Duck may not have made it....oops I told you his name....HIPPA violation!!!!!
After consulting with the specialists it was deemed he was well enough to go back to the tub.

My job is so rewarding! sniffle sniffle.....

OK so here is the real story. My youngest offspring...my baby...soon to be graduating...sniffle sniffle (those are real sniffles by the way)My baby that has the voice of an angel, plays the violin as well as YoYoMa(almost) is my heart and soul....

Is in trouble.........I know that is hard to believe with her bow and cute self. But she's in trouble. She decided she needed to go to the bathroom during Bel Cantos (only the best high school choir on the planet) Well, she needed to take a hall pass in order to go...what is the hall pass???? The Duck! The very same you see above. Well, she forgot she had the duck, the duck has been hidden in piles of clothes, books other "stuff" in her room. The Bel Cantos director is very fond of the Duck. Slightly weird I know, but all the same, he is the one giving the grade. So she needed to come up with a good excuse as to why the Duck has been absent for so long. For some reason the excuse of "but Mr. H how can you be mad at me? Look at the cute bow?" (I don't know where she comes from sometimes) didn't work. He wanted his Duck back. I wonder if she could actually not graduate from high school because of the Duck? So this morning before we started getting busy in the ER we came up with this awesome excuse. I took pictures of the Duck explained his absence and printed out the photos to give to Mr. H as evidence. And it worked! She is forgiven, the Duck got loves and cookies and balloons and all is well.

My life is very difficult sometimes as you can only imagine.

I DID IT!!!!

Oh, thank you Kristina and Kim!!!! Lookey lookey lookey! I did it! You guys are the most awesome tutoritas! I am bowing to your greatness. And Wendy seriously I am really impaired but these two showed me the way!

I am going to celebrate. Tomorrow I am going to post a give-away to celebrate. I've never done a give-away before but I am going to jump on the give-away band wagon. I am so happy I can do the linky thingy!

I totally ♥ these guys!

Help me Rhonda...

Or Kristina or Kim or Jan or any other very smart blogger. How do I do the link thingy??????? You know....with the colored word that lets you go right to the site. I'm so embarassed from my lack of knowledge.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confession Tag

I've been tagged on the "Confession Tag" by Kim @ The Simple Things . This is pretty cute but I'm not sure I'm ready to 'fess up to everything. Oh, well....here goes.

1. What is my blogger name? Garden??? Nah, Garden of Egan is the blog title...name...Tauna or when I'm at work in the ER Tauna the Pirhana.

2. When is your birthday? One month ago..February 10th.

3. How long have you been blogging? Since July of 2008 and it's been fun!

4. Who tagged you? Kim...an awesome soon to be RN!

5. Tell your most favorite body parts???? Seriously? Uhm, I'm not sure there is that many....eyes (blue) feet, ears, lips, forehead.

6. What do you wish for most for your birthday? I got it! A laptop.

7. What color are your nails? Nekked....Naddda.......Zip....Zilch!

8. Any depressing thoughts lately? YA! Where the heck did this roll come from and who's rear end is that?

9. What is your next months plans? Waiting for the snow to melt...watching it closely. Oh, the best is going to Phoenix over Conference weekend to visit some friends, flying trip there and back, but it's warm!

10. At what age did you have your first crush? 1st Grade!!! I had it bad. His name was Bruce!

11. Did you attend any school reunions after you graduated? Yup, I did until the 25 year...skipped it due to the fact that I was a lard-butt...went to the 30 because I had lost 53 pounds.

12. Have you ever passed gas in public and pretended you didn't smell anything? Uh, I work in the Emergency Room...there are days when it smells like everyone has passed gas........so it's easy to hide. (what a question!)

13. Are you a clean freak? Unfortunately..it's a curse really. If the house isn't spotless I'm a mess.

14. Which era do you wish you were born into? I would love to have been a pioneer. I love the outdoors and camping over a fire and not hearing the phone, TV, city noises...it would have been bliss.

15. Are you a vegetarian? Uh, do they eat red meat? If they do then I am one!

16. How many pillows do you sleep with at night? Well, I start off with one, sometimes I steal my husbands, but usually end up without any...wild sleeper!

17. Are you a light sleeper or I don't-care-if-there-is-a-bomb-in-here sleeper? Very light sleeper...in fact, please don't wake me up before it's time, or I'm up for the rest of the day.

18. Do you secretly wear granny panties when your hubby's not around? Nope.

19. What is your ultimate dream job? I'm living it. ER nurse!

20. What is it that your hubby does that drives you crazy? Scowls. I hate that...he needs botox.

21. What is your dream car? A Lexus SUV thingy! I would love one!

22. Do you wake up easily in the morning? NO!!! I might be at work by 6:00 but I don't "wake" up until 10:00.

23. Do you like hairy men? Depends. I also work at a Skin Care Clinic, I laser body hair off...it's a beautiful thing.

24. How about goateed me? Not so much.

25. Which would you prefer, a 2 hour spa, 2 hour Thai massage or 2 hour foot massage? I think a Thai Massage...unless I could find someone to massage my scalp for two hours....I love my head massaged.

26. Have you ever wished you had a different name other than your real name? YES with a capital YES! My real name "Eutauna"! Can you believe? I was made fun of my whole life. I shortened it to Tauna, but I would love to have been a Vanna or something swarmy like that.

27. What is the most extreme sport you have ever done? Uh, I work in the ER I don't DO extreme sports, I take care of those the DO extreme sports.

28. Do you prefer traveling to Europe or Asia? I don't prefer. I don't love to travel....am I weird?

29. What is your favorite food. SHRIMP!!!

30. What is the most embarrassing moment when you were out on a date? Wow, I'm so old I don't remember dating.

Here are the rules. Copy and paste the whole questionnaire and replace my answers with yours. You have to create a link for the blogger that tagged you and pass this on to 4 other bloggers.
OK, so I don't know how to create links........sorry.

So Kim tagged me. She's The Simple Life at http://hopkinzrn.blogspot.com This is a fun blog and this girl is outrageous!


Mary at Life is Good. Great blog!

I am also tagging:

JoAnn at 'Nef Said. Speaking of out of control. It's this woman!

I am also tagging:

Becca at Dream Weaver. She's a lot crazy, that's all I have to say about her.

Also tagging:
Susan at G.SUZE-Chapter 2. This is one classy lady and when I grow up I want to be like her!

OK, there ya go! I've been tagged and I've tagged.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Caution: Not for the Faint of Heart...or Stomach

OK, first of all this is a picture that I took at work today. This is NOT my charting station! I want that clarified now.

What you do need to know, is that the clerk in the ER is the MOST important person in the ER. They keep us straight, they answer the never-ending ringing of the phones, there are 3 right next to her desk and then another 5 in the immediate vicinity. The clerk tells us where to go, what is coming in, they have a bazillion phone numbers memorized...in short they are amazing and we can not function without them.
Well, because they are so busy, they rarely, if ever get a break. Today was one of those days, heart attack, seizure, kidney stone and that was just in less than 30 minutes.
Well, our dear clerk is doing her amazing super-power clerking, we are yelling orders at her, phones are ringing and she's cool as a cucumber.....I look over at her desk at notice something that sorta made me cringe.....
On the left of the desk is 4 vials of blood and a urine sample. On the right of her desk is lunch....meatloaf, mashed potatoes and veggies.

I love our quirky clerks. They are efficient. I don't love urine samples and meatloaf....I'm not sure I'll get over this image soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!!!

February and March are huge birthday months for this family. We begin on the 10th of February with Cameron's birthday. He's 23 this year!
Then we have Matt's birthday on the 26th of February, old man at 28!

Then we have the Yellow Rose of Texas....Miss Lexi on the 27th of February. She turned 1 and loves her pink frosting!

Then is Krewzer's celebration! Krew will be 2! His birthday is the 8th of March, but we had an early celebration with all of the family. Grandma Heidi made a darling "McQueen" cake from Cars, everything was a Cars theme and Krew loved it. He had even been practicing blowing out the candles and did great!

Then we have Tara who had a birthday yesterday. She had to work harder to get ALL those candles out!

And we aren't done yet! We have Princess Jessica turns 3 coming up on the 17th and Josh hitting the big 9 years old on the 19th!
It's fun to see Lexi, Krew and Jessica be just a year apart because the change in them from year to year is pretty incredible. Lyns knows what's ahead next year by looking at Krew and Sara knows what is in store for her by looking at Jessica. They grow so fast!

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