Friday, March 27, 2009

A Room FULL of Lawyers!

Today we were honored to be able to go to a ceremony honoring our dear neighbor at his retirement. He has served as a judge for many years and has implemented many great things that have had an affect across this country in his untiring work with the drug courts and mental health courts. I've always just known him as a wonderful neighbor, as our Bishop when we were new to the area and an all around great guy. I can't believe he is old enough to retire! Congratulations on such a great legacy Judge Moss! You are wonderful! Lawyer jokes don't fit you.

His wife is like my best friend. She's a riot and she's slightly sassy...I just love her!

People just don't come as awesome as these two.

However, on a different jokes fit this guy. At this ceremony, no one would sit by him. He was asking everyone who walked past..."please sit by me" hubby being the compassionate soul that he is, took pity. He's a lawyer, the jokes fit him.

He stalks my blog. He's a blog stalking lawyer. He makes fun of my blog. He really is a nice person...for a lawyer. Please leave lawyer jokes in the comment section! Address them to Stephen!


Mary Z said...

Stephen,is it true you stalk blogs, I stalk yours but it is a waste of time because you never blog.

Stephen Zollinger said...

Stalking is maybe a little over the top. I do find it interesting to see what irrational thoughts the Tauna has posted, and it helps pass the time during the many endless board meetings I attend.

On a different issue, is that really the best picture you got? Kempton is going to think one of his grandpa's has a really hard time smiling.

It was nice to see Brent get the recognition that he so richly deserves.

wendy said...

OK -- I work at the court house as you know---why can't I think of any lawyer jokes??? The former Judge I worked for was the Drug Court Judge here in SLC, Judge Fuchs ---You should ask Judge Moss if he knows him---bet he does?? They may have attended some of the same conferences.

Shauna said...

Thanks for being such a great friend! Hope you have an awesome weekend! ♥ Hugs :)

g.suzie said...

Tauna, nice you could attend the ceremony for Judge Moss. . .I don't have any lawyer jokes only 'blonde' ones!!!I think his wife is awesome, I can see how you two would hit if off!!!

Kristin said...

Tauna, you are so good to my family. We were truly blessed the day your family moved in across the street. I can't imagine a better neighbor and friend for my mom than you.