Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm not gonna lie....

I'm vain! I don't want to get old! Sorry Wendy at No Botox Allow....will you still let me be your friend? I work for Derma Chic once a month. I do it to get my "fix" at cost, I believe in acid peels, botox, juvederm, microderm, great skin care products like Epionce. I'm fighting wrinkles like crazy! Have I used all of these products? Not necessarily, but I inject it on clients and see beautiful results. So don't hate me please....accept me for trying to be the new 20 year old......well, ok, but can't I try? I love lasering off those nasty stray facial hairs, microderming off dead skin cells.

The newest thing I'm VERY excited about is the newest product called Latisse. From the Allergan company (makers of Botox) Latisse is an FDA approved product to grow and thicken eyelashes. Who doesn't want thicker, longer lashes??? I got a free sample from Allergan because I work at Derma Chic. I'm expecting that I'll soon look like this:

So can you all forgive me for being a shallow person?

In real life I'll probably look like this:

Cause in real life there isn't enough "product" to take care of the saggy eyelids and dark circles under my eyes..............sigh..............maybe my thick lush eyelashes will be so stunning that no one will notice the sags and bags! NOT! You're right Wendy...."Carpe rhytid" (seize the wrinkle)


Kristina P. said...

Listen, I tried to sandpaper off my skin in order to be less hairy. I can forgive you.

Just don't look like Joan Rivers. Yikes!

wendy said...

Ok, I'll be emailing you on this one-----I am a little afraid of the whole Botox thing-----and like I say on my sidebar, just plain can't afford it. YES I AM VAIN TOO. I want to look as good as I can for as long as I can---I am kinda freaking out over old age. What is the Latisse? (or whatever that was) I forgive ya, I DO NOT like it when people use alot of that stuff and CLAIM to just come by it all "naturally". Hey, share with your fellow girls--we are all in this together.

gigi said...

What is the price range for this? I saw it on TV not long ago and I wondered what the could posibbly charge. I've gotten botox for headaches for years now. It also helped with that deep #11 I had going on too. It's no longer there and the headaches have gone away. Now I just get botox about once a year to help with those. But I am interested in what your area charges.

nikkicrumpet said...

I've earned every stinkin one of these wrinkles that inhabit my body. I've named them all and we have become friends. I figure why not embrace the inevitable and go gracefully into pruneville.

Kristin said...

Yeah, I found you. I still tell Makaila about the best young women leader I ever had. I refer to lessons you taught so many years ago and reteach them to my daughter and other young women in the ward and I serve in nursery. Thank you for everything.

Kim said...

Still not quite sure I would want to end up like candice burgen in "The Women" but then again, I do have a lot and I mean alot of wrinkles across the forehead.

But I do recommend to anyone laser all the hair that you can off. I had one free treatment for my armpit and now I want more! I didn't realize how much my armpits quit itching when I didn't have to shave. Guess that is where my extra money will go someday, but for now I will have to hang with nikkicrumpet on this one.

BTW--I am so excited I got my package today!! Using them already!!

Chat with you later

funky bag freak said...

I don't want to grow old, I'm terrified of looking like a prune on a bad day!

I do what I can with the over the counter stuff (that's what I can afford)

Do I hear discount? Maybe exchange program?

and if I looked as good as Wendy, I wouldn't worry about botox either....butthead!!

Cadance said...

AMEN...we are all gonna die...I want to look my best up until that point...I heard about this eyelash stuff on The Dr.'s show...I want to try it too....I have some eyelashes missing though from a car accident...and I'm still waiting for them to come up with someting permanent for is a daily routine for me to hide that...I can never leave the house with out at least some form of makeup.

let us know how the eyelash stuff works for you! please.