Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brent J. Moss. A Quiet Giant

My dear friend and neighbor Larae lost her best friend and husband to cancer last week.

His funeral will be tomorrow.
He was a wonderful man and mentor to so many.
He quietly went about his business doing such great things.
He was our bishop when we were new to Rexburg.
He was a lawyer and later became a judge.
He started and contributed greatly to mental health courts. He spoke all over the country about his programs here. Anywhere in the country you could say his name among the legal profession and his name would be known...for great things.

He accomplished so much in his life.
He said that all he ever wanted to be
was a cowboy.
He will be greatly missed.

He was a wonderful husband, father and friend.

My husband describes him as a
Quiet Giant.

His passing leaves aching hearts.

His quiet words were profound.
Years ago when he was our bishop I remember him saying something that has stuck with me for years:
(It's the saying at the bottom of my blog, I've had it there forever.)
"Don't get caught up in the thick of thin things"
It left an impression and I've found myself thinking through many situations in life that maybe, just maybe, this is a thin thing.

Our family loves you, Brent!
We are here for you, Larae!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Did I mention snow?

(Sorry Gigi, you are "enjoying" a heat index of 111 F!)

Our getaway was to celebrate our 32nd Anniversary.
32 years!
Am I really that old?
I don't feel old.

In my previous post,
I did mention snow.

I'm 5'3, I have idea how high this snow pack was.

The view at the summit was stunning!
Birds were flying below us.
Elevation of Beartooth Pass is over 12,000 at the summit!
Loved the drive.
Loved the solitude.

(This is me about to go rapelling...or not.)
I also mentioned seeing Bear Butts
(No, Cherie, not Bare Butts

Little Black Bear cub.

I also mentioned HUGE TRAFFIC JAM!

I probably should have rephrased it to

This is outside of the car window.

Then we ran into this FOXYcreature!
The colors on her coat were so gorgeous!

(This was once again, right outside the car window.)

We also enjoyed this picture of a Bighorn Sheep.

At Mammoth Hot Springs we saw very tame ELK

Apparently there isn't a need for lawn mowers.

There were signs all over Mammoth that said "do not approach Elk"
AS IF!!! Sheesh!
Who needs a sign telling you not to when you have a husband yelling gently reminding you to back away from the wildlife for two days straight!
(I only had one altercation with the Forest Ranger when I tried to take the bear home. They get so cranky!)

It was so great to spend time together doing things that we both enjoyed. We love the mountains and the beautiful part of the country we are privileged to live near.
We enjoyed uninterrupted time.

Too soon it was done and we were on our way home.
To this view.

And just a few minutes later we were home.
I loved our Anniversary weekend.
I look forward to another 32 years together.

(This picture was taken at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too busy for words!

Had an anniversary getaway!
Had so much fun.
No cell phone service.
No internet service.
It was heaven!
Must post pictures.
Bears...OK just one, but still!
12 feet of snow. ("Yes, Gigi we had snow")
Alone time with my best friend cute pictures will be posted of him.
Got home just in time to
work three VERY crazy days.
Waiting for the end of the day to have
some time off.
So I can take a deep breath.
And find

Saturday, June 19, 2010


I'm sure I have to quit checking out this website.
I need an intervention.
Her latest recipe is Onion Rings.
You are going to have to go over there just to look at the picture.
A few posts ago I lamented the gainage of some poundage.
I must stop looking at cooking sites.
I love to cook.
Tonight I made fudge.
You must go there to see how pretty her fudge pictures are.
It's easy.
It's delicious.
Here's my photos:

Taking pictures of food=INTERVENTION!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{Technology} It's Amazing!

I just don't know how I can keep up with all the awesome things out there in the tech world.
I was at work the other day in the ER and the doc had the new iPad.
Completely amazing.

Then I see that my friend Linda got one too!

I mean who wouldn't want one of those?

Then there's this little item.

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?
I know you're all gonna want this.
The iPood

Trust me on this one...she lives up to her what the shirt says!

She also is being contacted by top level executives for her much sought after

Not to be confused with the

or the ever popular

Be watching all those gadget magazines and websites for these HOT items coming soon!
Can I just say it's a blast having a 2 year old around? Cuz it is!

Monday, June 14, 2010

YOU are gonna wanna marry me.

Ya, that's right.
Cause of this:

That BAKED into this:

That SERVED UP like this:

I would love to take complete culinary credit but I can't.
I found the BEST website.
SERIOUSLY you need to check it out.
Just Get off your Butt and Bake.
This recipe is her Orange Butterflake Rolls.
EASY! (Very important cuz I don't do hard)
You may also want to try her Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup.
Great and simple recipes.
Normal stuff you have on hand.
You won't be sorry.
Then you'll have people wantin' to marry you too!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

False Advertising

Note the picture(s) on the right side of the blog.
6 years ago.
I had lost 53.5 pounds.
I was sorta proud of myself.
I ran 5 days a week.
I was an animal.
not sure.
30 pounds.
So the pictures are false advertising.
'cept I'm not selling anything.
And this is my blog.
And this is what I like to remember.
30 pounds ago.
Wish I could find that "mojo" again.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Winner of the Moselle Blog Design!

I have never posted so much as I have this last week and a half. (it's exhausting!)

Have I mentioned how much I loved the CBC? No?
Well, I did!

Did I also mention I won some seriously awesome gifts?

This last giveaway was for a facelift for your blog or website.
My blog doesn't need a facelift.
My face needs a facelift.

I knew I wouldn't make full use of this gift and I felt guilty for winning it when there were some people at the conference who may have been willing to sell a kidney for it.
"Thank you CBC organizers. I can't wait for next year!"
Thank you Moselle for your generosity.

The winner using random.org of the Moselle Design is:

Send me your address so I can mail the gift card to you

"Dear Kitty"

You are an evil beast!

"The next time you feel inclined to share your gifts with me...

(Go ahead click on the picture, I dare ya.)

Especially don't flip your gift around so that it lands on my laptop that was formerly on my lap!

(The evil beast-formerly known as kitty-seriously flipped the rodent there!)

And to the husband who felt it necessary to open the front door to allow the evening breeze to enter the house-who had tears streaming down his face and was unable to catch his breath due to the fits of laughter and knee-slapping-and thinking that this was the best day ever...you leave for Minnesota in the morning right? I will miss you...OR NOT!!!
(By the way honey, you're old.
You shouldn't laugh so hard.
You might break something.)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Did I really just say that?

It's also been a weird week.
I had to work three 12 hour days in a row.
That's hard.
I hate mornings....especially 0430.
I'm old.
I need my beautifyin' sleep. Didn't get it.

I said a few things this week that I didn't think I would ever say.
Such as:

"Can ya cure dumb?"

"You got that from where?"

"Just how many body piercings should one person have?"

"So are you telling me this is a potential homicide investigation?"

"Awww come on doc! I'd rather have a root canal with no lidocaine!"

Have you ever had a week like that?

Winner of the Sherrie Shepherd CD!

We are headed out of town to go see some grandkids so I'm posting the winner this earlier!
The winner chosen by Random.org was #17!


Congrats Yvonne! You are going to love this!
Send me an email with your info so I can send it to you.

I am going to be out of town for the weekend so I won't do the drawing for the Moselle Web Design Makeover until Monday.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Winner of the MEMORY MIXER!!!

Long day at work! {Mercy! There is serious weirdness out there}
I am now sitting down to do the last duty of the day.
Announcing the winner of the Memory Mixer Lite version.

Email with your address Gigi and I'll get that sent to you!
Thanks for playing!
Be sure to check out the previous posts and comment to win the Sherrie Shepherd CD or the Moselle Web Design!

Last Giveaway! {Moselle Blog Design}

This last giveaway of the week is for the Moselle Web Design.
I was told this is over a $650.00 value.
Be sure and go check out there site because everything they design is truely yummy looking!
This was a very generous gift that I know that I wouldn't take full advantage of.
This is great for those bloggers that have a business or make money from their site.
Me....not so much.
I'm just plain Jane.
So leave a comment ONLY if you would make great use of this.

I will announce the winner of the Memory Mixer tonight!
Are ya sick of me yet?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winner of the {Chocolate}

I got home from work late (weird story) hurried to a meeting and just got home.
I was going to take pictures of the drawing number done by Random.org and post it and do all this fancy schmancy schtuff.
Too tired. You're just gonna have to trust me.
So the winner of the chocolates is..............
Lisa from Pulsipher Page.
Email me and let me know your address so I can get them sent to you!

Third Giveaway {Sherri Shepherd CD}

Day three of the giveaway week!
One more giveaway to go.
Today it's Sherrie's CD that was given to us at the CBC.

Since I already have a AUTOGRAPHED copy, I am giving my CBC copy away.
I had a picture of us together but it was on my phone
and now I can't find it. how do you spell L-O-S-E-R?

Sherrie is on the right. She's beautiful. She's here with DeNae, Crash and another lady I don't know. hanging head in shame.
I stole this picture from Crash's blog! "HI CRASH!"
Sherrie also composed the music for Braden Bell's book "The Roadshow"

I have this CD and it is a favorite of mine. It's very calming.
I love it. It was also great to be able to meet Sherrie. She is as nice as she is gorgeous!
So leave a comment! If you are the chosen one you won't be sorry! It's ear-candy!

Just a couple more pictures to share from the CBC:

This is Connie. I have followed her blog for awhile. I love her writing style. When we met it was like we already knew each other. On the other side of Connie is Kazzy.
Go visit Kazzy today. Her post today expressed exactly how I felt.
Go read it.

And this is a picture with her daughter Camille.
Can I say the word NICE too many times? Probably not.

Since I am at work I should probably go and make sure my patients are still OK.
Check back tonight to see who won the chocolates.