Monday, March 29, 2010

Ask-a-Nurse {Part III}

It's been awhile since the last edition of Ask-A-Nurse and I feel duty-bound to not let that happen again. if you want to read past Ask-a-Nurse posts you can find them here and here
I am concerned about your health.
I am concerned for your welfare.
And I am here for you. sniffle {wiping tears away}
I've been off work for a couple of weeks and it looks as though that will stretch for another couple of weeks.
You can read about that here just in case you are unable to sleep cuz you're so worried.
In an effort to retain my skillz as a super ninja nurse I'm keeping my skillz sharp by answering your questions.

Question #1 comes from Connie.
She asked a question months ago and I'm so sorry for the delay.
She was wondering which color of M&M was the healthiest. She was sure it was green but wanted to check with me for reassurance. Well Connie, I certainly hope you haven't been eating green M&M's! We all know what that leads to. I bet you thought that because it was green it could be considered a vegetable. Well, this isn't true.
The answer is that the brown M&M's are the healthiest. Chocolate is brown.
Therefore brown M&M's have no artificial color.
Also chocolate does come from the cacao bean. And we all know that beans are a great source of protein. We put that in our food storage. In case you ever run out of M&M's you could always eat beans and it would be just as satisfying. Really!

Question #2 comes from Kado. Cadance wanted to know what she should do for the vaccine for the H1N1 flu. She was worried because the vaccine is made from chickens and she's a vegan. Well, dear sweet silly Candance. Let me explain.
Chickens eat lettuce, spinach, radishes, apples and all sorts of other healthy items.
Therefore your H1N1 vaccine is made from a very healthy chicken. I shouldn't think you should need to worry any further.
(I'm not a vegan by the way. I hope we can still be friends.) I chose not to become a vegetarian when I saw a cow pooping in the pasture.

I had a profound realization that my food was pooping on your food.
That's all it took.

Question #3 comes from Mary. She used to be my boss. I miss her. She ruled with an iron fist around that ER, we were marching in military formation at the butt-crack of dawn. Anyway, back to her question. She asks what is the cure for insomnia.

WHAT? What do you mean insomnia? You aren't the ER manager anymore, what could you possibly be staying awake worrying about?
OK, I'm not bitter that you defected from the ER, really I'm not.....bitter.
Anyway I recommend a Mediterianian Cruise.
Oh, ya, I remember you've already taken my advice on this one and have one scheduled for May. But I'm not bitter or anything.
OK moving on.

The last question comes from Kristina. She recently returned from a Disneyland trip and her question was about weight loss. She was wondering if she would be able to keep her fabulous bikini figure by following the churro diet. My answer is yes. As long as you eat 43 of them. And I understand that snuggies are very slimming. And speaking of snuggies....she is 2 snuggies away from her goal of Snuggies for Seniors. Please head over and help her out.

Well, that wraps it up for this edition of Ask-A-Nurse. I hope your burning questions have been answered.
Be sure to send me your questions and I'll be glad to answer them in my next edition. Remember, no question is too difficult for me to answer...or make fun of!

Friday, March 26, 2010

(Eating my Words} and other bitter stuff.

I am a mom.
I raised 5 children.
As a young mother I observed other mothers with their children.
Moms with experience.
I watched very closely.
I took mental notes.
I had a running tally of the things "my kids aren't gonna do"
Well, the little destroying angels must have found my tally.
Cuz they did those things. Those things MY KIDS ARE NEVER GONNA DO

I also swore that I would NEVER take embarassing pictures of my kids like my mother did. They always came out when my friends were over.... it was emotionally traumatizing to say the least.

I'm have NO clue how this picture got on this post...sorry son...well not really.

Well, once again I'm having a taste of my own words.
I posted about my demon car here.

Well my words taste like vinegar right now.
I can't believe I'm even gonna say this.......
I'm so dang happy to have my car back Seriously.
My hubby in all his wisdom has learned.....
and let me tell you, he's learned the hard way......
being married to me for over 31 years poor soul.
That if he lets my fire and ire cool off a bit....I simmer down some.
Then he tells me instead of $2500.00 to fix the evil beast, he can buy the part and do it himself for $350.00.
So he did.
I'm the luckiest girl!
I have to get to drive the evil beast once again.
Other than the bad taste in my is good.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Watch this please!

I'm on a political rant.
I can't believe what is occuring in this country.
With anxiety and anger I've watched our president strong-arm his way into healthcare. I think it's unprecidented what has occured here.
What gives him the right?
What gives him the right to do what the majority of people do not want?
It's frightening.

Maybe that's why I didn't like the book Hunger Games. It's too real life.
I read a post yesterday by Cherie, she ruffled some feathers. I applaud her! We should be concerned that this administration has so passed such a vague and pathetic mess. There could be much more effective ways to do this.
There are too many people trying to get something for nothing.
Where did this sense of entitlement come from?
I think this is a very sad time for this country.
The government doesn't belong in healthcare. They have plenty of other places they can and do screw up.
And on that note, this is a billboard somewhere in Minnesota.

Monday, March 22, 2010

One week to go....

Back at the beginning of January I was at work. I'm there a lot
An ambulance comes rolling into the bay with a patient. The ambulance crew are all tall. I on the other hand am vertically challenged.
The ambulance gurney was high, so I adjusted the ER bed to the same height.MISTAKE #1
I then attempted to pull the patient over at the head of the bed heaviest part of the patient instead of the feet.lightest part of the patient. MISTAKE #2
In my contortions to attempt to get this patient transferred from the ambulance gurney to my ER bed I felt an amazing pain in my lower back. Sorta took my breath away.
But I work in the ER....we don't do wimpy. nor do we do give or get sympathy.
Well, after a couple of months I decide things aren't getting better. I go to the doc, get an MRI and still fight with the pain. More often than not I am walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame except this ain't no Notre Dame!
Another visit to the doc and he tells me he wants me off work for two weeks. OK.
No big deal.
Except, I am not allowed to use my accumulated medical leave of over 300 hours. It was a work injury therefore I must use Workman's Comp. Not OK. I am being "paid" at 67% of my regular wage. Seems like sort of a slap in the face. Get hurt at work and you'll be punished.
So, I have made my time useful since I've been off.
I've read 4 books.
I've taken naps.
I've kept up on important stuff like reading blogs.
I watched the snow fall today.
I've been on lots of walks...good for the back.
My hubby has been fed dinner at a decent hour.
I've kept up with the laundry.
I've watched my cats groom themselves.
I've decided I'm glad I'm not a cat.
I can't wait to get back to work......I think.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "don't be judgy and don't hate" Post

I have a few things I need to get off my chest. I hope not to offend, but these are things I need to say. Maybe I need help to understand, but nevertheless nevertheless???? really Tauna????....
OK here goes in no particular order.

I don't the love the Twilight Movies. HEY who threw that tomato?
It's true. I don't love them. The books were good but the movies....not so much for me.

Number two: I read The Hunger Games last night. I kept waiting for happiness, light, joy....anything. I really didn't love it either. In fact, I think I'm slightly depressed. It felt hopeless and dark. Am I missing something?

#3 Last weekend I was in Utah celebrating a bunch of 4 grandkids in 3 weeks....
I finally made the journey to none other than this famous store:

If you want to read about my diasterous attempt to get there last year you can go here.

What's with that store? I felt like a herd of sheep following the other sheep. It wasn't fun at all. I don't love crowds anyway BUT what's with a store that has all this weird furniture that you have to put together for yourself and is Finnish or Swedish or Somthingish and it's made in China?
I don't get it. Apparently I have no class or culture.

So there ya have it. I've tried to like each of these things. But I don't. I'm pretty sure I'll be arrested or condemned or something, but I just can't go on faking any more.
So, there ya have it.
So fill me in, tell me what I'm not getting.
I really want to fit in.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Award from Sweet Sondra!

I won an award from dear sweet Sondra! She is probably one of the nicest blog friends ever! Last year she grew an amazing beautiful container garden and I was so impressed. She shares recipes, motivational thoughts and sounds like a marvelous Primary teacher. She cleans homes for a living Maybe I should see if the hubs would pay me to clean this one.
Sondra is someone I would like to meet!
The rules of the award are:
List seven things about yourself. Link back to the person that gave you the award.
Pass the award on to seven bloggers.
Seven things????
I'm sorta boring..... goes....

#1 I was a hairdresser BC before children. I've managed to stay up on my awesome haircutting skills by cutting the family's hair...and neighbors....and strangers....ya, one time I was called by the hospital to come and cut a woman's hair that had just had a baby and she had LICE! I kid not! It may or may not have been the hospital I currently work at. Bless this poor woman's heart. She had a beautiful mane. I really didn't mind doing it.
Another story that I can share that I DID mind cutting it was Thanksgiving typically very cold in these parts I was asked to bring a salad, rolls and my scissorsshould have forgotten the scissorsSo my hubs comes from a family of 10 kids....I come from a family of one brother....I'll leave it to you to decide who's side of the family I was gonna be the hairdresser for.........oh, and my parents don't have a garage.
Anyway, before I knew what happened I was in the garage cutting hair. Lot's of hair...more than one head of hair. How 'bout 21 heads of hair! Ya, I think that by the time I was done the stuffing was gone, the whipping cream was gone and my clothes were HAIRY That was the last time I brought a pair of scissors with me.

#2 I had always wanted to be a nurse. I had visions of helping people and being like Florence Nightingale....I didn't know what she died of at that time or I might have not wanted to be like her....not telling by the way, look it up. Well, it never seemed to be a good time to go to school cause the babies kept coming. Finally decided that I would just check it out at the local college. Before I knew it I had signed up for two classes with my 6 week old baby in tow and 3 years later I was a nurse. I was 33 when I started. Way too old. Then Ricks College changed to BYUI and I vowed I would get my Bachelors Degree too. I completed that 3 years ago.

#3 I work in the Emergency Room now.

#4 I love to be around things and people that make me laugh. That's why I work in the Emergency Room. Ya, there is sad stuff and stuff that makes me cry....but oh. my. heck.there is a whole lot of funny stuff that goes on there!

#5 I have recently gotten into photography and learning to use my camera better. You can spend some serious $$$ on camera stuff. I've also recently become obsessed with card-making and scrapbooking. Did you know you can spend some SERIOUS money on that stuff? WOW! Good thing my hubby doesn't read my blog. I wouldn't want him to know that.

#6 I have five great kids and SEVEN grandchildren. I don't know how I got so old that all that happened, but it's a blast. I love when they all come home and it's a madhouse. It's fun to watch my children interact with each other as older adults. They are pretty stinkin' funny.

#7 I married my best friend. He's the kindest person I know. He always says the best and thinks the best of people. He's always the first to say "I love you" and "I'm sorry". I think I struck it rich with him.

Whew, that pretty much took forever to come up with.
Now for the easy part.
I'm passing this award on to these fabulous bloggers. I go there everyday to see what they've hatched up.

Farmergals Market. She lives far away, but if we were neighbors I'd borrow stuff from her. She's like a master ninja photographer. I wanna be like her. AND I love her humor.

Next would be LKP of Romma-longa-dingdong. Some day I'm gonna meet her. She is seriously hilarious and I'm sure I will enjoy her. hopefully she'll reveal how she came up with Romma-longa-dingdong

Then I choose Julie of Circle Cliff Views. She's very inspirational and motivating and I really want to sit on her porch! Beautiful home!

Then Jeannie would be my next choice. She makes beautiful cards and her hubby is military. They are going to be stationed in Italy soon. Wow, I can't imagine!

Linda is next. She's a fellow nurse and I love reading her stuff. Also, she has this dog Skye and I have to follow her to see what the dog is up to next. He sounds like a totally spoiled creature. So cute!

An Old Fashion Girl is a great blog to read. She posts several things she's thankful for. I love her bloggy style and how sweet she is. I would love to meet her.

Wendy of No Botox Allowed/Cowpoop and Tiaras (or something like that) is always a good place to land. She's a city girl turned country girl and i love reading her. Someday I want to meet her!

Victoria of The Welcome Mat is very fun for me to read. She's a musician, composer, producer of CD's of her work and a mom of young kids. She really reminds me of me when I had a houseful of little kids. Except I'm not a musician, composer and producer of CD's of my work. But I had little kids
So, there you have it. Info about me you probably never wanted/needed to know. AND a few blogs to check out for your reading pleasure.
Again, Sondra, thanks! You are a sweetie.
so I realized I have featured 8 bloggers....don't care...I'm keeping them!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cutest Couple Ever!!!

A friend sent me this and I can't get enough of it!
This couple were going to the Mayo Clinic for a check up. Hubby is 90...don't know how old his wife is.
They spied a piano and put on this impromptu event.
I wish I could have been there to clap and cheer!

You can also go to youtube and see their "encore" performance on Feb. 24th of this year.
I wanna do this when I get know be a cute charming old couple. Guess I better start taking piano lessons.....cuz I already got the cute and charming thing going on.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm {FAMOUS}!!!!!!

I'd like to take a moment to thank my fanz and all those who have supported me through the difficult years......WHAT? Oh sorry, that was my other life.
Well, I didn't realize when I was stogging today (you know blog stalking) that our familly SNUGGIE picture ended up on Kristina's snuggie picture of the week.
And Kristina is DANG famous! She's even a featured speaker at some Blogging Conference thingie. I'm so honored to have been recognized by her sniffle
My dear friend Gigi sent me a congratulatory email.
So it isn't really ME who is famous. It is actually my oldest offspring Lynsey and my darling daughter-in-law Tara. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!!!!

Oops....I have no idea how the picture of Nick and Nate got in there! Sorrynot
Lynsey is the worst blogger ever! But she has a really cute baby girl who just turned two so she's given a free pass.

Doesn't she have the stinkin' cutest nose?
I really thought Kristina was the only person on the planet with a Snuggie Fetish and mocked them, but then I had all the family home for Christmas and lo and behold. My offspring mocked them as well. Two were given in our family White Elephant exchange. WHO KNEW?
OK the real models of Kristina's blog............

Tara and Lynsey. Famous Snuggers!
Now Kristina is actually doing something for the betterment of mankind and is having a Snuggie for Seniors shindig on her blog. I thought her only goal was to destroy the earth. I wasn't aware that in that ice cold heart of hers there was an Olympic torch burning. WHO KNEW?
Head over to Kristina's if you have a desire to participate in the Snuggie for Seniors or if you want to see my cute family modeling their Snuggies!
Thanks Kristina!