Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Award from Sweet Sondra!

I won an award from dear sweet Sondra! She is probably one of the nicest blog friends ever! Last year she grew an amazing beautiful container garden and I was so impressed. She shares recipes, motivational thoughts and sounds like a marvelous Primary teacher. She cleans homes for a living Maybe I should see if the hubs would pay me to clean this one.
Sondra is someone I would like to meet!
The rules of the award are:
List seven things about yourself. Link back to the person that gave you the award.
Pass the award on to seven bloggers.
Seven things????
I'm sorta boring.....
OK....here goes....

#1 I was a hairdresser BC before children. I've managed to stay up on my awesome haircutting skills by cutting the family's hair...and neighbors....and strangers....ya, one time I was called by the hospital to come and cut a woman's hair that had just had a baby and she had LICE! I kid not! It may or may not have been the hospital I currently work at. Bless this poor woman's heart. She had a beautiful mane. I really didn't mind doing it.
Another story that I can share that I DID mind cutting hair.....so it was Thanksgiving typically very cold in these parts I was asked to bring a salad, rolls and my scissorsshould have forgotten the scissorsSo my hubs comes from a family of 10 kids....I come from a family of one brother....I'll leave it to you to decide who's side of the family I was gonna be the hairdresser for.........oh, and my parents don't have a garage.
Anyway, before I knew what happened I was in the garage cutting hair. Lot's of hair...more than one head of hair. How 'bout 21 heads of hair! Ya, I think that by the time I was done the stuffing was gone, the whipping cream was gone and my clothes were HAIRY That was the last time I brought a pair of scissors with me.

#2 I had always wanted to be a nurse. I had visions of helping people and being like Florence Nightingale....I didn't know what she died of at that time or I might have not wanted to be like her....not telling by the way, look it up. Well, it never seemed to be a good time to go to school cause the babies kept coming. Finally decided that I would just check it out at the local college. Before I knew it I had signed up for two classes with my 6 week old baby in tow and 3 years later I was a nurse. I was 33 when I started. Way too old. Then Ricks College changed to BYUI and I vowed I would get my Bachelors Degree too. I completed that 3 years ago.

#3 I work in the Emergency Room now.

#4 I love to be around things and people that make me laugh. That's why I work in the Emergency Room. Ya, there is sad stuff and stuff that makes me cry....but oh. my. heck.there is a whole lot of funny stuff that goes on there!

#5 I have recently gotten into photography and learning to use my camera better. You can spend some serious $$$ on camera stuff. I've also recently become obsessed with card-making and scrapbooking. Did you know you can spend some SERIOUS money on that stuff? WOW! Good thing my hubby doesn't read my blog. I wouldn't want him to know that.

#6 I have five great kids and SEVEN grandchildren. I don't know how I got so old that all that happened, but it's a blast. I love when they all come home and it's a madhouse. It's fun to watch my children interact with each other as older adults. They are pretty stinkin' funny.

#7 I married my best friend. He's the kindest person I know. He always says the best and thinks the best of people. He's always the first to say "I love you" and "I'm sorry". I think I struck it rich with him.

Whew, that pretty much took forever to come up with.
Now for the easy part.
I'm passing this award on to these fabulous bloggers. I go there everyday to see what they've hatched up.

Farmergals Market. She lives far away, but if we were neighbors I'd borrow stuff from her. She's like a master ninja photographer. I wanna be like her. AND I love her humor.

Next would be LKP of Romma-longa-dingdong. Some day I'm gonna meet her. She is seriously hilarious and I'm sure I will enjoy her. hopefully she'll reveal how she came up with Romma-longa-dingdong

Then I choose Julie of Circle Cliff Views. She's very inspirational and motivating and I really want to sit on her porch! Beautiful home!

Then Jeannie would be my next choice. She makes beautiful cards and her hubby is military. They are going to be stationed in Italy soon. Wow, I can't imagine!

Linda is next. She's a fellow nurse and I love reading her stuff. Also, she has this dog Skye and I have to follow her to see what the dog is up to next. He sounds like a totally spoiled creature. So cute!

An Old Fashion Girl is a great blog to read. She posts several things she's thankful for. I love her bloggy style and how sweet she is. I would love to meet her.

Wendy of No Botox Allowed/Cowpoop and Tiaras (or something like that) is always a good place to land. She's a city girl turned country girl and i love reading her. Someday I want to meet her!

Victoria of The Welcome Mat is very fun for me to read. She's a musician, composer, producer of CD's of her work and a mom of young kids. She really reminds me of me when I had a houseful of little kids. Except I'm not a musician, composer and producer of CD's of my work. But I had little kids
So, there you have it. Info about me you probably never wanted/needed to know. AND a few blogs to check out for your reading pleasure.
Again, Sondra, thanks! You are a sweetie.
so I realized I have featured 8 bloggers....don't care...I'm keeping them!


Kristina P. said...

My aunt is an amazing stylist. For over 30 years. I hate asking her to do my hair when she visits, because I know she gets it all the time.

Valerie said...

I love how detailed most of your 7 things are! I hope to check out all those great blogs soon. I just love reading new ones.

...And don't say 33 is too old to go back to school. :) I'm older than that and am going back in the fall.

Nef Fam said...

Oh hey! That reminds me -- can you bring your scissors Friday night?? I could really use a trim... right around the choco fountain. Ewwwww!

Julie Harward said...

You are an awesome woman! I so admire that you are not only a mom with many talents but you went back (or) on and got a nursing degree! I could never do that. It must be hard work and I'm glad there are laughs too...bless you! ( I will have to decline since I have a thing on my blog that says I don't do that and if I say yes to yours someone else may feel bad that I didn't do theirs!!! But thank you so much! :D

Ann Marie said...

You are seriously so sweet!
I loved reading all about you and I just know I would like you.. I agree.. it's fun to be around FUNNY people!
I hope to meet you in Oct. and I'm sure we will all have a LOT of laughs. Because then we can also tell our good secrets that we can't share on the net! mwahahahaha!

I feel bad about your Thanksgiving. I hope everyone was grateful for your service!!

THANK YOU for the award! It made my rather dull day happy to hear such a nice compliment!
I will think up 7 things and pass on the award! :)

I blog on a DINOSAUR lap top.. and the only way I can e-mail on it for right now.. is if I only have to hit reply.. so if you need to talk in private.. then e-mail me.. annban1@gmail.com.

I hope to get a new lap top one day.. can't complain too much because I have a new bathroom!

Ann Marie said...

Ok.. I'm a dork.
Gave you the wrong e-mail.
It's annban10@gmail.com.

Me and my typos.... :)

Connie said...

Fun to learn more about you! I can't believe you cut 21 heads of hair on Thanksgiving Day! I have a feeling it was your husband's side of the family...just a wild guess.
Good for you to go back to school! The people in the ER are lucky folks...those you work with, those you treat. I'm sure your bedside manner puts a smile on the patients faces.

Laura said...

I didn't even know you had written about me today... Just stopped in to see what you were up to. Thank you!!! You always make me smile. Today I especially needed one. I've never been referred to as a 'ninja' before... I rather like it. ;)

And if you did live by me, I would definitely let you borrow my stuff. :)

Nana said...

My daughter is a stylist, so I know about everyone wanting you to cut their hair at family parties!

What the H E double hockey sticks?!

I finally told her to get a spine and say NO!! Plus she moved to California so that helped. But, seriously she still has to tell everyone that she is not doing their hair when she visits. Except for me of course. LOL

wendy said...

ah, you nominated me....how sweet. love ya
I'll get to that next week....cause I'll be gone for a couple of days and so next Tuesday I'll do that.

My daughter is a hairdresser too and I think there are times she wishes she didn't own a pair of scissors. But she helps alot of people as did you.

and GOOD FOR YOU in getting your nurses degree. You went for it and accomplished it and I wish I could be like you in that way.
You believed in yourself!!

Just Breathe said...

Congratulations to you and to those you have passed this award on to. I imagine that humor is the only way to get through all the sad in the ER. That is a beautiful thing you do.

Cherie said...

Tauna I just love everything about you! Funny but so stinkin sweet too!
I love that you cut that womens hair even though she had lice - Holy Cow! to me you get your own Tiara right there!
And I DO know that you can buy a ton of stuff for cardmaking and scrapping! My craft room is ridiculous! One day well have to make stuff together!!

Congrats on your award!! And good choices for passing it along - I love those ladies !

Yvonne said...

4 of my 5 sisters all went to beauty school--none of them are still hairdressers. One of my daughters is a hairdresser and she used to take scissors to everything. I think only two of our children still "expect" her to cut their hair whenever they see her.

I admire you so much for going back to school. I think I'm too old now ; (

I love to scrapbook and am thinking of investing in a better camera. I LOVE taking pictures.


You are so fun.

Mikki said...

aw, congrats on your award. You totally deserve it.
Great little tidbits about you!! Love getting to know you a little better.
I'm looking forward to checking out these blogs, (when I get a free moment).

Nezzy said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award. I enjoyed reading your list. I love gettin' to know ya better. Before retiring from Special Education I often had to send a student home because they brought "friends" (head lice) to school.

Have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

Camille said...

I'm so jealous of our ER job! I always wanting to go into nursing or be an EMT. Now, I'm a recruiter. meh..
So fun to learn more about what a wonderful woman you are!

Victoria said...

I've been a bad blogger this week... just getting caught up with everyone. Thanks for the shout-out... I'm lucky #8:)

kado! said...

congrats on the award!

that was fun to learn about you (although I knew some of it)...why did they have to cut the woman's hair with lice? I read that you just comb it out...was it an emergency because she just had the baby and all??

linda said...

Thank you for the award friend! I loved reading about you, especially the nursing stuff! People don't realize it but we nurses could write books about the funny, amazing, stupid, insane things that happen at work! Never a dull moment.

You mentioned my sweet, and yes, spoiled dog Jake. He truly is spoiled but he's got a good excuse because he's handicapped. (I won't mention the fact that he was just as spoiled before he became paralyzed!) I just love that dog!

Queenie Jeannie said...

How awesome you are!! I loved reading your list of accomplishments!

gigi said...

LICE and 21 heads of hair! Girl, you rock!

I don't know how I miss your posts, really, I check my updates but somehow you slip in there with a post while I am sleeping or something.

Nishant said...

hope to check out all those great blogs soon. I just love reading new ones.
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