Friday, March 26, 2010

(Eating my Words} and other bitter stuff.

I am a mom.
I raised 5 children.
As a young mother I observed other mothers with their children.
Moms with experience.
I watched very closely.
I took mental notes.
I had a running tally of the things "my kids aren't gonna do"
Well, the little destroying angels must have found my tally.
Cuz they did those things. Those things MY KIDS ARE NEVER GONNA DO

I also swore that I would NEVER take embarassing pictures of my kids like my mother did. They always came out when my friends were over.... it was emotionally traumatizing to say the least.

I'm have NO clue how this picture got on this post...sorry son...well not really.

Well, once again I'm having a taste of my own words.
I posted about my demon car here.

Well my words taste like vinegar right now.
I can't believe I'm even gonna say this.......
I'm so dang happy to have my car back Seriously.
My hubby in all his wisdom has learned.....
and let me tell you, he's learned the hard way......
being married to me for over 31 years poor soul.
That if he lets my fire and ire cool off a bit....I simmer down some.
Then he tells me instead of $2500.00 to fix the evil beast, he can buy the part and do it himself for $350.00.
So he did.
I'm the luckiest girl!
I have to get to drive the evil beast once again.
Other than the bad taste in my is good.


Kim said...

Goodness gracious girl, what are you doing up at this hour of the am?!?!?!?!?! Shouldn't you be sleeping? I know I wish I was. But instead I am up, working, checking in on blogs I haven't seen in a long time just trying to stay awake.

Glad you got your car back. Hope the back is healing and the missionary is doing awesome! Chat with you later.

Yvonne said...

Don't know many people who haven't had a tough time eating their words ; )

Glad you got your car back. Nice to have such a handy hubby.

Thanks for your comment on my last post. So happy to know there are people there who will be looking out for my son.

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL!! Well, at least you have a car to drive!! Right? :D

Happy Mom said...

I truly dislike eating my words, but it's just reality!

Love your blog!

Connie said...

My mother always said to make sure my words were sweet because some day I may have to eat them.
You know what you need on your car? A flying eyeball! Then you'd LOVE it!

Nef Fam said...

Woo hoo on the car! I agree -- nothing tastes nastier than my own words.....

Ann Marie said...

At least your willing to say it!
Most people wouldn't even get that far!!

I hear ya with " My child will NEVER do that! " ~ And they already have.

Oh the joys of life!
Happy Weekend!

Cherie said...

I'm with you. I like to speak my mind! Ha ha Eating my words...not so fun.
Congrats on your car. It may not be that new red sexy sports car but you also will not have that new big sexy payment!!

Scrappy Girl said...

Yeah there are things I couldn't believe some parents let their kids do...I had one friend who had a daughter the same age as Manga Dork. The little girl would color on walls and I couldn't believe her mom let her do that. Manga Dork never offered to do that. Well, with the 2 little ones I am learning that the mom probably didn't "let" her do that. We currently refer to the little ones' room as the ghetto because of all the Boy they are sneaky little boogers.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Totally laughed when you posted your comment on my blog at 2am. Crazy woman!

My words always taste bad when I have to eat them. Ick. Some words are like little newborn babies. Once they come out, there is no way in heck you want them back in!

I'm not sure I should say congrats on getting the car back or sorry for missing out on the opportunity to get a new one. =)

Lisa Loo said...

Love the photo of the son--snort--I love doing that to my kids/husband. What is that again? Oh yeah, do it first, ask for permission later.

Its always so disconcerting when your words come back around to bite you in the biscuits--I'm always certain they didn't look or sound like that when they left my lips.

So, am I happy you have your car? I'm so confused...

Nezzy said...

Thank God for good husbands who keep their wits about them and let us chicks run our course. Can ya'll pass me a fork please??? Heeehehehe!

Have a glorious's just beautiful here today....FINALLY!!!

Just Breathe said...

Love the potty picture :)
Glad your car is back and it didn't cost allot :) Have a wonderful weekend.

Life is good! said...

glad your car is up and running. i happen to live on a diet of eating my words also. i wish they tasted better! as for that video in your last post. good for him for standing for something, obviously too few are doing that!

Barbaloot said...

Oh-eating your words tastes yucky. But I hear it's good for the diet:)

Nishant said...

You know what you need on your car? A flying eyeball! Then you'd LO
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VE it!

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so happy everything worked out with your car. I imagine that was very stressful! : )

Camille said...

LOVE, love love the pic of the little one on the toilet. Classic. :) Glad to hear everything went well with the car. You've got a gem of a husband!

Lisa said...

Amen sista! Never say never.

LKP said...

vinegar tastes good on cooked spinach, with oil over a fresh salad, and in pickle juice...just sayin'. =) thought of you tonight while we were out shooting! wish you were here. we'd have had so much fun together!

April said...

Words are never better the second time glad your hubby knows you so well tho! ;)

gigi said...

Sorry about your words tasting so bad but look on the bright side, no more taxi rides and no car payments!

I know what you mean by kids making us eat our words too, that is a bitter taste as well.

Sorry you are still having cold weather and wearing snow suits while hunting your Easter eggs. But hey, I bet those eggs really stand out on that white background.

I will be thinking of you as I sit on the beach in Florida next week, try again not to be bitter. You can laugh in my face this August when it is 110 outside and you are enjoying 70* weather.


wendy said...

Hmmm, maybe that is why I am getting FAT. I am eating my words (and apparently they are high in calories..#)(^*&#^)
We are in a car dilema right now too.
Barry has his truck....I don't dare touch it for "fear" if I did something wrong to it (which is likely, knowing me)
MY car...needs a new transmission. Barry said he'd get me a newer car if it was a stick shift...well I told hime where exactly that stick shift would go.
so.......he's looking at transmissions. (tee,hee)
marriage..ain't it grand

Mikki said...

aw! Sweet reconciliation!
Love the potty picture! Glad you haven't been true to your pre-mama resolutions! I've also crossed that line into the land of "I'm never gonna'" on several occasions.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey you are toooo funny...your son will get even with you..some how I see it happening...
Glad you got your car fixed...I know how happy your are about that.
Yes you are a very funny lady leaving me the comment about the butts on my site...actually anything goes in my house so maybe I should go see if their still hanging

kado! said...

ha! that picture made me laugh!

I'm just now realizing how yucky your own words can taste...only mine are the ones like, "I will never do such and such like my Mother did" Oh man...those suck!