Monday, March 22, 2010

One week to go....

Back at the beginning of January I was at work. I'm there a lot
An ambulance comes rolling into the bay with a patient. The ambulance crew are all tall. I on the other hand am vertically challenged.
The ambulance gurney was high, so I adjusted the ER bed to the same height.MISTAKE #1
I then attempted to pull the patient over at the head of the bed heaviest part of the patient instead of the feet.lightest part of the patient. MISTAKE #2
In my contortions to attempt to get this patient transferred from the ambulance gurney to my ER bed I felt an amazing pain in my lower back. Sorta took my breath away.
But I work in the ER....we don't do wimpy. nor do we do give or get sympathy.
Well, after a couple of months I decide things aren't getting better. I go to the doc, get an MRI and still fight with the pain. More often than not I am walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame except this ain't no Notre Dame!
Another visit to the doc and he tells me he wants me off work for two weeks. OK.
No big deal.
Except, I am not allowed to use my accumulated medical leave of over 300 hours. It was a work injury therefore I must use Workman's Comp. Not OK. I am being "paid" at 67% of my regular wage. Seems like sort of a slap in the face. Get hurt at work and you'll be punished.
So, I have made my time useful since I've been off.
I've read 4 books.
I've taken naps.
I've kept up on important stuff like reading blogs.
I watched the snow fall today.
I've been on lots of walks...good for the back.
My hubby has been fed dinner at a decent hour.
I've kept up with the laundry.
I've watched my cats groom themselves.
I've decided I'm glad I'm not a cat.
I can't wait to get back to work......I think.


Victoria said...

Just chill a bit... enjoy the break. Even if it is only worth 67% what it should be!

Cherie said...

Ohhh Ouch!
It sounds like you've been getting alot done though! How long are you off? I was thinking about driving up there and doing some card crafting with you next week - oh and visiting my daughter too- hee hee.
Maybe we could make chocolate? Hhhhmmmmm

Ann Marie said...

Sorry you got hurt!!

It's funny how things work like that.. you have the hours and you have to use workers comp. crazy.

You are a cat person? Yay!
I would rather be a cat than a dog.
My neighbors dogs all clean the cat poop off of my lawn. -- Now you know why it makes me sick when people kiss their dogs on the mouth.. bleck.

Anyways.. just stopped by to say thanks for looking for those packets for me. I have made the Roast beef sandwiches 4 times since you blogged it.. and I have been using McCormick joe mix and it's been great!

Thanks for the recipe!

~ And I still need to chat with you via e-mail.. about something PRIVATE that I can't share on the net.. :)

Aunt of 14 said...

Yes, I hated that part of workers comp when I was on it years ago. It just wasn't fair!!!

BTW, the head is the heaviest part of the body? I sort of thought it was the midsection. The butt area, if you will.

Im so sorry you got hurt though. No fun! :( Feel better fast!

P.S. I'm glad I'm not a cat either. Hairballs. Bleck.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, I had no idea that's how Workman's Comp worked! That really sucks.

And when I was in college, I used to have horrible back problems. I once threw out my back. You just don't realize how much you need your back to pee.

Happy Mom said...

Soooo sorry!! Back injurys are the pits!!!

Hope it's feeling better. That whole workman's comp thing seems like a rip off!

wendy said...

Well, why the freak didn't you get in your car and come visit me.

back pain and troubles are NOT GOOD, so be careful.
Like you don't know that...sheesh you're a nurse.

Lisa said...

Back pain IS the worst. It snowed there again, no way! You're sweet to comment on my daughters blog. I've been telling her about the great friends I've met through blogging so I'm glad she was able to "meet" you.

Lisa Loo said...

So sorry about the pain.

If I didn't know better I would have to wonder if you were the one groaning in the bathroom stall next to mine today.
I guess I should be more charitable.Maybe that poor woman was just an injured soul looking for relief......

Is watching your cats groom themselves anything like watching a glacier melt? If so--I think I need to come over and liven things up a bit...

Sherrie said...

Sorry to hear this! Back pain/problems really suck... so does Workers Comp! Whats the point, really? Anyway.... Glad you are putting your time off to good use. Take it easy and get feeling better soon. I hope you get to return to work very soon.

Mikki said...

LOL!!! I hadn't thought of it that way before, but yeah, I think I'm glad I'm not a cat too!
So sorry you got hurt. Totally sucks about the workers comp. HOpe your back is feeling better soon!

Connie said...

So sorry about your handicap (I mean the back injury not your height) Back pain is the worst! Especially when you're the one suffering from it! I always think it would be great to have an extended time off work, until I'm forced to take that time!

You don't give or get sympathy? I bet you have a fantastic bedside manner. Get well soon, my friend.

Camille said...

oh, back pain is the worst! I literally handicaps you. So sorry to hear that and hope you're on the mend!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Pooey, back pain is just down-right nasty business. So sorry. I hope you feel better soon!

Make sure to eat lots of chocolate. That should help.

Just Breathe said...

Sorry about that. Feel better soon.

Laura said...

You are tough, lady. And you're more of a 'goer' than I am, I have the feeling. I would be all to happy to have the time at home, while you are chomping at the bit to get back to the ER! I praise God for people like you, though. I really do.

gigi said...

I had a job related injury over 25 years ago. I really understand where you are coming from. Back pain sucks the wind right out of your sails! I was addicted to pain meds just to get a little relief. I go to the Chiropractor at least twice a month. With out him I'd be forever on an ice pack and drugs. I can honestly say that I only take ibuprofen when absolutly necessary now.

I do think that your recuperation would go faster here in warm sunny Georgia. I have a freezer full of ice packs and a spare bedroom. Hey, I even have a wheelchair in my truck and I could push you all over the beach and back!

Sincerely, I do hope this set back is short lived and that you will be up and at 'em real soon!! Hugs and prayers.

Valerie said...

That stinks that they pay so little! I hope your back feels better with the rest and that you get to relax and keep doing things you normally wouldn't get to do (read more) when you are working.

Nishant said...

It's funny how things work like that.. you have the hours and you have to use workers comp. crazy.

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LKP said...

shoot photos, my luv!
shoot shoot & more shooting is what this Dr has rx'd for ya. =)
hope your back starts feeling tip-top real soon.