Friday, February 5, 2016


Time flies and I sometimes would like a return ticket. 

How is it that I am busier than I ever was with 5 small humans running around the house demanding food and clean clothes?

Somehow I am. 

But things are good with this one. 
She's been home for about 2 weeks. 
Her due date is next week. 

And getting lots of loves. 
Oh these two.....
They are gonna keep mom and dad on their toes. 

I'm thankful all is well. 

We have gotten to enjoy some time with these darlings. 
Oh those cheeks!!!
I'm missing my Utah grands though. 
And this monkey. 

Time flies. 
How did I end with with 11 grandkids?

And then there is this. 
That isn't flying quite so fast.