Friday, September 27, 2013


Life has been crazy.
Upside down.
It's not bad.
Just different.

And I'm not sure how it turns out.

But then, do we ever?
Probably not.
There are twists and turns
and hiccups
all along the way.

Back in February our oldest daughter came home.
With our 5 year old granddaughter.
We don't know for how long.
But we love having them here.

Then in June we added to the craziness.

Candice and Tyler moved in for a short time.
To help them get to a better place.
I'm thankful we have the room.
We enjoy them here as well.

I was talking with a friend at work about the challenges this has presented, but how we feel blessed to be able to help.
A co-worker piped in and said she would never let her kids move back in.
When they are grown up they make grown up decisions and suffer grown up consequences.
I felt bad and "less than" for a time. 
Then I realized, no one really knows.

It's been challenging for both of our daughters to be "back home".
Same neighborhood.
Same church.
Same town.
There have been a few occasions when hurtful things have been said.
When hearts are raw.
On the other hand,
there has been a lot of love and compassion and
reaching out to heal raw hearts.

I don't feel that we are enabling our kids.
We are doing what we feel we can to help get them to a better place.
And we feel strongly that we are doing the right thing....
for our family.

We really don't know the challenges we have ahead of us.
We do the best we can and have faith that the Lord makes up the difference.
Does anyone really know how things will turn out.
We don't have the right or ability to judge another.

In the meantime.
We are having a good time.
A busy time.

I get to snuggle with this little sweetheart.
And enjoy her ridiculously hilarious personality.
And just the other night I heard a commotion I hadn't heard before.
From Lynsey's room.

I had to investigate.
And it brought tears to my eyes.

It's nearly midnight and these two are giggling and who knows what all.
That may be normal for some.
But there is 12 years difference between these two.

Candice was the pesty baby sister.
And they weren't close.
Lynsey was married by the time Candice was out of grade school.

So this scene was like the best thing ever.
In the midst of this craziness....
there is joy.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Or rather 
The "meow-stery. 
Why my terra cotta pots have grown
such dismal flowers this year. 
And now I know.....
 ..... The rest of the story. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

THAT'S ME.....

She can do physically.....
.....what I am doing mentally.