Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Baby it's cold outside! Got up at 0430 to go to the temple and enjoyed the Artic Blast when we stepped outside the house. Thought it was cold but you know....this is Idaho and we expect this don't we?
When we got home at 8:00 Candice was asleep in our bed....uh, excuse me? It was made once today already. Why aren't you at school??????? Uh, school was cancelled today. Lucky girl!

It was so cold I put extra bird seed out on my little bird feeder that the grandkids and I did at Christmastime. Peanut butter smeared on a birdhouse covered with bird feed. The birds like it except they are camera shy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is what I want.....

I want to be over 80 or under 3 or moderately looneybins. I can hear it now....you are looneybins. Whatever! The reason you may ask.....?????

If you are under 3 or over 80 you can say what you want and it's OK or funny. You say say rude stuff or or be blunt and it's OK. Until a week ago that was the criteria for being able to say blunt rude things. THEN I had a patient in the ER last week. She created the new category.
I'm starting an IV on her and she looks at me and says...."hmmm, your hair....I bet it's really cute when it's not in a ponytail".....I started laughing and couldn't stop. Yes, I know, I'm now 50, they aren't supposed to wear ponytails. But at 0-dark-thirty in the morning, I don't care.

I was telling some co-workers that this patient was living my dream. They asked what I meant by that. I told them that this patient could say whatever she wanted and it was acceptable and even funny. She could be blunt, rude or even mean and it was OK. One of the other nurses said, "you mean you aren't already living that dream?" Haha! Nope I'm not, I have a filter in place that keeps me from blurting out the first thing that pops into my head. No, really I do.......I'm not kiddin'!

Anyway, that was my fun story and has kept me laughing for a week now. I have lots to look forward to...being over 80 (I swear I'm gonna be a blast in the nursing home) or being looneybins.

Until then.....I want to be this:

I bet cats never have ulcers, they have no stress, especially the freeloaders that own this house (we rent from them).

Seriously, these guys want for nothing, we are well trained humans that are at their beck and call!
I mean how would it be to just go look at a human and have them instinctively know what is wanted....drink, food, outside.
Ya, so until I'm 80 or looney I'm going to practice being a feline! Meow!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A fun surprise!

Last Saturday I received a phone call about 10:00 in the morning. "Hi, is this the Egans?" "Yes, it is" "My name is Bishop so-and-so I'm the bishop from the Jackson, TN ward. I'm the bishop for the ward that Cameron is serving". Wow, I couldn't decide if I should be happy or scared....wondering if he had been injured or maimed in some horrible fashion (mother and ER nurse....bad combination). He went on to explain that Elder Egan was fine. He said that he was here dropping his daughter off at school and would be leaving early in the morning to drive back to Tennessee. Did I have anything I would like to send back with him for Elder Egan????? YA!!!! He told me he had plenty of room and I could send as much as I wanted......I'm not sure he really understood what he was saying!

So I spent the next few hours baking cookies and getting other goodies. He got 2 containers of Nestles chocolate milk mix, 2 loaves of Harpers bread...he loves it, 4 jars of homemade salsa, 2 jars of homemade spaghetti sauce, 4 containers of frozen strawberry jam, large box of potatoes, and a "few" other things. It ended up being 4 large boxes that I sent with that poor bishop. What a fun treat for me!

It was fun to visit with him about his ward, it comprises 75 miles of interstate, I can't even imagine. He was very nice. I loaded him up with left over chocolates and sent him with some homemade salsa and cookies too.

Anyway, it was a wonderful gesture and he didn't seem to bat an eye when I started hauling four boxes out!

Awesome bishop!!!! Made my day!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Resolutions....A Survey

So, of course I made New Year's Resolutions. It's a must. It's sort of like having to get up each morning...you gotta do it.
So my survey is:
#1 Did you make any?
#2 Did you break them already?
#3 Do you really care?

I only set one resolution this year.....do less. Yup, that's it. Should be easy shouldn't it? In fact, it sounds like a good one to me. "where's dinner? oh, I'm sorry, I'm doing less". "Laundry? uhm, remember....doing less!" The more I think about less, the more I like it!

ON TO ANOTHER TOPIC, we did have a great Christmas holiday. All of the family was here, except the missionary. It was a loud, crazy, fun time. Six grandchildren here! Am I really old enough for six grandchildren?

On Christmas Eve we had the traditional pajama fashion show....OK maybe not traditional because we had never done it before, but anyway that's beside the point.

So here's Matt and family all cute in their little jammies. Tara's had a blinkie light on hers. It was the envy of all!

Next we have the Houstonians! This is Lexie's first Christmas and she's not sure what all the fuss is about.

Then we have Nate and fam. Krew just wants to go to bed. He doesn't understand why he can't just go to bed with his fuzzy little blanket! Little does he know that in the morning he's gonna make a haul!

And then we have grandpa and grandma and Aunt "Candy Bar!" We were pretty boring but I thought we were stylin' just the same!

We had LOTS of snow which was so beautiful! Lynsey had wanted snow for Christmas since it had been about 7 years since she had been able to enjoy that. I don't think she was disappointed. Nate built a "mountain" in the backyard so that we could enjoy sledding. It was pretty fun.

Candice also got to "enjoy" being "gently placed" in a snowdirft by her big brothers. I tried to stop them....I really did....I needed them to stop long enough so I could grab my camera!

She fought valiantly...

...but to no avail.
However Matt did sling her over his shoulders and carry her up the stairs instead of making her walk in her bare feet!

Little Princess Jessica got some princess dress-up dresses. Some from her mom and some from Grandma. Well, she is a total princess and LOVED them! They didn't come off for 5 days. Bribery had to be used in order for her to take them off to put on snow clothes!
Being a princess is serious business.

Aunt Lynsey tries to show her the finer points of "princessing" such as the curtsy and waving at your loyal subjects....

There was some drama later however, as the parental subjects were unable to tie the bow correctly on the royal cape....serious drama...total meltdown....screaming tantrum meltdown....but GRANDMA to the rescue! She was the only one who was able to calm the savage princess and tie the cape correctly. I do believe she was knighted that day!

Some presents are wrapped cuter than others....don't you agree?

Krew was pretty excited about the whole day!

The boys were pretty excited about their goods as well.

It was such a great time and so fun having everyone home. I love you all my family!!!!