Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is what I want.....

I want to be over 80 or under 3 or moderately looneybins. I can hear it are looneybins. Whatever! The reason you may ask.....?????

If you are under 3 or over 80 you can say what you want and it's OK or funny. You say say rude stuff or or be blunt and it's OK. Until a week ago that was the criteria for being able to say blunt rude things. THEN I had a patient in the ER last week. She created the new category.
I'm starting an IV on her and she looks at me and says...."hmmm, your hair....I bet it's really cute when it's not in a ponytail".....I started laughing and couldn't stop. Yes, I know, I'm now 50, they aren't supposed to wear ponytails. But at 0-dark-thirty in the morning, I don't care.

I was telling some co-workers that this patient was living my dream. They asked what I meant by that. I told them that this patient could say whatever she wanted and it was acceptable and even funny. She could be blunt, rude or even mean and it was OK. One of the other nurses said, "you mean you aren't already living that dream?" Haha! Nope I'm not, I have a filter in place that keeps me from blurting out the first thing that pops into my head. No, really I do.......I'm not kiddin'!

Anyway, that was my fun story and has kept me laughing for a week now. I have lots to look forward to...being over 80 (I swear I'm gonna be a blast in the nursing home) or being looneybins.

Until then.....I want to be this:

I bet cats never have ulcers, they have no stress, especially the freeloaders that own this house (we rent from them).

Seriously, these guys want for nothing, we are well trained humans that are at their beck and call!
I mean how would it be to just go look at a human and have them instinctively know what is wanted....drink, food, outside.
Ya, so until I'm 80 or looney I'm going to practice being a feline! Meow!


Kirsten said...

Seriously, you crack me up! I would love to see you in a pony tail! I don't think I ever have.

g.suzie said...

Tauna, how did your morning go yesterday. Did you end up staying awhile doing treatments?

Nef Fam said...

Did I know you have cats???? You feline-friendly-friend!

Only Girl said...

Pony tails are great!! Thats the first thing I do when I get home. And I hope when Im 80 I can still put my hair in one...

Kim said...

I so cracked up about the ponytail. About two years while going to nursing school my hairstylist said "You need to look more professional if you want to get a job--let's get rid of the ponytail" I was okay with---but my family wasn't. I am growing it out and have been longing for the day I can put back into a pony tail.

Do you think 42 is to old for a pony @00somehting in the morning?

Great dream, wish I was living--wait my body already is--maybe I better hang on to my mind for a little while longer, what do you think?