Monday, July 24, 2017

About that VIEW!

I've jumped and skipped around a lot as I have tried to catch up on posts.
I spent a lot of time trying to recap and put into words the experiences of Howie's cardiac arrest.
I wanted to make sure I had things recorded so I could print it into a book.
So many events and feelings that I didn't want to forget.

So I have gone back and tried to put things in order. Once I was able to post about his arrest, I also have been going back and putting things in chronological order other big moving!
Go back to February 10th for that post.

I haven't posted pictures of the new "digs" yet.

So here goes!

Our new-to-us home!
 My favorite thing is to sit on my front porch and watch the sunsets.
 If I sit on my back porch I can yell at my neighbor...."Hi Nita!"
 More sunset.
 This is the view from my back living room window.
 This is my favorite person playing farmer....trying to smooth out some of the ground for a garden spot.
 Some more of my favorite guy.
Kitchen window view.
Makes washing dishes pleasant.

We are just a short walk from the North Fork of the Snake River and about 3 miles from Heise Hot Springs. They make delicious pizza!
The surrounding farm grounds are so beautiful. The colors and the mountains and trees.....oh, and in a few weeks the huckleberries will be on.

I'm in heaven.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


On June 22 I drove with Candice to Denver.
I got lost in does anyone get lost in Wyoming?
Anyway, we were there for a couple of days to get Lexi who would come and spend some time.
Since I have her and they live so far away, I wanted to be able to see as many of the grandkids as possible.
Family relationships are everything.
As a little girl my cousins were my family.
I didn't have any sisters, so they were it.

 We painted rock masterpieces.
 She took my phone and did a few selfies.
 We drove to Twin Falls and spent the night in a hotel so we could swim and play with Krew and Kendrix.
I let them chose their own breakfast that day.
Kendrix had a burger and fries.

 Krew chose eggs, bacon and mashed potatoes.....ick.
And Lexi chose toast and French toast.......uh ok.

We also went to the Fullmer Family Reunion at Loristica....Heaven on Earth!
 Jessica came and stayed a few days too.
 They had a blast in the lake.
And lake water wasn't enough.
 While she was here we picked up one of her new friends and drove a whole 2 minutes to swim at Heise Hot Springs.
She had a blast.

Lynsey and Nick came yesterday and picked her up. They left today.
I miss her already, but they will be back next month for the eclipse.