Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mode of transportation.

At 5:45 this morning there was frost on the windshield of my car.
Rather than scrape my windshield...


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Computers...........baa humbug!

I received a few emails congratulating me on getting a new laptop.
It didn't happen.

I'm using the dinosaur desktop.
It takes 7.3 MINUTES to upload a photo.
I'm not lying!
The previous post took YEARS!

Trust me I have MANY more incriminating pictures of M-Cat.
And Cherie.
And Ann.
And Paper Wendy.
(They are being held for blackmail purposes.)

Paper Wendy wants to lose 10 pounds this year.

How's that workin' out for ya, Wendy?

Isn't Kimmie the cutest?

Monday, October 11, 2010

The FABULOUS Getaway!

There was a lot-O-laughin!
Lots of crafting!
Lots of eatin'
It was a blast!

I was the LUCKIEST this past few days.
I got to spend the weekend with some awesome ladies in a beautiful rustic cabin.
Brittany (can't find your blog!)
Katie (do you have a blog?)
AND not to be forgotten
Paper Wendy
Paper Gigi
See! I told ya I was the luckiest!

We celebrated a couple of birthdays. (Cherie and Keeley)

Here is Cherie with Paper Wendy (the blonde) and Paper Gigi (big lips to match Cherie's big lips)

Gigi was a little shy and subdued, but NOT WENDY! Oh my goodness!

She nearly FELL into the pan of lasagna! Good thing M-Cat knows CPR!
OK maybe it was M-Cat that nearly fell into the pan of lasagna. We were all lucky to get one little teeny taste!

We did A LOT of crafting!
('specially M-Cat who LOVES to craft and also wants to go to Brazil........don't ask)

(Speakin' of work it girl!)

It seems like Gigi and Wendy were everywhere!

Ann and Kimmie and I were TRYING to have a private conversation. But then Wendy came and started talking about Brazil and well....

Ann gave up and went to have a quiet moment to herself.

But that didn't work out so well.
Kimmie is one out of control girl! She's constantly cracking jokes and making you spit your cornflakes through your nose.

Here Cherie and I are just resting. Doing a little gossiping.....OK we weren't gossiping, but ya shoulda heard Wendy and Gigi.

I learned all sorts of stuff!

And speaking of woman of questionable morals! They were found in bed with M-Cat!
It's true.
Hope SplendaDaddy is OK with it.

I know ya can't see Em there, but she is there burrowed under the covers.

Speaking of bed........this is Keeley asleep.

She snores.
She also wears footie pajamas. Seriously for reals!

We all tried to slide down the banister.
Paper Gigi and Paper Wendy were in the very front and got smashed FLAT!

Thank goodness for normal people!

Just Ann, Monica and Heather tolerating Wendy and Gigi evesdropping.
Really those two Paper People were everywhere.

Paper Wendy started smartin' off to Ann.
So Ann told her to ...well... she said to kiss it.
So she did.

And here's Keeley taking her birthday walk down the stairs with her tiara!

Happy Birthday you gorgeous babe! Thanks for gettin' older!
Monica had a secret that we just couldn't get out of her!
We tried.

It may or may NOT have something to do with what Cherie is holding.

Cherie and her darling daughters, Katie and Brittany!
I'm not sure how they felt about their mother being so immature.
Katie and Keeley fixed us breakfast on our last morning there.

Can I just say YUM?

Cherie tried to sneak away, but there was NO HIDING from Paper Wendy and Paper Gigi.

Do I detect a look of disdain from Cherie's daughters?
We are totally normal!

Thanks again Cherie for putting this together! It was so much fun to meet so many IRL!
I am missin' everyone already!

Be sure to go over to M-Cats and ask her when she's going to Brazil.
Oh, and ask her what her favorite craft is.
Then go wish Cherie and Keeley Happy B-day.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The computer sit-che-ashun

My laptop is in pieces. Literally.
Pieces and parts all over.
Powercord purchase wasn't the problem.
It's the doodad that the powercord goes into.
Howie leaves tomorrow to start his trips.
The NEW ordered part won't be here until Tuesday.

We have a desktop..........but it's a dinosaur.
It loads stuff like I have a dialup connection.
It won't let me comment on blogs.
It won't let me open gmail.
I have anger right now.

I have some $$$ saved.
I'm contemplating a purchase whilst Howie is gone.
I need someone to be my conscience.

................or not.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The cobbler's kids are always barefoot...

The banker's wife is always broke.
The IT guy's wife doesn't have her laptop.