Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "don't be judgy and don't hate" Post

I have a few things I need to get off my chest. I hope not to offend, but these are things I need to say. Maybe I need help to understand, but nevertheless nevertheless???? really Tauna????....
OK here goes in no particular order.

I don't the love the Twilight Movies. HEY who threw that tomato?
It's true. I don't love them. The books were good but the movies....not so much for me.

Number two: I read The Hunger Games last night. I kept waiting for happiness, light, joy....anything. I really didn't love it either. In fact, I think I'm slightly depressed. It felt hopeless and dark. Am I missing something?

#3 Last weekend I was in Utah celebrating a bunch of 4 grandkids in 3 weeks....
I finally made the journey to none other than this famous store:

If you want to read about my diasterous attempt to get there last year you can go here.

What's with that store? I felt like a herd of sheep following the other sheep. It wasn't fun at all. I don't love crowds anyway BUT what's with a store that has all this weird furniture that you have to put together for yourself and is Finnish or Swedish or Somthingish and it's made in China?
I don't get it. Apparently I have no class or culture.

So there ya have it. I've tried to like each of these things. But I don't. I'm pretty sure I'll be arrested or condemned or something, but I just can't go on faking any more.
So, there ya have it.
So fill me in, tell me what I'm not getting.
I really want to fit in.


Nana said...

Oh, you fit in. I too liked the Twilight books. I like the movies but, I think the special effects could be so much better. Too cheesey, cheesy, whatever. I don't know what the Hunger Game is, so I can't comment on that.

I hate Ikea. It gives me a headache!!! I feel there is no escape once you are in there and Heaven forbid you have to pee.

Julie Harward said...

LOL...ok, we are twiners! I feel the same way about all of the above. The store..the only thing I did like there was the things for childrens rooms, it was all bright and cute..but the other stuff...I ended up not buying one thing! So either you have more in common with more than you think or WE are weird! Come say hi :D

Kristina P. said...

I'm pretty sure you kow how I feel about Twilight. I haven't even read Hunger Games.

I do like Ikea, because I'm cheap.

Mary Z said...

I am neutral on Twilight. I do not like Ikea and I have not read Hunger Games but I am looking for something really good for my next trip. Any recommendations.

gigi said...

This is so funny and so true! You rock! I didn't read not one Twilight book, never heard of the Hunger game and I love IKEA for the strange things you can get there. Most times I spend less than $20. So you are more sane than the rest of the world! Love ya just the way you are :)

susie said...

Hi Tauna!
I've been stalking your blog for a few months and am glad to see that you are still the fiesty, fun girl I remember from 32 years ago when we first met at Ricks.
I have so many wonderful memories of your visits to SLC and even more of being stranded in Idaho with you.
All my love to you and Howard!

Ann Marie said...

OOOhhh I LOVE posts when people are just real and say what they want! It's so invigorating!! Woot!

Of course I love the Twilight books more than the movies.. and after the last review I gave on New Moon.. I had a few blog friends quit following me because I didn't L-O-V-E it. Whatever.

I have heard the "rage" about the Hunger games.. but I am not a reader.. and it took 2 years of people begging for me to pick up the twilight series.. so therfore.. I havent read them to have an opinion.

Ikea. Ya.. I live not very far from there.. and I have only been there ONCE. Some of there gadgets are cool and cheap.. but the furniture is not my style. ( You know that.. he-he.. )

So.. WISH you would tell me when your coming to UT!! One day I hope we meet up! :)

~ And I LOVE when people are real and don't care what others think. If we were all the same.. then the world would be boring.

Every time I do a post.. I wonder who I am going to offend. Usually someone. I have just decided to be ME. If people have a problem with our opinions then they don't have to read our blogs. Right? YES!

PS: Still waiting for an e-mail.. ha-ha

Cherie said...

Tauna - I think everyone likes what they like and that is OK! What I don't like is when people say they like things and go on and on about what a fan they are and then later are haters - Pet Peeve! So I totally respect if someone doesn't like something.
I love Twilight movies and all.
I have the Hunger Games books but have not read them yet so I'll have to get back to you.
I don't like IKEA either. I was so excited the first time I went and pretty much thought what you thought. Weird, boring, what the heck!!
Good job woman - Tell it like it is!

Sondra said...

Love your post! I love the Twilight books but HATE the movie too!! - yuck!

You need to read Catching Fire - right after The Hunger Games.. Really.. Don't give up yet... But it does end with a cliff hanger and we won't find out what happens next until August. I think book 2 brings about a little revolution - hip hip hooray for the people.. You must read book two and then 3 when it comes out. I just purchased them on Audio books and am loving it.

I actually love audio books. I have all the Twilight and Hunger games series on audio book. I love to listen as I work, blog, make dinner, work in the yard... love audio books.

I've never been to Ikea.. no comment. I love your honestly... I think I had a few tomatoes and shock when I reviewed New Moon.. Yuck... I hated Twilight too.. Movies are awful!

Sherrie said...

I am right there with you on Twilight and Ikea. I just don't get it either. So.. you fit in just fine with me.

Mikki said...

I enjoy the Twilight movies and the books, but you know--it's not for everyone. I have to agree the effects could be better (and maybe the acting too, but I still really enjoy them).
Also haven't herd of the Hunger Game, I'll take your word for it.
AND, I've never even been to IKEA. Maybe someday I'll get a chance to check them out. If they're cheap, sounds like it's probably my kind of place cause I'm the queen of cheap!

Mikki said...

Oops, "Heard" of the Hunger Games.
I typed herd. Funny.

LKP said...

girl, girl, girl---have we got to talk?! i am SO glad we're friends!!!
not into twilight at. all.
no lie. never picked up a single book, not even to look at the cover. never even considered seeing the movies. just not feeling the whole concept so have personally steered away from it. (sorry don't hate me since i know you like the books---same goes for you, cherie. i promise i'm still a good pal!) but we're that way about harry potter too. we don't feel real keen on it so its not for our family.
as for the hunger games, what's that? never heard of it. but that doesn't mean much. we also don't watch tv, so it could be a book, a new series, a movie, a cd for all i know.
as for ikea, i've never bought their furniture. doesn't strike me as very sturdy...maybe i'm off on that. also, the style of the furniture is too cold & institutional for me. that doesn't mean i haven't bought stuff there, but i like some of their organizing ideas (i love cubbys, racks, & bins---order is heaven!). and i have bought some linens there due to the colors which fit daisy's decor perfectly. other than that, yeah...i wasn't channeling sheep, more like rat in a maze. but that's just me. as big as ikea is, it overwhelms me. i don't like to be overwhelmed. i prefer to be whelmed or underwhelmed, and that's it. nothing more, please. seriously, your hearing from a girl who have a phobia about menus at restaurants, including McD's. i mean really, how many gajillion times have i eaten at McD's in my lifetime, and i still have to examine every inch of the menu board, and it takes like 10 minutes for me to place my order cause it's all too much! my astrology-lovin' sister would say it's cause i'm a libra and am naturally indecisive. i think its because i was born in the wrong time period. i'd have done much better in a time when things were what they were & people were satisfied with what they had. they didn't need the latest & greatest. humble caddie woodlawn or laura ingalls wilder. i'd have been better. what was for dinner was whatever mom made, which was whatever pa had hunted down. no "but i wanted macaroni & cheese from the BLUE box!"....catching my drift? but again, that's just me.
so how 'bout them confessions?! =)

Yvonne said...

Great post--I don't think we all have to like what everyone else likes.

I enjoyed the second movie--the first one not so much.

I don't know anything about the Hunger Game.

I have never been to Ikea but we are getting one here in Winnipeg in the next year or so.

I say continue to just be you--I think YOU'RE GREAT.

Aunt of 14 said...

I completely get the IKEA thing! It just makes me want to scream everytime I go in there. So, I don't go but maybe once a year, if that! And... the Twilight movies? Bleck. I don't like them either. The books were way better. And the Hunger Games? I've never heard of that. I'll have to check it out!

Aunt of 14 said...

I noticed that you get really long comments. I love that!

Connie said...

I haven't even seen the 2nd Twilight movie. I like when, on the previews, Jacob runs and turns into the werewolf but that's all I need! I read all the books but was less than enamored with the first movie.
IKEA...well I went there a few weeks ago with my husband. We walked and walked and went out with 4 dish towels! I could have bought the same thing at the dollar store and saved lots of time!
I haven't read the Hunger Games but my hubs did and he liked it!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on MOST . . . but One thing I MUST say about Hunger Games is this, I LOVE that you have NO idea where she is going, AND I have read other books by her, and it made me REALLY excited for the final book in this series because I enjoy how she ties everything up. I don't think she will disappoint with her last book. . . I LOVE them, probably my favorite out there right now. . . BUT everything else I TOTALLY agree with. . .no tomatoes comin from me!

Kirsten said...

I don't know what everyone else has said but...did you read the 2nd Hunger Games? I think it sets the reader up for a happier ending coming in the 3rd book. We'll see. Or I'll see, if you don't end up reading it! :)

kado! said...

i won't even watch the Twilight there!

and I LOVE IKEA because like I said before...Free Childcare AND a i don't care if I am herded like sheep...I'll do just about anything for free childcare...I'm a whore like that.

oh, and I only go during weekdays around 10am...and the store is maybe that is why I like it too..oh and cheap funky stuff.

Beth at Aunties said...

Right with you about the Twilight Movies unless we are partying with none other than our sweet fang bearing Cherie!
Read and liked the books though...

I really like the kitchen department of IKEA though. Have you tried their steak knifes? Good cheap knifes. They have some awesome organizers and kitchen gadgets. Though I am with you on the furniture... unless you are trying to outfit an apartment for your son who just moved across country in one tiny beat up car to go to dental school and you only have a few bucks and one day to do so. IKEA rocked! From a table, dressers, desk, bedding, chairs lamps and all cooking/eating equipment. We left VA feeling he just might survive!:') And the BEST thing was he left everything there when his four years was finished, because it wasn't worth anything to move it back across the country! LOL
I dislike the lines and mazes ALOT!
I haven't read the Hunger Games...and won't now. Thanks for the heads up!


Laura said...

I feel the same way! (Although I've never been to IKEA, but I know I would agree with you if I went to one.) And you know what? Dare I say that... I think feeling this way is actually a GOOD thing?

I'm like so not trendy, which usually means I'm also like so not hip. But you know what? I so like don't care.

Like, do you know what I mean, like?

I'll go away now.

wendy said...

that was funny,
I like SOME Ikea things....but to contemporary for me actually. So I don't Heart it.
I liked the Twilight books, except for the last one......and Edward is Gay I think, and Jacob is a once he came onto the scene, I'll go to the movies. If he bears his chest.
haven't read the book Hunger Games, but everyone else has loved it....whats YOUR problem??

but at least you are out in the open with it. That should make you feel a little better.
I still like you!!

Cynthia said...

I'm with you on 2 out of 3. I haven't even SEEN the Twilight movies. The books were okay but Bella's fawning got SO old it was embarassing- couldn't bring myself to see the whining acted out on the big screen.

I chose not to read the Hunger Games because I'd heard it was dark and disturbing. I don't read for social enlightenment, I read for pure, happy escapism thus I chose to remain literarily uncultured.

We must diverge at IKEA. While much of it I have no use for, I have gotten some sweet deals and sweet stuff there. It's totally worth it to me and my kids BEG to be let loose in 'Small land'

Life is good! said...

i'm not a fan of the twilight books or movies. hunger games- depressing, but interesting. ikea. not so sure, it's cheap stuff. maybe for younguns in small apartments.
glad you were able to get all of that off of your chest!

linda said...

I'm sorry, I'm no help at all because I haven't read any of the Twilight books or seen any of the movies. I don't have any interest in them.

Ikea, I like, but you're right, it's a different kinda store. I like the little doo-dads they sell.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How funny is this post...well I did like reading the books for some odd reason..the movies were not all that...
I feel like a nerd I don't know about the Hunger Game so I guess I should not bother with it.
As far Ikea only been to one and was out before I got in good because it was way to crowded for this ole country gal.
The lady that owns this ranch bought some beautiful pink chairs and love seat and I could of swore she said she bought them there but I could be wrong...seeing those made me want to go back to their
You fit like a glove with me.

Lisa Loo said...

Oh dear.

I haver never read Twilight.

I have never read The Hunger Games

I have never been in an IKEA, not even quite sure what they sell.

I just like reading everyone's opinion about things--sometimes it enlightens me, sometimes not--but it always makes me think, which is good.

Thanx for liberating your chest......:0)

Controlling My Chaos said...

Well, I'm not a fan of the Twilight BOOKS. I'm in the minority, wouldn't you say? I did love The Hunger Games, although it did stress me out. I had an anxious pit in my stomach the entire time I read it, but I like books like that anyway. I like Ikea because it's cheap, but I'm not a fan of much of their furniture. I really like their organizational stuff, especially in the kitchen.

Nef Fam said...

Phew -- I'm sooooooo glad you got that off yer chest, seesta! I was just giving Brody a rah-rah speech tonight about how it's wonderful that we're not all alike. So there you go.

April said...

I love people who say it how it is! Love it! :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

I really liked the books and was supremely disappointed in the first movie. The second movie was a lot better, but I have to say that the Edward in my head is wayyy hotter, lol!

I don't like the Hunger Games either and found them VERY dark and depressing!

I don't like IKEA either. It's very expensive and not worth it AT ALL!!! You can get better stuff for way less at Walmart. But you still have to put it together yourself and theirs is made in China too! Isn't everything these days??? (You can thank Bill Clinton's NAFTA for that!!!)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I don't like the Twilight movies either.

I haven't read the Hunger Games yet although everyone says they are amazing. So, interesting.

And neither my husband or I like Ikea, or their taste in furniture. *gasp* I don't see how furniture that looks like something you would find in a college dorm could be considered amazing.

I expect someone will manage to throw rocks at our windows at some point upon reading this comment. =)

Victoria said...

I find the Twilight movies to be super hilarious. I don't think they were meant to be, but there you have it. Haven't read Hunger Games, but I have a meter for my entertainment, called, "What percent happy is it?" coined by my oldest child some 15 years ago. If it isn't at least something like 75% happy, it is not for me. Ikea is like the place where Wal-mart shoppers would buy furniture, if they were smart enough to put the stuff together. Okay, that was super snarky of me. But I don't like either place very much, I'm afraid:( Ikea is one of those places I would really love to like, but just can't. So there it is.

Nishant said...

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