Monday, June 7, 2010

"Dear Kitty"

You are an evil beast!

"The next time you feel inclined to share your gifts with me...

(Go ahead click on the picture, I dare ya.)

Especially don't flip your gift around so that it lands on my laptop that was formerly on my lap!

(The evil beast-formerly known as kitty-seriously flipped the rodent there!)

And to the husband who felt it necessary to open the front door to allow the evening breeze to enter the house-who had tears streaming down his face and was unable to catch his breath due to the fits of laughter and knee-slapping-and thinking that this was the best day leave for Minnesota in the morning right? I will miss you...OR NOT!!!
(By the way honey, you're old.
You shouldn't laugh so hard.
You might break something.)


LKP said...

wow, i feel for ya.
nothing like a rodent in the house.
especially one that the cat gives a VIP pass to!
however, that being said:
one time when we lived out on poleline rd, Mr LKP was off working in wyoming for like the second week guessed it, VIP pass got whipped out and voila! there was a rodent in my house. and senor tuffy would not catch him. he's just sit there and watch it in the corner. nothing gets you over being afraid of a rodent like anger. it raged inside me after a while and i had to trap it, and i couldn't JUST pick it up to get it out of there (seriously, wasn't angry enough to get over THAT idea yet), so i crushed it with my foot. i'm a little more of a trooper now since i know i can kill it. now anytime another has been considered for the VIP pass, i think tuffster sees the rage start to boil in my eyes and he swiftly thinks again. good cat.
i hope i don't pay dearly for crushing the little thing. i just didn't want the haunta virus, so it made the bone crushing that much easier to deal with.
another day, remind me to tell you about my vacuum when we lived there. lol. you'll love it!

gigi said...

Put that little prize in the hubby's suitcase, that'll teach him ;)
Happy Monday!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL!!!!! I love it! Mostly because it happened to you and not me, lol! Your kitty is a GREAT kitty because think about it...did you really want a mouse running around?? No!! He/She was doing their job!!


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Hahaha! Kitty was just sharing his prize with you! My kids to that with their diapers.

It's awesome... or not.

And why do husbands do that?

Ann Marie said...

Evil? No.. he's feeding you.
You don't care for his hunt? lol!

Mine left one on my porch.. and I don't mind when they are dead.. it's when they bring the snakes and mice to you and drop them and they move!! -- That's when I get mad.

Your kitty's cute. :)

Mary Z said...

The highest honor a kitty can give you is to share it's catch. I wish I had been there. As old as I am, I'm sure I would have broken something laughing. So funny.

Scrappy Girl said...

I have never been a cat person. I recently acquired a cat that makes me want to hug and squeeze and pet him. We are having a blast with his funny. You'll meet him soon on my blog.

BTW...that is gross and so NOT funny...gag!lol

T said...

My neighbor's cat once left a sweet treat like this on my porch - I just wondered what I'd done to deserve such preferential treatment.

At least on facebook the picture wasn't so clear and I didn't have to actually SEE the evidence - so glad I came by for the EEEEeeeeek factor.

(worse than a spider!)

Doran & Jody said...

LOL...oh for ICKsakes!

I think I gonna go frow up now.

Jill K said...

Our cat used to bring half-dead birds in our house. It was very thoughtful of her:)

One Cluttered Brain said...

That was a REAL mouse??

I would so flip.


Kristina P. said...

I've always known cats were evil.

Kirsten said...

But isn't it nice that he'll get rid of those horrible rodents for you?!

linda said...

All I can say is...I WOULD FREAK OUT!

There's a reason I don't have kitties!

Charlotte said...

At least you know they love you. Both of them (it takes love to laugh at someone like that- I hope that is what it takes).

I like the suitcase idea, gigi is onto something.

M-Cat said...

I want you to know how hard this post was for me to get through.

Not only do I hate cats, but I doubly hate their "prizes"

I must like ya lots! :)

See Mom Smile said...

We need that cat! We have had a rat. Yes a rat. Our dumb dog can't quite find him.

Controlling My Chaos said...

Naughty kitties. Thankfully my cats leave that nasty stuff outside. Ick. I won't laugh at you, but I did click on the picture for a closer look.

Happy Mom said...

Oh, wow! I'm cringing and feeling VERY grateful that I do NOT have a cat!

(thank you for reinforcing my willpower in the face of continued pleas from my children!)

Mumsy said...

Oh, my!! You did excellent sharing your experience. Shame on hubby laughing so will just have to find someway to return the favor. I am glad you did not throw your laptop when the kitty's catch landed atop it. Hugs

MaRiN said...

I was deathly afraid of a lizard in my house (on my kitchen counter of all places), but a mouse- no way, I would have evacuated for sure! I can't stand nasty rodents! Be glad you had the cat to catch the thing for you.

Holly said...

Just imagine gett8ing "gifts" from your dogs that THINK they're part cat!! I kid you not, my dogs are mousers!! ;p

OK, I admit, I did laugh a little!! =D
Did you get the pic I emailed you from CBC?

The American Homemaker said...

HAHA I have an evil black cat too! I even named her Lucifer :)

Laura said...

Yuck! It's a conflicting moment, isn't it? You want to say, "Good job, kitty!" and "Oh no!" at the same time.

Just Breathe said...

Eww...that wasn't very nice!