Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!!!

February and March are huge birthday months for this family. We begin on the 10th of February with Cameron's birthday. He's 23 this year!
Then we have Matt's birthday on the 26th of February, old man at 28!

Then we have the Yellow Rose of Texas....Miss Lexi on the 27th of February. She turned 1 and loves her pink frosting!

Then is Krewzer's celebration! Krew will be 2! His birthday is the 8th of March, but we had an early celebration with all of the family. Grandma Heidi made a darling "McQueen" cake from Cars, everything was a Cars theme and Krew loved it. He had even been practicing blowing out the candles and did great!

Then we have Tara who had a birthday yesterday. She had to work harder to get ALL those candles out!

And we aren't done yet! We have Princess Jessica turns 3 coming up on the 17th and Josh hitting the big 9 years old on the 19th!
It's fun to see Lexi, Krew and Jessica be just a year apart because the change in them from year to year is pretty incredible. Lyns knows what's ahead next year by looking at Krew and Sara knows what is in store for her by looking at Jessica. They grow so fast!

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:Jan the crazy lady: said...

You my goodness. What a bash of birthdays. Wow. The party doesn't end soon either. Have fun with them all.

My son turns 23 this month. How neat.

Happy Birthday Y'all..

LeliMelo said...

Thanks so much for stopping by our blog! Good luck and have fun trying out the tip!

And a very Happy Birthday to all your family!

Mary Z said...

Whew, all those birthdays wear me out. I am a BAD BAD birthday person.

Matt said...

Hrmm... There appears to be a certain birthday missing from this list and I can't quite put my finger on it... Let me think, who could it possibly be. YOU! you seem to have forgot to say that you had a birthday a very important birthday indeed without your birthday none of the other birthdays in this list would have ever happened (Well Tara's would have happened but we wouldn't be talking about that now would we).

So are you going to edit your post, add a lovely picture of yourself and tell us all how young you are this year, or do I have to put one up on my wife's blog? The choice is yours.

Only Girl said...

Good heck Tauna thats a lot of birthdays!! And a few birthdays that we wont mention!!

g.suzie said...

Tauna, hope you had birthdays figured into your stimulus pkg. Sounds like you needed to be working your fingers to the bone to buy bd presents for everyone (fun pictures). . .Party on!!!

Conder's Castle said...

What's more disturbing about all these birthdays, is that our family seems to enjoy the same time of year...

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to you. I am wondering if Matt will follow thru or if he respect the wishes of his dear mother. What do you think?

Your household sounds like mine. We start the year off with a bang on the Birthday end. We start January 21 with 2, February 8, March 6, April 10 and then last but not least is on September 5.

So with all of that said my oldest turns 18 tomorrow!!!