Monday, May 31, 2010

I love you with all my butt!

While I was at the CBC this weekend, I got this text from my daughter.
This was our conversation:

Me: "Thank you...I must love you tons more!"
Candice: "HaHa! Nothing compares to my momma's love;)"
Me: "So is what u r saying is there is nothing that compares to my butt?????"
Candice: "Haha!!! Didn't mean it like that. But is is real funny. :)"
Me: "I'm all about humor."
Candice: You are pretty great like that. It's why your chillins love you;) <3"

I loved it! I just had to share it!

OK on to some CBC excitement!

Throughout the week I'll be posting pictures about some of the fun but I wanted to tell about the giveaways I'm going to have.

I won three very awesome prizes and the CBC people gave us a fabulous Swag Bag containing a ton of goodies. It was like Christmas!

On Friday night we were supposed to text one of the vendors for a chance to win a free blog redesign makeover.
The value was over $600.00!
When the desing team came up to call out the phone number for the winner it was mine!!!
Being a (208) prefix in a room full of (801) prefixes that WANTED this prize was a little scary
(A lady sitting next to me offered me $300.00 right then and there!)
I don't know why I didn't just do that (maybe it was because I really have too much money and didn't want to burden myself) but I thought it would be ungrateful to regift something so wonderful.

So I came home and checked out the site. They are a company called Moselle Design. I was so blown away with how beautiful their pages are and all of the stuff they could do for my website.
Apparently it's a really huge deal to have awesome webdesigns for business people and stuff.
Anyway, this is going to be one of my giveaways that I'll do.

The biggest reason I'm giving this away is that I'm just little old me.
I don't have a business, I'm just plain old Tauna and I enjoy kinda doing my own thing.
My blog isn't fancy but I have a blast playing with it.
And besides..........I didn't think my blog should get a facelift before I do!

"Thank you people from Moselle! I hope someone that really needs this can enjoy it! You were so generous!"

You can't believe the famous people that were there. It was so fun to be able to meet people that I've enjoyed reading or listening to their music.
About a year ago I bought a CD of this beautiful womans beautiful music. Sherrie Shepherd is a pianist and composer.

I love having her CD playing in the house. It's soothing and peaceful.
She also did the music for Braden Bell's upcoming book The Roadshow. SHE'S SO TOTALLY FAMOUS!
I shook her hand at CBC!
(I even took a picture with us together (she is so dang nice!) BUT apparently there is a save button on the camera phone that you supposed to do or something like that. Uhm, I have difficulty with such technology. SO I don't have the picture. I could kick myself!)
In each of the Swag Bags that we received there was a CD of her latest recording Solitude. Everyone there was so lucky!!!! Well, I already have this CD because I bought it a while ago and MY copy is even autographed!
So I am giving away the CD I got in the Swag Bag.
I promise that you will love it!
"Thank you Sherrie! You are so gorgeous!"

Another of the AWESOME things I got hooked scrapbooking! Oh. My. Heck!
There isn't anything that can't be done with digital scrapbooking well, except maybe the laundry.
The first day we were there I watched this vendor demonstrate some darling things she was doing with it.
I walked away.
Then I came back.
Then I walked away.
Then I bought.

I decided I wouldn't need to get Photoshop if I had this.
The next day I went to one of the full classes they were teaching.
At the end of the day they gave away the "lite" version.
I had purchased the full version.
So I am giving away the MemoryMixer lite version of this software.

OK, the last thing that I'll give away is some chocolates that I dipped.
Ya, I'm not famous or anything, but I dipped a bunch to take to CBC to give to some of the people I've stalked since I started blogging. I had some left over. (If you want to see one of the blog friends that actually blogged about my chocolates you can go visit Crash Test Dummy! Debby is one of the most hilarious people out there and I LOVED being able to meet her. So genuine!
I have pictures of her, but I really am supposed to be out pulling weeds so I'll post them later. But just trust me.....she is so CUTE! I just want to pinch her!)

They were giving away I iPAD at the CBC!
They had some seriously generous vendors there. Everyone was wanting that one.

NO I did NOT win the iPad but I did win a Sony Bloggie!
It was from the vendor Blog Frog. I hadn't heard of them before, but the guy that spoke to us was hilarious! Apparently if you are a blogger you want to sign up for BlogFrog. I'm still learning about it but it sounds great.
Their grand prize was this little number:

I've never had a video recorder before!!!!
It's so cute!
I am very excited.
So that's why I was asking in my last post if you wanted me to buy your lottery ticket.

I had a great time.
It was nice to get away.
It was a blast to meet friends.
I WILL go again next year!

The giveaways will start tomorrow or Wednesday. Right now I have to get back to real life and help with the weeding!
Ya'll need to start planning to attend this next year!


Kristina P. said...

Holy cow! You made out like a bandit! You should have seen the little gift cards that Moselle company was giving out. They were like works of art.

Kim said...

So wish I wasn't working :( Anyway, I up to win prizes, I put first dibs on the choclates and CD. Hope your lucky streak rubs off on me. Can't wait.

Sorry we couldn't get together for breakfast Saturday morning, I tried to find someone to come in for me at 00dark thirty, but no one wanted too. Maybe sometime soon.

Love you

Connie said...

You are one lucky lady!! Camille told me about you winning the video recorder!
You must have gotten a different swag bag than I did. I ended up giving most of my trinkets to my grandkids last night as going away gifts!
Hope someone wonderful wins all your giveaways since I won't be able to enter; I'll just be around some Chinese stalker person during that time!
Take care! I'll visit you in 2 weeks!

Scrappy Girl said...

That is awesome. My SIL has the same luck. I could be the only one in the drawing and they would STILL pull out someone else's

Barbaloot said...

I'm kicking myself knowing that if I had just gone I might have got chocolates from you without having to enter a giveaway!!

Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Congrats on all your amazing prizes!!

gigi said...

Throw my name in the pot and maybe you should buy me a lottery ticket and then I could afford to fly out next year and go with you to such a thing as CBC!!!!!!
Go weed.

Valerie said...

Wow! You lucky ducky!
Glad you had a great time, learned some new things...and met some blog friends! :) Good for you!!!

Doran & Jody said...

I so want to go and maybe sit by you when they hand out prizes. Maybe the luck will rub off.

Sign me up for your give-a-ways!!!

And speaking of your chocolate...well let's just say that my ONE treat a day challenge, well ya, I blew I chewed it...actually I INHALED it...your chocolates that is. Oh. MY. YUM! I couldn't decide which one I liked best so send some more so I can try again.

And thanks for taking the time to stop to meet lil' (young) me and the whole Fam Damily...minus the the man.

Momza said...

Wowzee! If you ever go to Vegas, I wanna go with you!
I loved the Moselle cards too.
Didn't win a thang, but like you, I really enjoyed the whole CBC!
Isn't winning stuff the funnest?!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow!!!! So you have my address right??? Cause you love me the mostest, right????

So jealous of you, and your butt, lol!

Hilary said...

Fun fun! I won a few giveaways in the last month or so and people were telling me to enter the lottery- we should join up and enter something together!!

Oh and can you pack some of those chocolates on ice and send them to Oklahoma?? That's the giveaway I'd really like to win!

wendy said...

I am taking you to Vegas!!!!

IF ---I were to win anything, I'd like the CD or the photoshop thinga ma jig --cause I'd give it to my DIL who loves that kind of stuff and it would be BEYOND!! me.

If I were to win, just saying.
I am glad you had a good time.
I would have wanted to sit at your table. We could have been very inappropriate, cause that's what I like to do. (tee,hee)

can't wait for the photos

I love you with all my BUTT too

M-Cat said...

You weren't kidding when you said you won a bunch of stuff! You have the midas touch right now!

But did you miss me? : )

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Congratulations on the successful looting. Way to go! It is fun to win things every one in a while. One of the few things I have ever won was a ticket to Wicked from April. I heart that girl so much.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good golly Ms. Molly you sure did get I can't believe all that you won and on top of that sharing your wins.
This world of blogging is hard to describe without using the word Love.
Can't wait to enter...
Just came by to thank you again for all the get well wishes.
I hope you entered my giveaway that ends tonight. Of course it is nothing like yours. lol
Loved you sharing your text cute..we are so lucky with our daughters

LKP said...

ok, so apparently that's another MUST-GO trips for me for 2011! only of course if you're really gonna be there too. i need some of your good luck mojo. =) congrats on all the goodies. the cd sounds fun. i'm about to go check out the stuff at moselle so i can completely appreciate what you're talking about. blogfrog, huh? i adore frogs of all kinds. i'm gonna have to check them out too. have a great time weeding. can't wait to see some pix!

Camille said...

I'm still laughing at your daughter's card! :) I may need to use it sometime because it's very applicable to me as well. Is Sherrie amazing? She really is genuinely kind and man she knows to play those ivories! You are one lucky lady - how nice of you to giveaway some of your winnings. I'll be stopping back! :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my gosh! You want to pinch me? And I want to hug you. Let's have a pinch and a hug.

I am totally entering that Moselle giveaway for my magic quilt site.

And those chocolate were sooooo darn yum. I ate every single one by myself. YOU DIPPED THOSE??? WHOA, girlfriend. Now I feel even more honored!

Brenda said...

LUCKY!!! Hope some of that LUCK can rub off on do you even hear about things like...a bloggers conf.?!
You are just BUSY...always something exciting and halarious at your place! Glad you had a fun trip.

Yvonne said...

Congratulations on all your prizes. Way to go.

You are so sweet to pass the website design prize on to someone else. I hope someone who can really use it wins.

JoAnn said...

If you were any cooler, you'd be an icicle!

Lori Allred said...

I was at CBC and so excited for you to win all the things you won!! And how cool of you to regift (or re-giveaway) the blog redesign. I think your blog is cute and totally get where you're coming from. I could have swore you won the iPad though...maybe the person who did would trade you for the blog design thingy...just a thought! Congrats!!

Kristin said...

I would love to win and if I do I will see what I can do about my brother and his camera, because I love your chocolates so much. Glad you had so much fun on your getaway.

T said...

holy heck - you won't let me comment on your newest post just because I'm not a chocolate fan... what is this - Communist Russia??? whatever - love you anyway!!!!

camille said...

(deep breath) my first blog comment..ever! and to win a prize to help me blog until my fingers ache? it just makes me sigh (sigh). thank you for getting me off my CBC seat and doing something about it. i'd love Moselle's magic touch - and your midas touch.

Holly said...

So I sent you the picture I took of you with your camera from BlogFrog. ;D I'm never so lucky... *sigh* oh WELL... =D

Kimmie said...

Sounds like SO much fun. I had no idea of CBC.

You are SO lucky to have met Connie and Camille. I just love Connie and her writing style and she sounds as nice in real life as she is on her Blog and the comments she gives others. She always makes me laugh. I hope that someday I get to meet her in real life!!

I'm not much of a "go out with the girls" person, but the more I blog and get to know people, the more I look forward to get together's with my Blogging friends. Hope you are going to the Blog Retreat that Cherie is putting together in October. I can't imagine how much FUN that is going to be!!

YAY, I'm so excited as I have the time scheduled off from work and it will be SO much fun to meet more of my Blogging friends. Cherie is an amazing lady as well!!

Anywho, I loved reading about all of the FUN you had! However, I'm just a "plain jane" blogger too and like to do things myself, and don't want monetize my Blog, or make a business of my blog, but it sounds like you got LOTS of ideas and info from it.

My Blog is my journal of my life and interests and if something that I say can help someone else, than I am thrilled. It truly is amazing how so much good can come from the internet and connecting up with others.

SO happy to have you for a friend!

Happy Week and congratulations on all of your good luck and getting to have such an AWESOME time meeting friends and learning fun and exciting things!

Motherboard said...

Holy Cannoli girlfriend! You have the winning MOJO! I should have rubbed up against you all weekend long so it could have rubbed off on ME!

It was fabulous to finally meet you! I adore your blog and adore you even more!