Sunday, May 2, 2010

It really can't be May.....{can it?}

If I were to look out the window, I would think it was February.
It's still cold. I had to scrape THICK ice off my window at 0550 this morning before driving off into the cruel world to save lives and battle disease (and see the occasional rash and hangnail)
I refuse to wear a coat or jacket because if I do then it's like I'm admitting that it really is only 26 degrees out there and I refuse to admit that.
So I'll freeze.
{note to self:}
Denial is NOT a river in idiot

However there is a lot to celebrate in May.
My oldest turns 31 on Tuesday. (even though I'm certainly not old enough to have a child that's gonna be 31!)

(I thought I'd use a really flattering picture of her...cause I'm kind of an awesome mom like that.)
My better half who still happens to be in Canada will turn another year older. (I would tell you how old he is but then you would get all creeped out cuz he is married to such a young thing.)
In the picture is hubby with our oldest son and his oldest trippy.

You can click on the picture to see how good lookin' that #1 Grandpa is!
(I post stuff like that last comment just to make my kids gag...well, and because it's true.

May is also Mother's Day. I love to celebrate my mom! She's pretty dang awesome. I love her tons. I feel blessed to be her daughter.

May 6th is National Nurses Day! It was the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Nurses Week continues from the 6th through the 14th. Our hospital doesn't so much as sneeze about the whole Nurses Week thing "work harder you silly slaves" but I still think nurses are to be celebrated.
We often "go where no man has gone before" and would be crying in a corner sucking his thumb if he had to. We work dang hard for very little thanks and a lot of swear words. We work holidays, weekends and nights. CEO's, CFO's and DNO's may wear the suits, get recognized and get the bonuses, but it's the nurses that run healthcare. If you REALLY want to know what is going on...Ask a Nurse!
We laugh and cry. We see life begin and sometimes we are blessed to be there when life ends. Hopefully because we were there someone was comforted on their way. It's never a dull moment. To nurses everywhere I LOVE YOU! YOU ROCK!

If you know a nurse, are a nurse, love a nurse, needed a nurse....well, be sure to wish them Happy Nurses Week!

I also received an award from Queenie Jeannie!

She's a military wife who gets to spend a few years in Italy. She posts the funniest stuff every Saturday. It's called Caturday. I love it and live for it every week.
She's totally hilarious. Go over and visit her.
The award is a happiness award. She says and I quote
"it's a special award given to bloggers who truly have happiness in their hearts and pass that on to everyone they meet and every where they go. They know that happiness is a choice and always choose wisely. They look on the sunny side of life and keep their sense of humor"

Well, Jeannie dear, you don't know me at 0 dark thirty when I stumble into the ER for my 12 hour shift. And my coworkers would beg to differ. But I do have a sense of humor however twisted it may be.
Thank you for this award. I will make a better effort to live up to it.
I now get to pass this award on to five other bloggers. Gladly!
#1. I pass it on to Serene! Her site is honestly a scream! She has some littles and they keep her hopping and it seems like she's almost always about to blow something up or start her house on fire or something. AND SHE LIVES TO BLOG ABOUT IT! I should have been such an awesome mom. Seriously you need to go there!
#2. Next would have to be Wendy for two reasons. First, she's so real! I love her honesty and happiness. Next, it will tick her off. And I live for that!
#3. The next person that comes to mind is Kimmie. As I stumbled onto her blog I thought, hmmmm, this girl is either on medication or she's really this way. Then I realized that I actually knew her. She's in my hometown and works in the same place as my better half. That being said I can say that she's really one of the happiest most upbeat unmedicated people I've ever met. Love her!
#4. Is Raders Out Loud. I don't even know this lady's name, but I so admire her. Her blog will have you laughing and crying in the same minute! Totally love her. Someday I wanna meet her.
#5 Gigi. What can I say about Gigi? I feel like this girl is a sister from a different mother! We email and chat and I am a total fan. She takes beautiful pictures and she's upbeat and happy ALL THE TIME. I'm gonna meet her someday.
So there ya go. People that I think exemplify happiness and goodness. Now they need to pass it on to five bloggers! K?

I hope ya'll have an awesome month of May. May May warm up and grow some flowers!


Kristina P. said...

My birthday is in May too. That's really all that matters.

Kristina P. said...
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Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh yea, uh huh! I'm number one!!

Gosh thanks Tauna! Maybe I should let my kids run around naked all week and give them jars of honey just so I have something REALLY good to blog about! Not that they need any encouragement mind you.

Ugh, this weather is brutal! Let's run away to a beach somewhere!

Jacob turns 3 this month!

I love you! You rock! Go national Nurses day!!!!

Julie Harward said...

It's that cold here too and will be all week! Cute picture of your daughter and little one too! Yay for nurses, I had some good ones of late, they are awesome! Come say hi :D

linda said...

I think I'd seriously pull all my hair out if it was still under 30 degrees and snowing outside. It's spring for pete's sake! Luckily, it's getting warmer here. Today was so nice I bought flowers!

Happy Nurse's Week to you! My company is sooo cheap I'm not expecting anything. If I don't expect anything, I won't be disappointed!

Congrats on your award! Sounds like you've listed some great blogs. I'll check them out.

Lisa said...

You totally deserve a happy blog award. Your posts crack me up. You're the funniest nurse I've ever known which is probably the best medicine to your patients.

Yvonne said...

Sorry about the yucky weather. Warm weather will eventually get there--I HOPE and I know Kyle does, too ; )

So your hubby is in Canada, eh ; ) Curious where???

I'm so grateful for nurses--have spent time in the hospital, ER, etc.

Happy Birthday to your children who celebrate in May.
(One of mine will be 40 the end of May--SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE)

Happy Mom said...

I'm so sad that you are still scraping ice!! Hang in there, girl!!

Have a great May!!! (I love nurses!)

JoAnn said...

To one of the bestestest nurses around -- HAPPY NURSES WEEK! Now go buy yourself some flowers -- put them on your desk -- sign the adoring card from the CEO -- and send the bill to Mr. Rowe. :)

Cherie said...

Brittany got tired of the ice so she and the hubby came to our house last night (it's not much warmer here).

I think May is a pretty terrific month too! We have Mr. Trent and Mrs. Brittany's birthdays and it is the start of Spring at some point...right?? ha ha I HOPE!!

I vote for you for Nurse of the year - I'll be thinking of you on National Nurses day :D

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Nurses Week!!!!

Life is good! said...

well happy May to you! and thanks for being a nurse. i know nurses are IT! consider yourself hugged on nurses day please! have a great May!!!!!

Barbaloot said...

Ooh-I share a birthday month with Kristina and your oldest? That's big stuff:)

I wore a spring dress to church yesterday even though it was cold, windy and rainy. It's Spring dangit!!

Scrappy Girl said...

I wish I could send you some of my sunshine...but apparently that also comes with heavy rains and flooding.

I love to make Manga Dork gag by saying Dr. Hubby is HOT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Doran & Jody said...

I stumbled (bandaid needed now) on to you blog through....uh...lettme think...

Anyway Happy Nurse's DAY!!!

My sis-in-law is a nurse up in the cold weather too. She was over in Montpelier and now in Poky.

It is great when we have questions for a DR. we just get her on the line and have her talk to them....then she explains, in a language that we can understand, what the Doc said. She is a great enterpreter.

Ann Marie said...

It's freezing there too??
Us also.. and it bites. Big time.
Global warming.. my donkey.

Anyways.. congrats to those Happy blog people like You.. my friend.
Happiness is a choice for sure. :)

And wowie! ~ A celebrate a nurse week? Is that what it is?
Because I have been meaning to do a post one day.. about why I think Nurses and Teachers should be paid as well as much as CEO's.

~ After I gave birth to my first child.. I sang praises to my good/nice nurses.. and yes.. I have said-- and will continue to say how I think they should get paid a MILLION dollars an hour. :)

Have fun celebrating those birthdays this month... :)

Just Breathe said...

Cute post. Love the picture with the rollers. My daughter turns 29 this month. May is always a busy month for me too. Nurses rock!
I don't know how you do it but we can't survive without you. Have a wonderful time with your Mom and congratulations on your award.

gigi said...

Awe... You made my whole day!! Sorry I didn't see this until tonight. I've had a heck of a day and am just getting around to checking blogs. This is the sweetest award and I feel honored coming from my favorite nurse and biggest fan, You go Guurrrllll!

I truly am sorry about your cold weather, I know it's just gotta stink! I think the whole world is turning upside down with wierd weather patterns. I bet we have a heck of a hurricane season this year too :(

Cute pictures of your daughter and GRAND~daughter and your Hot handsome husband! I love his hair :) My Sweetheart just went bald.

I thank you again and I'll try and get around to placing the honor of this award on 5 other bloggers soon.
Love ya, Taunaishia!

LKP said...

Boise November 12-13th!!!!
Also, Logan September 10th-11th!!!
you should SO go. you won't be disappointed.
as for the eyre's, yes they were phenomenal. some of the stuff i wish i'd known earlier for easier implementation with daisy. but then again, better late than never. perhaps my grandkids will reap the benefits of the advice.
as for the infertility, yeah. just another facet of my crazy life. i've come to a blanket answer for all those questions, "when He wants it to happen, it'll happen." ya know what really helped? not only has jenny oaks baker been dealing with it since having her 4th child, brooke from mercy river dealt with it for 3 years of her own, and ardeth kapp still has no children. when people ask her how many children she has she answers, "i haven't any, yet." i love her example of hope. if not more children in this life, He will make sure it happens in the next. =) this weekend helped a lot. i cried a lot. i laughed a lot. AND before we even got to TOFW i couldn't stop humming/singing "come thou fount of every blessing". strange hadn't heard it in forever, but i couldn't shake it. friday night, jenny played it. i lost all my marbles. tears just streamed down my face. perfect. Heavenly Father knew i needed that, so he placed it in my heart first. i fully believe that. so i was on cloud 9 humming it in the shower the next morning (woke my poor friend up super early even with my shower singing, lol). was with me all day. mercy river was the musical guest saturday, and the last song they sang was "come thou fount of every blessing"! yeah, i just about fell out of my seat!!!!
like i said, He knew i needed the peace & hope that song gives me. =) big blogger hugs to you. now i'm going to bed so i can shut my brain won't. stop. talking. ah!

Homer and Queen said...

First of all...NURSES ROCK!!! They are more valuable than doctors! Trust me I know.

And...I'm #4!!!! Does this mean I have to be happy and all Merry Sunshine?

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So glad I came by here to say hello. Your post always put a smile on my face and boy do I need that today.
Yes YOU nurses do deserve a whole month of recognition but as you mentioned some people just don't realize what all you do to keep them happy and well.
Congrats on your award to you deserve everyone you receive and more
Thanks for checking on me...they gave me some new pills today and will not release me until I see a doctor next Tues...hate it but its okay

Laura said...

You're right, nurses DO rock! :)

Sherrie said...

Our weather is crazy too! I HATE IT! I love all your pictures. Happy Nurses Day!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

My birthday is in May too.

Or did Kristina already say that?

Happy Nurses day tomorrow. I'm glad to know that!

And thanks for the tips on the cool blogs. I LUB Raders Out Loud! I met Queen in real life and she is AWESOME! I'll have to check the others out.

And I'M SO SICK TO DEATH OF COLD I could scream! I was soooo patient all winter, but ENOUGH ALREADY!

kado! said...

i really hope the weather is warmer for you right now, that is just NOT fair!!!!!

Happy Nurses day, You guys ROCK!

Connie said...

How is it I didn't see this post until now!! I missed a good chuckle!
26 degrees is too dang cold for May!
You must be one awesome, fun, smart nurse!
You definitely deserve the award!

Take care and I hope things warm up!

Lisa Loo said...

Hey you! Happy Nurses Day! I personally never understood why nurses don't get paid at least as much as Dr's do. In the hospital you only see the Dr for 15 minutes a day and the Nurses do everything!

I LOVE that pic of your daughter--I bet she was so pleased to see that tribute on your post.

Yeah, I'm still having to build a fire every morning because spring came for like a week and then picked up its skirts and ran off somewhere!

"(I would tell you how old he is but then you would get all creeped out cuz he is married to such a young thing.)" {Snort}

One of my favorite things to do is kiss my husband long enuff in front of my kids that they say, "OOO! Get a room!" And then I say--"We did--and then we had you!" Torment and teasing is one of my fav forms of parenting.

Congrats on the award!

[Look at me being an all big and bad comment hogger...]

LKP said...

yes, definitely a garden....eventually a little orchard. chickens have already been requested by Mr LKP. cows are inevitable. first though he wants to put up a fence, that way he can board a friend's horses and make a little money. but yeah, we're thinking a little of everything, just on a small enough scale to fit it on 7 acres. =) hope your thursday's going quite nicely.
big hugs!

LKP said...

p.s. happy nurses day to the #1 nurse of the universe!

Paula said...

Love your pix of the Rexburg Temple in your side bar - I am in Idaho falls and snow was here too. I keep hoping for sunshine and warm temps - I njoyed your blog post! Thanks for sharing, Paula

Julie Harward said...

I so agree about how sad it is when a mommie HAS to work..they have my complete respect and I wish I could help them all! :D

Braden said...

Hi Tauna. I just barely put it together that you are Tauna who knows Jenna Karren AND Garden of Egan. That is really cool and I'm sorry I'm so slow. I finally made it over to your blog. I'm sorry it's cold in May. That is not good at all. Ihope it's warmer now.


wendy said...

THANKS TAUNA!!!!! for the award E#)(^**@^^%*(_

I am going to end up on your porch one of these days with a paint ball gun for when you open the door.
You wait.
My sister in laws family lives in Rexburg now, and I think I'll just have to hitch a ride on down when she makes a visit.
Cause I have an award for YOU!!!
(seriously, I love ya, you know I do)

I read on Shelle's blog comments you are going to blogger conference in May. LUCKY.
I'd give my left butt cheek to be there (also I could use the weight loss on that give away)

I LOVE the photo of you in the BIG rollers. brought back memories.
Yes, your hubs is a stud (that is the word around town)

wendy said...

Oh wait, I think I just had a change of heart. I just get to RECEIVE the award. I don't have to DO anything or TALK about any particular thing. JUST RECEIVE IT

I can do that. I take back to paint ball comment.
I am good at passing things along
(like gas)

Mikki said...

Wow!! I think you don't have to post now for the entire month of May. You squeezed everything in!!
But please post anyway, I love hearing from you!

Happy, Happy Mothers Day Tauna!!! Hope it's a great one.
Happy Nurses Week too!! You rock!

Lucy said...

I my have to keep up with you. I just came over from.....somewhere and really like your blog. And also...I'm from Idaho. That's gotta count for something. :)

LKP said...

no not 100% moved yet. midway the kid got hit with pinkeye, and the hubsters got hit with bronchitis. so, we're one foot in each place. yeah i liked both the copper honey & true's so hard cause i wanna get it just right, so in a few years i don't look back and think it no longer fits ya know? you're a trooper in helping me figure this all out. you, tauna, are the QUEEN OF ROCKVILLE!!!