Saturday, May 2, 2009

I'm livin' the dream

If your dream is to be up to your elbows in chocolate and making candy, I'm livin' it!
I used to work here and learned a great skill that has brought me lots of satisfaction over the years. Even though it's been over 15 years since I've worked there, I still manage to dip chocolates a couple of times a year.

This year I'm dipping chocolates for little gifts for the sisters in our ward. I did it last year and loved doing it, so I begged the bishop to let me do it again.

So today my kitchen smells divine and I'm having a blast.

This is an orange cream, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....very delicious.

This is a bunch of chocolate that is being tempered to the right temperature before dipping, it will be nice and shiny. It works best being "worked" on a marble slab.

I am a chocolate snob, I only use this kind.

Yummy chocolates waiting to "cure" and on Tuesday the YM and YW will be coming over to package them into cute little bags and tied with ribbon. They will pass them out to the women on Mother's Day after the Mother's Day program.

I sometimes wish I had different talents, like spending hours running marathons or playing the piano or violin. Those are useful talents. I wish I hated chocolate. I don't hate chocolate. I love chocolate. That's why I'm not winning the Fitness Challenge. Sigh.

Oh, well, maybe someday I will find a talent that has a better use than putting unwanted pounds on hips, but in until I come across it, I'm livin' the dream.


Hilary said...

The chocolates look delicious! I'm definitely looking forward to Mother's Day! I came down with a cold, so I missed your demonstration, but they sure turned out fabulous!

Cadance said...

what is your address....I am on my way over for dessert! I licked the screen...but not so good....

....that takes rock!

g.suzie said...

Don't forget 'the mother' you will be working with on Monday, she loves your chocolates. . .If you have any left-overs/oddballs, need a taste tester, whatever!!! Pick me!

Kristina P. said...

I clearly need to come to your place!

Cherie said...

I am feeling your dream!!

OK first you need to know that it IS a major talent to be able to make these yummy chocolates.

The sisters in your ward are going to love them and you love making them so everybody wins!


wendy said...

All I can say is ---I WISH I WERE IN YOUR WARD!!!!

Mary Z said...

Don't forget me either on Monday.

Kristin said...

you do know this is one of the reasons my mom loves you don't you!

Kirsten said...

Florence's are my FAVORITE all time chocolates! I beg Paul to get them for me for every holiday, even Cinco de Mayo if he wants! :) I miss getting yours on Mother's Day. Maybe I'll come to 4th ward, just for them!...well, and of course to see everyone!

Ann Marie said...

Hi there!
Thanks for introducing yourself! I love to meet new blog friends! :)

Your blog looks fun and I can see we have some blog friends in commen! YAY!

Like everyone else has said.. I wish I could visit your ward!
I'll tell my husband I can think of a GREAT reason to visit ID! :)

Michelle said...

yummy, yummy, yummy

thanks for visiting my blog. We live in SE Idaho too, in a small town about 45 miles from you.

I think that making those chocolates are a huge talent in itself!! I agree about trying to finish projects--I love starting them, but the end rarely happens :)

nikkicrumpet said...

OH man....a day spent with's like dying and going to heaven! Although if it were me making them...there wouldn't be any left for the ladies hehehe...but I'd have a full belly and a smile on my face! That is so nice of you to go to so much work for the ladies in your ward...I sure hope they appreciate it!

Sondra said...

Can I come to your ward on Sunday?? I think that is an amazing gift for the mothers in your ward. WOW!! A lot of work!! I think you should give us the recipes for the chocolates! I've always wanted to try it.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've looked around yours. I love the "fun" in dysfunctional.. Cracked me up.

gigi said...

I think you should have another contest and a giveaway of some of these wondeful chocolates. Just enter my name only, K?

creed and tiffany said...

Oh wow! I SO wish I was still in that ward!

gigi said...

Are you in a Chocolate coma? You are missiing in action :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Cherie said...

Just making sure you did't get stuck in a vat of chocolate!!!

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day!

Is your daughter graduating this year too?