Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buzy Crazy Dayz

It's hard to believe that my baby is going to graduate from high school in less than a week. Where have the years gone? Wasn't it just yesterday that I had a houseful of destroying angels tearing the house to pieces, spilling milk and having wet diapers?
Five children later I'm going through the final ritual....the last concerts, the last senior trip, the ordering of the graduation announcements, the final tests...I may very well be losing my mind.
The month began busy and it sounds like it will stay that way.
On the 4th of May we had her Senior Violin Recital. It was very hard to contain the emotions. I'm so proud of her and the talent that she has with the violin. It's been a joy to listen to her practice and never been a chore to get her to do so. It was more like "hey put that thing down and get to bed already!"

She's not holding her violin in this picture because she also sang two numbers. Her voice is pretty incredible! Do I sound like I'm bragging? Ya, well it's my blog and I'll do what I want to.
May 4th was also my oldest baby's 30th birthday! She too is a most beautiful girl.

She's holding her first and only baby and introducing her to the ocean. Can I really be the mother of a 30 year old?
These last two nights were Candi's final music concerts. Tuesday night was the final Symphony Orchestra Concert.

She presented the orchestra teacher with a small gift...Teddy Grahams....she's a very big spender. I'm sure there is a story there.

The Bel Cantos concert was last night. She was able to play the violin and be in the choir. There were some very tender moments. These kids have traveled to many states and performed many times together. They have become very close through the years. This past February they lost a classmate in a car accident. It was tragic and the kids were invited to sing at his funeral. They sang Be Still my Soul. They sang it again last night in his honor. There wasn't a dry eye in the building.

It was a beautiful tribute.
Who knows what the future holds for any of us? Things change in a heartbeat.
She grew a heartbeat.
I love you Angel Baby.


Kristina P. said...

What an exciting, and bittersweet time!

g.suzie said...

Your life will never be the same, when the baby leaves home, the rules change!!!!Not all bad though. . .She is an amazing girl.

Jeppesens said...

Well you will be empty nesters soon. That is crazy. Candice looks beautiful. She is very talented. Just keep smiling in spite of all business. It will be over soon.

gigi said...

You know my oldest baby turned 30 March 28 this year. My baby is 27. The Lord only sent me the 2 boys. I wanted 5 children. The Lord had his plan but I tried so hard to have more up until I turned 42. Then I just knew it was over for me. But then the GRANDS started coming and that has been so fun.

No wonder you have had such a crazy month! A broken Violin and forgotten dress and broken car and it's your 'baby' graduating. All that alone would have broken a normal persons spirit. But you've done it and it going to happen in less than a week! WOW!
It's hard not being able to do a thing about it. It's happening like it or not. Try and enjoy it all, every moment even thru your sweet tears. I know you must be os proud of her.
On to more adventures in all of your lives!
Party on...

Cadance said...

Brag deserve it! How awesome..they are beautiful children!!!

Cherie said...

I think all mom's need to have bragging rights. Your daughter is beautiful and talented!

I have 5 children also - my youngest daughter (3rd child) is also graduating in 2 weeks. I can't imagine having it be the last one. I guess that is why we get grandchildren - a transition??

I can tell you are a GREAT mom who has enjoyed every moment of raising those 5 children!

creed and tiffany said...

You go girl! I had the privilege of listening to Candice play songs as I was falling asleep when I lived in the basement. I can only imagine how good she is now. She's is such a talented girl. Good for you for bragging about her! By the ways, your blog is hilarious and I love reading it