Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why am I sitting here crying? And a wrong number text...

I was blurfing tonight. (blog surfing)
And I went to Connie's blog.
She had this video.

I totally loved it and
watched it bawling.

Not sure why.

I've been to blogs and read about their Christmas decorations.
And seen photographic evidence.
I've loved it.

My tree is even up.
It's sorta pretty.

So why is it making me a bawlbaby?
What is the matter with me?

So on a lighter note.....
While working in the ER today I got a text.

Apparently some guy thought I was Steve.

(I had to take a picture of the text.)

The text goes as follows:

555-555-5555: (not the real phone number by the way)
Hey Steve this is Adam. When would be a good time to come look at that car?

Me: I'm not Steve but I have a piece of crap car I would love to get rid of.

555-555-5555: What is it?

Me: No seriously you wouldn't want it. It's a 99 Catera.

555-555-5555: What does it look like? What's wrong with it?

Me: *crickets*

555-555-5555: (several hours later): Steven does this car have a loan out on the title? Find out and let me know! (yes, there was an exclamation mark!)

Me: No, it's free and clear.

555-555-5555: Whats it look like? What's wrong with it?


This has had me LAUGHING all day long.
My kids have roared as well.
In fact, if anyone knows me well at all this is funny.
Because my car is truly horrible.
Horrible enough that I've blogged about it before.

Horrible enough that a sheriff threatened to shoot my car.
Because my car is from Satan.
Don't believe me?
Go here.

Hopefully Adam whoeveryouare will find a car.
Really, I know, I should sell!


Julie said...

I saw this today too, and it made me bawl also. Just such a great overwhelming happy feeling. So wonderful to share. :)

~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

That is funny! You should tell Sheriff Klingler that if he shoots your car you may have to put his house up for sale in the paper, and his dog too. . .he will know what your talking about!

Cherie said...

I too love this video. I saw it on a blog a few days ago and then on Connie's tonight. I can't help but keep watching it - it is soooo totally cool!
No one ever does cool stuff like that when I am in the food court sheesh!
Glad it touched your heart - it's a keeper!

P.S. Sell 5555555 the car!! LOL

Katie said...

Oh man that is great!!! I bet it was a prank... the number sounds fishy and there are places where you can make up a number and text people from it online. Have fun in the snow!


gigi said...

This was AWESOME. I had not seen it before tonight.

You are to cool for school!! All texting and stuff. Sell the ride, Funny Bunny!!
Do you work all the time??

Laura Lynn said...

Love this!!

Kirsten said...

That's funny! I got a random text last week from the lady we bought our house from. She hates us, really. We didn't end the sale on the greatest terms with each other! That's why I was surprised to get the text and that she even still had my number! She was telling me that she needed my advise and some words of encouragement because she was frustrated with work. I texted her back and said sure, I'd give her some, but I didn't think she realized who she was texting. Once I told her it was me I didn't hear from her again! Paul and I laughed pretty hard on that one! I don't think she wanted MY advise!

I love random texts like that! :) Glad it could make your day!

Connie said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one bawling when I saw the video! It's very touching.

I can't believe you didn't take Adam up on his desire to buy Satan's car!

Julie Harward said...

I love this one too and have watched it many times, gets me every time too! SELL SATAN while you have the chance! LOL

LKP said...

hey you are sooooo not alone on this one! i loved that video. may have to pop it on over at my place as well. :) got a little misty-eyed, totally had shivers all over through the whole dealio. wow! but it makes sense since i'm a massive sucker for handel's messiah. makes me miss the old messiah sing-along at the college! we participated in it our first Christmas in rexburg. but then it didn't seem like it was happening past that. no matter how much we asked the years after, nobody seemed to know anything about it. so yeah. wish they'd do something like that here. :)
love you!

LKP said...

this is WAY better than the michael jackson flash mob vids online, btw! :)

Momza said...

I saw it a few days ago and had the same reaction...a welling up and tears.
I love that they say about the Savior. In Public. When all the retail stores sweep Christ under the Christmas tree, and instead of saying "Merry Christmas", now say "Happy Holidays...all in the name of being "Politically Correct"; here was a beautiful tribute to the Messiah in the pure form of song--I loved it!

As for the weird.

Momza said...

should say, "I love that they SANG" about the Savior. It's not even 6am yet)

g.suzie said...

Hey Tauna, I'm still waiting to see a picture of your new 'do'!

Just tell Santa you've been really really good and he'll bring you a car I bet!
Why don't you put something together like that for the Mall in IF. Oh wait they sorta did away with the food court though!
How about Wall Mart?
Luv ya,

Saimi said...

Excellent video!! Wouldn't that be fun to participate in a flash mob thing like that!

I'm also impressed that they sang about Christ, it would have really topped it off if they all said
"Merry Christmas" after the song.

I hate the whole 'Happy Holiday'

So did Steve come and get your car???

Barbaloot said...

I totally cried watching the video, too! Isn't it just wonderful?

The Crash Test Dummy said...


Hey, Julie is cute.

I'm going to go watch the video so I can be a bawl baby too.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

wow! That was an awesome vid. Just Wow. I know why you're crying. Because it's your first Christmas as an empty nester.

tammy said...

Love that video and that they did that. And especially the song they chose!

So, so funny about the car.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That txt is funny stuff! I saw that video earlier today, it's awesome. I have decided that my decorations will get done when they get done. I ended up getting sick so here I sit getting caught up on posts. I have to get out of town pkgs and cards out, then I will finish what I started. Hopefully I can post pictures before Christmas. Maybe I'll just repost last years pictures!!

M-Cat said...

I love it when someone sends you a text or even an email by mistake.

I got an email the other day informing of the the team lunch (for the team that I didn't belong to).

I couldn't help but reply with a thanks for the invite should I bring some 7 layer dip

yeah - serious crickets chirping until she got brave enough to let me know it had come to me in error.