Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh my goodness!

Several weeks ago I won a giveaway on Brenda's blog. I've read her blog for over a year now. She's a talented and generous lady.
She does absolutely darling crafts and sells them on Etsy. She's posted pictures of her home before and it's just mouth-watering.

Yesterday my package arrived and I was overwhelmed!

Oh. My. Deliciousness!!!!
Such cute stuff!
Cute table runner!

And matching apron.

All of the gifts (12 of them to be exact) were numbered and wrapped so beautifully with coordinating ribbon.
I think I was supposed to do a 12 Days of Christmas thing, but I couldn't stand it.
So I opened each one carefully, enjoying the wrapping paper and ribbons.

Thank you so much BRENDA!!!!!
You are the best SANTA EVER!

My home and my tree are more beautiful today!

Go visit her.
I promise you won't regret it.

Now, speaking of giveaways.
The winners of my VOTE FOR CRASH TEST DUMMY giveaway:

The winner of the bracelet is Debbie at Just Breathe!
The winner of the chocolates is Keeley at the Gusty Ridge Ranch!
Congrats to the winners!
I hope you are excited for winning.
I was excited for winning.
Debbie and Keeley email me!

Voting isn't over for Crash Test Dummy either.
You can still vote!
Do it!


Kristina P. said...

That is like the giveaway of all giveaways!

Brenda said...

Hello My Dear Friend!

I'm so HAPPY to see everything in your HOME! It's all for YOU--all 12GIFTS! Enjoy! Stay Warm! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Brenda

Anonymous said...

What beautiful gifts! Congrats! Hoping you have a very good week Tauna.

Valerie said...

That is an awesome bunch of prizes! What a nice friend too.

Julie Harward said...

You are one lucky gal...I love Brenda and her gorgeous post with so much skill for making darling things! :D

Scrappy Girl said...

You are such a lucky duck. I was glad to see you win...if it wasn't going to be me. I love Brenda's website. It is filled with goodies.

Saimi said...

Lucky girl!! I'll have to hope over and check her out!

lifeinredshoes said...

Hi Tauna, nice to meet you! Nice little spot you have here, hope to see you again:)

Mikki said...

That is some serious sweetness!! Congrats to you on winning, you deserve it!!!

gigi said...

You really did hit the jack pot, didn't you!!!! Those kinds surprises just rock my day!!
Congrats ladies!

Ann Marie said...

You should have titled this "SCORED!" haha... you SCORED big time.. and Debbie and Keely are SCORING big time!

Those things you won are AMAZING.. and Keely and Debbie are lucky with a capital L. We know.. we have had your chocolates... MMmmmm.

Darling tree!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am super excited that I won. I will send you an email. OMG what a wonderful box of excitement you received! Congratulations.

The Crash Test Dummy said...


First of all, You did a giveaway for me. SNIFF SNIFF WAAAAAAHHHH!

I lub you so much. HUGS! Hugs! HUGS!

Thank you Tauna.

This dang contest is kinda stressful and people like you help me keep going. Fer reals.

I haven't even gotten to the cop pic yet. I 'm so excited to scroll down.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oops, I forgot to do teh 2nd:

Brenda is amazing. Oh gosh, how cute. And how bee-U-tiful you tree looks. I lub all the pics.

I bet that package made your day. Especially after all that bawling you've been doing.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

You are honestly one of the luckiest people I know! You always win the coolest stuff!!!

Barbaloot said...

What a cute package! Love that you opened them all together:)

jen said...

I've been here a few times, and every time I visit I find something interesting. I can't believe that text about the car. Too funny.
New follower, so now I'll be back more often.

T said...

so stinkin' cute!! of course you couldn't wait for one at a time :)

tammy said...

You are a lucky lucky girl!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow what an awesome giveaway you won. I love all your gifts.
I had to laugh at your comment you left me today. Honey you are too funny. Maybe if you had been in the car with me laughing I would of figured it out before I got 5 miles from my house.
Hope you entered my giveaway since your on a winning streak

M-Cat said...

THAT is a lot of crafts. She must have spend HOURS crafting all of that. I just don't see crafts like that very often

I kill myself really, I do.

In all seriousness - well done! They are so cute!

And dam that Keeley for winning the chocolates! : )


Yvonne said...

WOW--That is some giveaway--CONGRATULATIONS

And congratulations to the winners of your giveaway.

Sandra said...

Cute stuff indeed! What a great haul!

LKP said...

i like NEVER win giveaways....maybe i should go pick up a lotto ticket just in case the lucky hasn't worn off yet! :)
mr LKP will be SO excited to see your chocolates actually make it to my house....that is unless i get to the mailbox first!!!!! :)
i think i'll be good and share this time though since i didn't share any of the last ones with him.
i lub you!
danke, for being my friend. you are one of the greatest ever.

LKP said...

p.s. brenda's a spoiler for sure!!!!
(psst....brenda, let's you & i be friends too, m'k?)

Connie said...

Wow! I'm speechless, breathless, friendless! What a giveaway! Brenda really is super creative and generous! Congratulations!

I need to be on the computer a bit more. I completely missed your last post! I hope you got all the chocolates dipped for Christmas. You do make the best!

wendy said... lucky girl you.
You probably cheated....should have opened one each day.
But that's ok.......I would have done the same thing.
after all..they were staring at you right in the face
open, open, open.

Sherrie said...

Oh my that looks like some very fun and cute stuff! You are the luckiest lady I know. Have Fun!

LKP said...

hey, btw, i have that same fannie farmer cookbook! (i think.) only mine still has its spine. how cool is that? matter of fact i picked mine up for 50 cents at a yard sale not far from your house!!! we were so meant to be friends. :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

SCORE!!!! Wowie, what fun stuff! Congratulations hun!

Doran & Jody said...

WOW! Talented and fun!!

You remind me of my grandpa at Christmas. He use to shake the packages all the way up til Christmas, but it sounds like he had a LITTLE more self control.

The American Homemaker said...

How fun! What an awesome giveaway! :)

Kimmie said...

WOW!! I love how she has everything perfectly wrapped!!

It looks like how I like to do things. Only this year, you would never had known that from what we dropped off at your house for holiday treats.

I bought cute cellophane bags, matching paper and stickers, ribbon, etc.... and Tracy commented how we should let everyone participate in "wrapping up" our holiday treats and get to "choose" something for it. So Tracy chose the paper the note was printed on, Jade chose the paper that went around the almonds, Ethan chose the cellophane bags and I chose the sticker. It sure didn't coordinate too well, but we all worked together and it was awesome! (even though it didn't have the most perfect appearance). It was a fun evening for our family.

Brenda is a sweetheart that truly inspires me. SO happy that you were the lucky recipient of her giveaway!! I don't think I've seen someone put more work into a giveaway are the most amazing person that is always doing for others and SO happy you got to have so many FUN things to open and enjoy yourself!!

Hope to see you during the holidays...ENJOY!!