Tuesday, August 21, 2012


One measley post about a wedding? I think not.
Krew, Jessica, Lexi and Lynsey
Waiting for the whole thing to start.

My two granddaughters.
They look too sweet for words.

My new son-in-law, Tyler
Our former Stake President and current District Court Judge performed the ceremony.
He and his wife are amazingly awesome people.
Love them!

Each of the girls in the bridal party had these sweet footless sandals.
Are they cute or what?!
Thank you Rebecca for designing them for us!

The wedding party.
Some very adorable and handsome people there!
My baby girl!
Baby girl with handsome dad!
Candice's new family.
Giving big sissy a kissy!
My girls!
I love them.
They are beautiful inside and out!
They have very lucky husbands.

Candice gets a hug from my parents.
Grandma gets a hug from Krew.
Lexi wonderin' what this is all about.
Howie too.
Lynsey gets a hug from my dad.
He loves his grandkids.
Ah....sweet love.
Me with my mom and dad.

I might be done with wedding pictures.
Or not.


Maggie Miller said...

Fabulous pictures!! You are a beautiful lady, no wonder your girls are both gorgeous. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures the wedding and all the people...beautiful!! Hugs

mCat said...

Please don't be done! They are bright, smiling and make me happy!

And have I told you how much I love the name Krew?

Furry Bottoms said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I love the anklet/toering. That really adds flair to the whole outfit! :)

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

Oh what fun, seeing all of your family and knowing right where you are! Loving the great pix with Greg too, he is a peach. My fav though is the beautiful one with your two girls. You are each so pretty and I can feel the love! Thanks...and those barefoot sandals, taking me way back to the 70s on Balboa Island.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love everything about the day, just everything!

Camille said...

awww I love the pics of your girls with your parents. I LIVE for the moments I can spend with my grandparents. It's obvious how much they love their grandchildren. You captured some amazing memories!

Saimi said...

I hope your not done with wedding pictures, I want to see more!!

Your family is so BEAUTIFUL I can't get enough!!! What a lovely day for a lovely wedding!!

Who did the girls hair? Truly an art for sure!

Anonymous said...

Love these pics! The granddaughters' hairstyles are awesome! Loved seeing your parents, too. You are blessed with a beautiful family. Sending my love across the miles.

Emmy said...

She is such a beautiful bride! Love her dress. And yes the flower girls were adorable. And what cool bridesmaids "shoes"

Butterbean Row said...

You look as young as your daughters.
What a lovely wedding couple!


Ruth said...

Such a special day. Love that Candice! Such a doll! Now, about that canning you've been put off... I'm hoping to smell lovely salsa/spaghetti sauce/pickle smells wafting over the fence very soon.

Doran & Jody said...

Ah...thanks for sharing!!

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing some more of your daughter's great wedding pictures. What a treat to see you looking so happy. Your girls are lovely and I'm sure that their husbands are lucky guys.

Are there more pictures? I hope so. I enlarged the photos for a closer look.

Have a restful week. Hugs, JB

Valerie said...

So much awesomeness!!! I do think the "Howie Too" picture is my favorite though. :)

gigi said...

I think Lexi is a Mini-Blonde Tauna.

I think you have NO WRINKLES!

I think that you are one lucky mama.

I think you have beautiful daughters.

I think you have cute parents.

I think that Krew should have that picture of you both framed and in his room. I think you should have one on your fridge.

I think that Candice does have a handsome wedding party.

I think that all the girls had such cute hair-do's.

I think that these are great pictures.

And I think I can't wait to see what you did with all that candy!!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Yes indeed your son-in-laws are both lucky fella's. I am so glad you shared more pics of the happy day.
You are just so Beautiful. I loved seeing these pictures.
Congrat's to all of you.
Love ya

The Jones Family said...

What a lovely wedding! Congratulations!

Kerin said...

Wonderful pictures!
You are so blessed with a loving, and supportive family.

No wonder everyone looks so happy!!

Your grands are sweet, and I love that they were a part of the special day!

Keep sharing!!

Smiles :)

g.suzie said...

Oh Tauna,
Awesome every picture. . .your little piece of Heaven here on earth!
I hope they all realise how lucky they are to be part of your family!
Now what plans do you have for your next chapter?

RoeH said...

Great post! I love everything. Especially those sandals. If I ever get married again (yeah--right!) I'm borrowing. :)

tammy said...

Such a beautiful family! I love all the pics.

Valerie said...

What an emotional, stressful, beautiful time all of this must of been for you. She is such a pretty bride. The footless sandals are soooo pretty, although I couldn't wear them cuz I gotta have shoes on outside. :) Hope you are relaxing a bit now.

wendy said...

I say NOT DONE...I want to see more.
These were all so cute. I love the one of you and your newly wed daughter.
There is much tenderness in that shot.
Love your dad's hat !!! gotta love a cowboy.
those shoeless sandals are NEAT.
Laughed at the "perplexed" looks on the photo of your grandaughter and Howie. So funny.
You are a blessed lady Tauna.

Betty said...

It looks like it was a beautiful day! Everyone looked gorgeous! The colors were FABULOUS! And I think it's especially wonderful that both your daughters wore the same dress! What a great tradition!

I had really planned on coming over. But it turned out I had to go house/property shopping in east Montana. I thought about you and hoped the day was going well. And it looks like it did! Congratulations!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Love the pictures. The footless sandals are cute!

" Hit It......." said...

Your husband looked like mine did when his oldest daughter got married. He had a continual look of "what the heck?"

I love the picture with you and your daughter. Those sandals were to die for. It looks like you all had a wonderful day.

Yay...you did it!

Jenny Lynn said...

What a beautiful day, looks like the weather was perfect. Cute barefoot sandals, not seen those before. Glad it went well.

Queenie Jeannie said...

So awesome!!! Everyone looks great and oh-so-happy! Hugs!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you for sharing more pictures. What a fun day for everyone! Your family is beautiful and love the grandchildren, they are precious.

LKP said...

first, your hair looks great & i adore that pic of you with your parents at the end! so beautiful, and that blue on you is spectacular!!! no lie. second, all of it looks so wonderful and makes me sad to have missed it all. pretty sure that look on lexi's face is the last crack in my broken-heart over not being there! :( but you are amazing and pulled off a splendidly beautiful occasion. love you oodles! ::hugs::

p.s. that look on lexi's face reminded me that i promised her an ornament this year. i need to start brainstorming on that. btw, i'll be sending it to your house. so they better plan on Christmas with you guys, haha! <3