Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Crucial Conversations

Update for Tuesday morning 12-13-16.
Lynsey stayed with him overnight and I slept till about 4:00. All I could think about was what was going on one week ago when our life was still normal. Howie going to Crossfit at 4:30 and me getting ready for my shift. 
It feels like a lifetime ago.
I have nothing but profound gratitude for this past week. To go through such utter heartache and despair to the joy I have today is indescribable.
He's been up and showered and shaved. He looks pretty cute in his little gown. I'd take a picture of my view right now as he is sitting eating breakfast.... but I'm sitting behind him.... and he would be ticked.
We have had some crucial conversations this morning. How he pays the bills on Quicken, when they are due, what his passwords are, just stuff I never worry about because he just takes care of me.
I think I feel better knowing all that stuff. But I still want him to take care of me.

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Julia said...

A sweet picture of you two again. I pay all the bills here so it's been the other way around for me. I'd like to be taken care of too.