Monday, December 12, 2016

Look at that Smile!

Sweet visit this afternoon from some of Howie's Crossfit Family. They were there. I'm hearing their stories of the events of that day and putting pieces together. 
So much gratitude and love for them. 
LEARN CPR!!! Everyone! It gave me a miracle. 

The quilt was made by Jayme Christensen, another Teton Crossfitter.
She wasn't there that fateful morning, but her husband Jacob was and was one of the ones that assisted in CPR.

Quilt with the Teton Crossfit logo.
These heroes also started a gofundme page.
They sold T shirts.


Saimi said...

That quilt it the bomb! What a wonderful gift and it looks good on him too :)

Julia said...

What a beautiful quilt and nice gift... I must say, it's quite and improvement over that hospital gown. The color suite him much better too lol...
Hugs, Julia