Monday, December 12, 2016

Pure Gratitude

I have the blessing and privilege of working with these heroes on a daily basis. These are true heroes in my book. I admire them for the work they do.
How do you say thank you to the paramedics that shocked your husband's heart out of a deadly rhythm? I don't know. But I know I'll love them forever. 
Madison County Paramedics. 
Stan, Kimber, Robert, Howie & Orin

Orin Packard told me that when he arrived on scene, the police officer there told him that he was working on Tauna's husband.
He said "oh great, no pressure or anything"
I'm not sure I could have squeezed him harder.
How do you say thank you for the gift I was given?

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Julia said...

I'm sure everyone know that you are very thankful and it's so nice that you have documented everything even through veery difficult times. There are many heroes just doing their job well.
Hugs, Julia