Friday, December 9, 2016

Movin' on Up!

Upstairs that is.
Time to leave the ICU.
Wow, I am so very thankful for these incredible nurses and doctors that have made such a difference.
They have given such tender care to Howie and have been so kind and gracious to us.
I'm sure we were overwhelming to them.
We had so many family and friends. They tried to keep the visitors to a minimum, but Howie is so loved and there were so many that wanted to give their love and support.
And we were so thankful that rules were bended to give him that love.

Lynsey hooking up the telemetry unit.
Her ICU experience kicks in.

I think he would rather be going home, but the Cardiac Care room 429 is where he will be until his surgery.
Tentatively scheduled for the 14th.

1 comment:

Julia said...

Oh the waiting for surgery, it must have been very stressful for Howard and all of you.

Hugs, Julia