Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Good day! Loves and hugs from so many.
Surgery time changed. TOMORROW IS THE DAY. Right now he is scheduled for 10:00. 
The doctor told us he wouldn't give us a time to be done. Could be 4 hours or 6 hours. He said he is done when he is satisfied with the work. 
We're ok with that.
Madison County Fire and EMS! You rock. 
Thank you Troyce Miskin for the fabulous department you run. I'll love all y'all forever.

The visits and support. 
OVERWHELMING! Thank you thank you!
Cameron and family

Howard's family and Teton Crossfit family

Howie's family

Brad and Howie

Me and Santa

Howie and Ryan
Ryan stood out on the road flagging the ambulance to the Crossfit gym

Dear friends Heidi and Morris
Morris served as 1st Counselor when Howie was bishop

He loved the visits.
It helped to pass the time.

Richard and Howie
They share the same birthday.

Lots of love and support.
These treasures all tell a sweet story.
And as I would drive into the hospital grounds I could look up and see which room was his.
His was the most decorated window.

Howie and Jessie
The best neighbor!

Guen and the boys with grandpa

The Wickerns and Rob
Rob is the bishop that came and sat with me that morning in the ICU waiting room so I wouldn't be alone.
He also gave Howard a blessing along with Matt and then later gave me a blessing.

The bookends.


Saimi said...
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Julia said...

So much love and so well deserved I'm sure. I always believe that you reap what you sow. You sow love and you reap more love.

Thanks for sharing all this.
Love & hugs,