Monday, December 12, 2016


Monday morning update. 12-12-16
I left the hospital about 10 minutes ago. I've come back to the hotel to get some sleep. 
He rested well last night. As well as a hospital will let you rest. Two hours at time. You know how nurses are.
He's walking the halls at a pretty good clip. At the end of each hall he goes up a flight of stairs. We did that this morning at 5:00. Made him sorta feel like he was at Crossfit.
Today is supposed to have several tests. Carotid Doppler and Venous Ultrasound. There are others I'm sure.
His spirits are good. He is frustrated with himself. His speech is a little slurry and it really gets him anxious. When he has been rested well it isn't there.
His vital signs are heart rhythm are textbook perfect.
We are still looking at Wednesday for the Coronary Artery Bypass.
We are hopeful and prayerful and have faith. Most of all we are so incredibly grateful.
I wish I could squeeze you all.

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Julia said...

A beautiful photo of you two. The waiting is the worst and so stressful. Men have a harder time to surrender, don't you think?

Hugs, Julia