Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Trying to take a deep breath tonight as we prepare for tomorrow. Besides having this entire past week being surreal..... this past week has been surreal.
17 years ago I worked on this floor that Howie is currently on. 
And more recently Lynsey worked in the ICU where he was and will be again after tomorrow. Actually she worked on the 4th floor as well prior to transferring to the unit.
I remember taking care of patients like Howie. 
I remember helping them prepare for Open Heart. 
I remember giving them the instructions and teaching of what to expect. 
I remember helping them with their chlorhexadine shower the night before surgery.
I remember taking care of various patients in various rooms of this floor.
My heart has been happy that we were able to be in room 426. 
18 years ago my favorite patient was in this room. 
He was my Bishop (ecclesiastical leader) when I was in high school. Bishop Stander. 
He had a heart surgery. I loved taking care of him. And as I recall it was December. 
One morning I went to weigh him and get his vitals and do my assessment. Because 4:00 AM is such a reasonable time to do that nonsense.
Anyway he was getting out of bed to sit on the chair scale and as he turned around his gown came open and he flashed me. 
He laughed and said, " I bet you thought you'd never see your bishop's bum"
I laughed closed his gown, patted his bum and said " and what a cute bum it is". 
We had a good laugh.
We are unsure what time his surgery will begin. 
We have been told 8:00 AM 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. 
However, latest word is 8:30.
Again, I know I have said this a million times, but your kindness and prayers, texts, messages, visits, generous acts of kindness and calls..... so overwhelming. The love and support is almost too much for my heart to take in. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 
The words just don't seem to be enough.
To my ER family... I miss you. I'm eternally grateful for you for helping me hold it together when my world was crumbling. 
Paula Orr for having the worst job of all. To break the news to me that it was Howie. 
Alan Brower, smartest nurse in the whole world. Smartest paramedic instructor BYU-I ever had. Being the best boss. For being the best home teacher ever. (Consider your home teaching done for the month)
Sorry Tiffany Snedaker, I'm not sure if I tore your flesh or broke your hand when I was hanging on. 
Dr Wells and Dr Anderson.... what can I say? 
Jena Smith Turman and Julie Blaser.... I'm having IMC flashbacks of our many shifts together on this floor so many years ago. So glad we got to connect again at Madison years later. 
All of you are stellar. And I'm proud of the work you do. To be a part of you.
Now breathe.

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Julia said...

Seeing you bishop's bums is priceless.

Hugs, Julia