Saturday, December 10, 2016

Teton Crossfit Family...My Heroes

More tears again as more of the Teton Crossfit family came by. They were all involved in compressions while waiting for the ambulance. 
They saved his life. 
Not many people get to say that. 
Thank you is such an inadequate word.
 They were there that morning. They had all just finished their work-out. Howie was helping Kristen put away her weights when he "went down."
Jacob on the left and Kristen on the right.

Johnny the other "old guy" at Crossfit
So a very tender and inspiring story about Kristen.
She was a radiology tech student and was doing her clinical rotations at Madison Memorial.
So I knew her from there.
Howie also knows her well, because she always does the 5:00 AM Crossfit class.
Two months prior to Howie's cardiac arrest she was at the hospital doing her clinicals.
We had a code blue in the ER and she came down with the xray machine.
We were doing compressions and it had been going on for quite some time.
We knew we were fighting a losing battle but the family didn't want us to stop.
This was someone that was too young to die.
After about 30 minutes of multiple healthcare workers doing compressions and being heavily involved in this code, I looked around to see if anyone else wanted to do compressions.
I asked the radiology people if they wanted to do it for awhile.
One of them said they had already done compressions before, but Kristen spoke up and said she had never done it before.
Doing compressions on a human body is different than doing it in class on a mannequin.
I told her to step up to the bed and do compressions.
I believe she did several rounds.
Fast forward to two months later.
She was the first one to start compressions on Howie.
She told Howie that because she had been given the opportunity to do compressions during that code two months earlier, she had the confidence to start compressions on him.
We believe that this was one of the tiny little miracles and gifts that added up to the big miracle of Howie's survival.

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Julia said...

What a great story this is. Again, it gives me chills.
Hugs Julia