Tuesday, December 6, 2016

CARDIAC ARREST (December 6, 2016)

At the request of some family and friends I am going to post the events of this day here.
This morning my sweet hubby left for Crossfit at his usual 4:45 am and I got up and began getting ready for work. 
I arrived at work at about 6:00 am and was getting shift change report. We heard the ambulance get dispatched out to Cedar Point trucking for a male having a seizure. I made a joke to my co-workers that that is where Howie does Crossfit. But it is also a trucking company so I didn't give it much thought.
A minute later dispatch said that CPR was in progress. 
I started feeling uneasy but went to get the trauma room ready for the coming ambulance. 
As I came out of the room my co-worker came up to me and informed me that the ambulance was bringing in Howard.
There is nothing to prepare you for that moment.
My eternal gratitude to the people at Teton Crossfit. CPR was started. Gratitude for the Madison County Paramedics for shocking his heart twice and doing what you have been trained to do. Gratitude for Madison Memorial ER. For doing what you do best. Gratitude for Life Flight for getting there quickly, for allowing me to fly with you. Gratitude for Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. 
I'm incredibly thankful for the miracles I have seen. 
I'm desperately praying for more.
They were unable to do a heart cath. 
There is too much diffuse blockage in multiple coronary arteries. 
Currently he is intubated, paralyzed, sedated and is being actively cooled to 89 degrees to decrease metabolic demand on his brain and his body.
They will cool him for 24 hours and then gradually rewarm him. We won't really know neurological status until tomorrow night or Thursday.
Down the road.... I don't know days or weeks he will need open heart.
I'm the meantime I would desperately appreciate prayers in his behalf. 
He is my world.
I will update from here as there is anything to update.
I love you with every fiber of my soul Howard Egan



Debby@Just Breathe said...

My heart is in shock, I cannot believe what I am reading. How quickly life changes and my prayers are with you. ((Hugs)) I am praying for Howard.

Yvonne said...

I am reading backwards--Oh, I am so grateful he is okay. YOU ARE AMAZING. I am somewhat speechless, yes, for me that is not the norm!!! Again, I am so grateful he is okay. BIG HUGS TO ALL OF YOU.