Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tender Moments and Tender Mercies

I had a very tender night with my Miracle Man #Howardstrong.
He's been coming out of the fog of sedation and remembering more of the events of "the day". It's caused him to be very anxious. He feels frustrated because he was "doing everything right" he was exercising and eating right. And he still had a heart attack.
I have reminded him because he did those things he was strong enough to withstand the insult to his heart. His lung capacity is excellent. His muscles are strong. His heart muscle is strong.
Sometimes you just can't beat genetics. His father died at this exact age of a cardiac arrest. His older brother died at 54. He has an older sister who has had two heart attacks.
During the dark restless hours of his night I read to him some of the countless messages and comments. He was overwhelmed and just sobbed. He just is so amazed at the outpouring of love. 
I had to quit reading for awhile to give him a chance to take it all in. 
But later he would ask a question about a person or event and I would read more. 
He feels so incredibly thankful.
We realized the many little miracles that occurred to bring about the mighty miracle we have today it reinforced my favorite scripture. 
" and I will go before your face and I will be on your right side and your left and mine angels will go before you"
Through my tears last night I tried to quote him that scripture and we cried together.
So thankful. So incredibly grateful
And this morning a hearty meal.

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Julia said...

This is all beautiful. A beautiful true story. I feel so privilege to read all this that you have blogged about.
Hugs, Julia