Saturday, December 10, 2016

Candice's Post


Lynsey kicked me out. I've been up for about 30 hours and I'm told I'm losing my coping skills. 
So I'm not there. 
And it is so hard. I can't stop crying.
I'm trying to nap. 
Not working.
But this little post from my baby girl brought me such joy. 
Love you angel baby.
The following is a post that Candice put on Facebook.
I was so overcome with emotion at reading it. She expressed such tender feelings towards her dad.
I wanted to make sure that I didn't ever lose it.
Today has been a tender day. I was able to have my first conversation with dad. It's like, coming up for air, taking in that first inhale after holding your breath for so long. Life is so busy when I'm working, it's easy to push the thoughts of the... "what if this had happened, or this, or this..." but at the end of the night. It just kind of creeps on you.
My dad is the man of my life. I often feel I don't deserve such a fantastic person to mentor and guide me, and be in my corner, always. He is perfect in my eyes, and always has been. I've known this and often get emotional over it... long before this happened. He is.. my constant. I always know what he's going to say, how he would feel or act about something going on in my life.
As I get older, haha, I find his words often coming out of my mouth. Then I start giggling at myself, then I hear my dads voice in my mind saying "sometimes I crack myself up! 😂" because he is literally laughing at and with himself.
I can never begin to describe how I feel at this time. It's a second chance. A chance that many never get. My heart is full. So full.
My mom is an angel. She too, is perfect in my eyes. She has been so strong... stronger than me. She adores my dad. It's sickening at times haha, but they are One in my eyes. The oxen and yolk. Equal in their efforts to be tough enough to lift the other in times of trial, but unstoppable when there is work to do.
God is good. So good. My family is amazing. My husband has been so supportive and understanding. I'm sorry I've kind of put you on the back burner babe...
All of your kind words of encouragement and support have been answered prayers. Thank you everyone, love you all.

Candice wearing her #HowardStrong t-shirt
Our beautiful baby girl.


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Julia said...

A very soft moment . I can feel the love. Life is tough but with so much love, it makes life perfect.
Hugs, Julia