Wednesday, December 7, 2016

His love of Crossfit

Over 3 years ago Howie began to attend a Crossfit box here in Rexburg and found he really loved it.
Pretty soon he was out the door at 4:30 every morning to make it to the 5:00 class. He made some wonderful friends.
Last summer he decided he wanted to be involved in Spartan Races and began training for them.
He was about to turn 60 and was worried that the training and commitment would take up too much time.
I reassured him that it would be fun.
He decided to do 3 races during the summer that would give him "the TRIFECTA"
A worthy goal.
I told him, "what better way to celebrate turning 60!"
Candice even joined him for one of the races.
They had a blast together.

They hiked to the top of Table Rock.
From the top they say it looks like you can reach out and touch the Teton Mountain Range.

They also did some other trail runs.
They enjoyed some hot springs at Dananda Falls.

The Teton Crossfitters

A solitary moment...

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Julia said...

Howard looks ver fit. It takes a lot of commitment for such vigorous workout.
Hugs, Julia